Weekend Crafting Adventure Wrap Up: Learning To Use My Cricut Maker

WCA 46 | Cricut Maker

  After 46 weeks of sharing my crafting projects on Weekend Crafting Adventures with you, I am stepping back and taking a break from this weekly podcast. In this episode, I wrap up my experience learning to use my Cricut machine one crafting project at a time and I share what is next for me. […]

Cutting Felt With Cricut For Custom Hats

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut

  I have been looking forward to cutting felt with my Cricut, but I have been waiting for just the right project! I am a hat girl, and I love creating one-of-a-kind hats, so I decided to combine my love of hats with a fun felt applique project! I found some great designs that my […]

Natural Wood Veneer Layered Boho Earrings

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings

  In this crafting project I am cutting natural wood veneers into layered boho style earrings with my Cricut Maker and the Deep-point Blade. After my experience with cutting basswood for my seasonal HOME sign I have waited a long time to try cutting wood again with my Cricut. I found two beautiful boho style […]

DIY Wood Round With Creative Fabrica Welcome SVG

WCA 41 | Welcome Door Hanger

  Summer is here and I am excited to create a farmhouse-style “Welcome” door hanger to freshen up our front door! This is one of my favorite projects that I have done in a long time. I did need to make a choice between using heat transfer vinyl and permanent vinyl…find out which one I […]

Neon Custom Retro Keychains With Scrap Vinyl

WCA 40 | Vintage Motel Keychains

  I am going back to the 90’s and customizing neon colored vintage motel keychains. In this quick and easy little scrap vinyl project, I am crafting some fun vintage motel keychains. I have talked about it before and I will say it again, our family loves music, and that includes my extended family as […]

Cricut Foil Transfer System

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System

  My family is heading to Virginia this week for my niece and nephew’s B’Nai Mitzvah. I wanted to make each of them a special one-of-a-kind card for the special occasion. I decided to try the Cricut Foil Transfer System to add a sparkly bulldog dog design to each of their cards. I chose the […]

Knitted Wire Wall Décor Part 2

WCA 38 | Knitted Wire Wall Décor

  In part two of making wire word knitted wall décor to put over my desk in my preschool classroom, I share my experience finding the best kind of yarn to use with the Tulip i-cord Knitter Machine to cover the wire words and shapes that I made last week, the process of making the […]

Knitted Wire Wall Decor: Part 1 Bending The Wire

WCA 37 | Knitted Wire Wall Decor

  We are spring cleaning and creating a new look in my preschool classroom. I teach autistic preschoolers and my team and I have been talking about the infinity symbol for neurodiversity and bringing that into our classroom decor. I saw a reel on Instagram from Isla Sierra doing knitted wire art and I thought […]