Anything But Average: Making Affirmation Cards Gift With A Cricut Maker

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift


Weekend Crafting Adventure has a holiday treat project you can craft for your loved ones! In this episode, Kim Wojtalewicz puts a special twist on affirmation card gifts! She creates different gift sets of cards targeting different age groups and spreading smiles and motivation to everyone. Are you looking to craft something for this holiday? Tune in to this episode and learn how to encourage creativity and boost self-esteem through this Cricut crafting project!

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Anything But Average: Making Affirmation Cards Gift With A Cricut Maker


WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

In this episode, I am going to be adding in a little bit of positive vibes, motivation, laughter, and even some sass. I’m going to be creating these cards with my Cricut maker. I am going to call this the Anything but Average Affirmation Card Project. This project is going to be a gift for all of the women in my life, ranging from the littles that are preschool age all the way up to the adults. This is a fun project. I’m going to share with you why these cards are anything but average in a couple of minutes. I first want to tell you about the inspiration behind these cards.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

First of all, I want to give a shout-out to my friend Whitney. Over the summer, she had shown me some intention cards that she and her family use on a weekly basis. I found them interesting and intriguing and started doing a little more digging about the intention cards and what that was all about. That was one of the things that sparked my interest and my inspiration in creating this crafting project. There are a couple more. The other one was that a couple of years ago, my team at work and I had created this jar of positive vibes, which is the best way that I can explain it. We created this fun little jar with a scuba diving theme for our boss, who loves scuba diving.

All of us collected random positive, funny sayings on little pieces of paper that we came across or that we loved or thought would make her smile. We built this jar with all of these positive sayings and things we thought would make her laugh or smile. We called it Dive In for a Smile. If she was having a rough day at work or just wanted a little pick me up, she could reach into that jar, pull out a piece of paper, and read one of these sayings we had put in there. That was another thing that was one of the inspirations behind this.

Here’s the other one. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m scrolling through Pinterest or social media places like that, a lot of times, they’re this saying that catches your eye, something that makes you stop scrolling and read the saying. I collect those in my photos. If I see one that makes me laugh or catches my eye for more than a couple of seconds, I save that picture on my photo roll. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it at that point, but I know that it’s something that made me stop and think. I collect those throughout the years I’m scrolling.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

I decided that this would be a perfect place to put some of those sayings and inspiration or things that made me laugh into this Cricut crafting project of creating this unique one-of-a-kind gift of a pack of cards that are going to bring a lot of different things to the women in my life, but most importantly, a little bit of a pick me up, something that makes them think, smile, or motivates them. That is the inspiration behind this gift I’m making this holiday season for the women in my life. I want to share with you what the gift is going to be so you have an idea of what I’m thinking. With the different age ranges of people I’m going to be giving this gift to, I’m going to have a couple of different variations of the gift.

Generally, what the gift will consist of is one pack of cards I’m creating with the Cricut, and I’m going to place those cards into a cute little drawstring bag. On the outside of that bag, I’m going to have some heat transfer vinyl. Depending on what age group the person that I’m gifting this to, there will be something different on the outside of the pouch. I am also going to include with this gift a set of coloring pencils. I’m doing that because one of the ways that I am making this gift unique is that I am creating these cards. Not only are some of them on white card stock, but I am also using white sticker paper with images I am having Cricut draw on them.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

The kids, adults, or teens are going to be able to use the coloring pencils that I give them along with the cards to color in those cards. I wanted to give you just a quick little rundown of the materials that I will be using in this crafting project. I will be using my Cricut maker and Cricut pens. I am going to experiment a little bit with a couple of different kinds of pens with the Cricut maker in different colors. The ones that I have mostly been using are the fine-point Cricut pens. I’m going to add in a couple of different thicknesses of pens and markers. I’m also going to use a glitter pen in some of the drawings and writing that I have Cricut do. It’s a variety of pens and card stock which is white, but also I will be using some different color card stock depending on what I’m having Cricut write on those. I’ll talk about that a little bit.


I also will be using some white sticker paper that I will be putting on these stickers that I create with either a title of the card or somebody’s name.


I’m personalizing those stickers and cards a little bit.


I will also be using some small drawstring bags. They’re about 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall. The usable space in them, once you do the little drawstring, is going to be about 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide. That is what I’m going to be packaging the gifts in. I will be putting some heat transfer vinyl on the outside of those drawstring bags as cute packaging for this gift.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

Not using them as a material to be making this gift, but I did want to get a set of coloring pencils for everybody. I did use those as an example of what the coloring would look like because I wanted to test it out to make sure that when I thought about making these cards and making them into something that people could color on, the card stock and sticker paper would work for that.

