About the host


Kim Wojtalewicz

Pictures by Aubrey Poe, Powen Photography

Hi Crafties! I am Kim, full time teacher and free time crafter!

I love spending time with my family and friends, listening to music, listening to audio books, traveling, and crafting. After staring at my Cricut Maker machine in the box for a long time not sure where to start with it, a request from my son in the middle of the shutdown during the pandemic motivated me to take the cutting machine out of the box and use it. I am now learning all about my Cricut Maker one craft project at a time.

A professional Cricut crafter I am not, but I am having a blast learning all about what this cutting machine can do to enhance my crafting hobby! I am combining my love of sewing and crafting with the amazing powers of the Cricut Maker to create some pretty amazing things! I am embracing the challenges, frustration and fails that come with learning something new. When the projects go well it is a rush and when they fail, I am motivated to figure out what went wrong and how to make it work. This is not a how-to guide, but it is a great combination of creating, crafting, fun and Cricut.