I want to give you a little bit more information about what these cards are all about. I’m going to start by doing by talking about the different age groups or the different variations of these card-pack gifts that I’m going to be making or that I am making for my family and friends.

Preschool Age

The first age group I’m going to talk about is the littles. For the littles, I’m thinking about preschool age through about 5th or 6th grade. This is all about positive thinking and having a fun coloring activity that they can do independently, but also having those positive words and positive phrases on these cards that the parents and families can talk about with their kiddos while they’re looking at these cards or coloring those cards. For that age group, their gift is going to consist of one set of cards. Some of the phrases that are going to be on those cards are things like, “I am strong. My voice matters. I can do hard things.”


Teens In My World

I have accompanied those cards with different images that not only reflect those little sayings and positive phrases but just go along with them. That’s what they’re going to be coloring. On those cards, I tried to keep not only the positive sayings pretty simple because I want them to feel confident not only in understanding what those words mean on the cards but the younger ones are not reading those yet. They’re going to need some help and support from the older people in their lives reading those. I wanted them to be coloring images that represented or matched those positive vibes. The second set of cards that I’m going to be making is going to target the teens in my life.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

Keep the positive scenes simple for the kids, so they feel confident understanding the cards. Share on X

The age group I’m targeting with this specific gift set of cards is going to be my middle schoolers through the end of high school. That teen time can be wild and fun and hard, but the cards that are in the teen pack are going to look different than the littles.


They’re a little more complicated. They’re a little more pointed. This set is going to start with a specific set of intention cards. These intention cards are going to be a word or a phrase accompanied by an image that the teens can color. They’re a little more sophisticated than the positive thinking and positive words that were on the cards for the littles.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

Some of the intention cards I’m putting together for that teen age range are some things like, “Find your fire. Give it time.” I’ve got some that are, “Listen,” and one that says, “Phone down,” and things like that.

Those are going to be targeted specifically for not only that age group but also the adult age group. For these teens and the age range that I’m thinking of, the intention cards are going to be the same, but they are more sophisticated and complicated than the littles are getting, like I said. The other thing that is now going to go into this second variation of this gift card pack is going to be cards that are a different color card stock with specific categories that I am separating out.


The intentions are going to be specific, with a sticker on the back that labels them as intentions. Those are the coloring cards in the card. The rest of the cards are not going to be cards that people can color on. They’re more going to be those sayings and phrases I have collected or come across throughout the year that come in about 3 or 4 different categories. The categories I have identified for them are smiles, motivation, positive vibes, and also for some of the teens, but mostly the adults is another little category called sass. For the cards that are different categories, I did put them on different colored card stock paper and use the Cricut pens to write on those different color card stock.

I also did put a sticker on the back that has the label of the card that it is. The reason I did that is depending on how the individual person wants to use this card pack, I want them to be able to know what they’re picking up. Is it a smile? Is it motivation? Is it a positive vibe? It’s something like that. Lots of these sayings are going to cross categories, but I tried to think about what category I would put them in and gave them those labels based on that. One of the examples of the positive vibe card is, “It’s okay to make mistakes and change your mind.” That’s one example. One of the motivation cards in the pack says, “Create your own sunshine.”

One of the smile cards I put in there was, “I can’t explain this with science, but the cup you drink your coffee out of matters.” I am a believer in that. Keep in mind all of these things that I have collected. If they had a person’s name, a quote, or something like that, I made sure that on the cards, I was giving credit to whoever said the quote, whoever posted it, or whatever that was. If it’s a saying that was just out there that I found or came across on my set of cards, I don’t have somebody’s name next to it. I did not dream up all of these sayings on my own. I am not that creative, but I did collect them. When I could give credit because it was labeled somewhere where I found it, I did. When I couldn’t, I just had the sayings on the cards.

Keep in mind all these things: if the cards have a person's name or a quote, make sure that you give credit to whoever said the quote on the cards. Share on X

The Adult Card Pack

When you see pictures of them, read them on the blog post, or wherever you may see pictures of them, keep in mind that these are not my original ideas. We all collect things as we go and take ideas and run with them. That’s what I did for the cards that I created. The adult card pack is going to be the same as the teen’s card pack. It will have the intention cards that you can color. It will have those three other categories of smiles, positive vibes, and motivation. The adult pack is also going to have another category called sass. These are sayings or phrases that I’ve come across that may not be appropriate for the younger people that I am giving this gift to.

It’s not appropriate for preschool through school-age kiddos. The teens could handle some of these depending on their personality and who they are, but that’s a judgment call for whoever is making these and giving these to them. They’re going to have a little more of an edge to them or maybe an inappropriate word on them. It’s things that are not too crazy, but I wanted to point out. I will not be putting those in the packs of the littles, and most of them will not be going into the teen pack. They are not a lot of them, but they’re a few that made me laugh out loud. I want to pass those on to the adults that I am giving these to.

Those will be marked with a separate sticker that has a red X across them that say, “Sass.” That way, if I’m giving them to my family members, the adult pack is going to have some sass in it while the little pack is not. It’s clearly marked for the adults, so they do not get mixed together. In the experience of making these cards, it was a pretty simple Cricut craft. What Cricut is doing is writing on the cards and the sticker paper with the different markers and cutting out the cards.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

What took the longest in this project was collecting all of the sayings and putting them into the different categories, whether it was an intention category or a positive thinking category for the littles, and then collecting those images that were going to be able to be colored to go along with those cards. That took the longest. In terms of the fonts and all of the different markers, that was fun. It was fun deciding what font I wanted, the saying to be in, and what size card I was going to use. All of the intention cards are a little bit bigger than the rest of the categories of cards. That was because I wanted to give as much room as possible for everybody to be coloring and feel successful when coloring these cards.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

That experience was great. The other thing that was cool that I had done before but came in handy in coloring these positive thinking and intention cards was when I was looking for images in the Cricut design space. I always would try to find the draw function first in the images, but a lot of times, the images that I wanted to represent that card, were not represented in the draw function. A lot of times, they would be a cut image. What I ended up doing is uploading that image from the Cricut design space as a cut image and going up to the little function of what operation you are using for this particular image. I would change it from cut to draw with the pen.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

For most of my images, it worked. Don’t get caught into just searching in Cricut design space for only the draw image when you’re creating things that you’re going to have Cricut draw with markers or pens. You can open up a wider variety of options for yourself by looking at those cut images and then switching that operation to draw. It worked well for me, and it gave me a lot more options for what I wanted to put on the cards for people to be coloring. In the final piece that Cricut did, after writing on all the cards and the sticker paper to label the different categories and who the cards were for, I had those little pouches I was packaging the gift in.

I wanted to put a little heat transfer vinyl on the outside of each of those pouches. For the littles, I’m going to put their name. That’s it. I’m going to individualize that pouch with their name and put the cards with a little description card inside the pouch of what the activity is for.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

For the teens, I am going to put across the pouch, “Positive vibes only,” with black heat transfer vinyl.

For the adults, I’m going to put, “Anything but average affirmations,” and I’m going to put that across their pouch with heat transfer vinyl.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

That’s a very easy piece of the project to complete. Overall, the experience of making this was fun. Cricut was awesome.

I’m using my markers to not only draw these phrases and sayings and all this cool stuff onto the cards with the different pens using the card stock and sticker paper. It was awesome. It was a fun project, and I’m excited to package them up and ship them out all over for my family and also get them to my friends. Let me tell you about my crafting keepers for this crafting project. The first crafting keeper is creating coloring sheet activities on these cards. I was thinking about how I wanted not just to be something that you read. I want these positive vibes and positive sayings to be something that also has a bit of activity to go along with it.

Coloring with colored pencils is super relaxing for me and enjoyable. I thought it would give it a little extra fun as a gift for any age, to be honest. The fact that Cricut could create using the images I put on there, little coloring activities on each of the positive thinking cards for the littles and the intention cards for the others, was cool. I’m going to be thinking about how I can incorporate that into some other projects moving forward. The other crafting keeper was switching those cut files from Cricut design space to draw operation because I felt like when I was looking at the Cricut design space images, the ones that have the draw operation were limiting in some of the categories.

Opening it up to those cut operation images gave me a wide variety to choose from, and that was cool. All I needed to do was switch again that cut operation to a draw operation with the pen. Now I was able to put that and have Cricut draw that onto those cards. Those are my crafting keepers for this episode. My satisCRAFTion rating for this unique gift that I’m giving this holiday season to all of the women, family, and friends in my life is a five. This is such a unique gift that I am excited to see not only what the littles think but if the teens and the adults feel a little bit of pick me up from this card pack of positive vibes, smiles, intentions, all of that. I’m excited.

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

Anytime I can bring or give something that encourages creativity with the coloring and boosts self-esteem with the different sayings, and maybe even brings a smile to somebody’s face, that is satisfying to me. It’s going to get a buy. How these cards are used once I give them to everybody is up to them. I’m excited to see what they choose to do with them. Are they going to go through and color the intention cards and the positive thinking cards all at once? Are they going to pull one out once a week to read it? Are they going to dive in when they’re having a rough day to pick them up? I don’t know. It will be interesting to see. This was a really fun weekend crafting adventure. Until our next adventure. Take care.

SatisCRAFTion rating: 5


Crafting keepers

  1. Making coloring activities out of Cricut images
  2. Changing cut images to draw images in Cricut design space operation function

Materials List


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