Bringing Music Into The Project: Backyard Movies, Music, Koosies And My Spotify Fails


Crafting a project for a summer get-together with your family can be epic, especially when there’s music blaring in the air, flames blazing to warm you, and some drinks to chill. In this episode, Kim Wojtalewicz tries to personalize some koozies and bring music into them but fails. Tune in to learn the lessons from the failure and what you can do if you plan to bring music into your own projects.

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Bringing Music Into The Project: Backyard Movies, Music, Koosies And My Spotify Fails


I’m really looking forward to sharing with you my koozie crafting project. In this project, I went into it thinking that it was going to be pretty easy and simple. I have used heat transfer vinyl on neoprene koozies once or twice in the past. I knew that it would be a simple, quick project, which was exactly what I was looking for. The project involves popsicle koozies and slim canned beverage koozies.

I want to take a minute and tell you about the inspiration behind this project. Summer is here, and our family, my husband, and my two teenage boys, love hanging out and listening to music. I was really looking forward to being outside backyard time, patio time, and time in the mountains. I remembered that I had some koozies lying around. I thought that I could actually use those in this project.

Again, thinking about the inspiration, I was thinking about what inspires me and my family. That actually is music. Music is a huge part of my family’s life and we love all different kinds of music. We enjoy listening to live music together and when we’re outside. I had been thinking for a while that we have this large outdoor screen that we have been wanting to use to watch a movie outside in the backyard, backyard movie time.

I then was thinking about the koozies and music. I thought, “I’m going to personalize these beverage koozies for each of my family members, but do it somehow using music and bringing that into this crafting project. When we are outside hanging out, getting ready to barbecue or have a fire in the fire pit, in this case, I was hoping before we watch an outdoor backyard movie, we would all hang out, have some popsicles, and then beverages in the koozies.”

The Music Piece

The cool thing that I started thinking about was the music piece. How can I bring that music piece into this craft project and these koozies? I started thinking about songs. I thought, “Let me put with the heat transfer vinyl some song lyrics for each one of us on the front of the koozie.” I then was thinking back to a project I did a while back where I used a Spotify Code for a playlist. I had the Cricut maker cut the Spotify Code out to use for a playlist of songs. It got me thinking, “That’s it.”

Now, I have a plan. It’s going to bring together the backyard fun with the family and music. That’s the inspiration behind this project. I am going to go ahead and tell you that this project did not go the way I thought it was going to go. I did anticipate a really quick project. I’m talking less than half a day. I have used heat transfer vinyl before and I did have one other experience using the Spotify Code with my Cricut for a playlist. I wasn’t anticipating this to be a long craft project at all.

I was totally wrong. The thing that makes this project so different than a lot of the other projects that I’ve worked on and think about is that it wasn’t the actual crafting piece that created the fails or that I failed at. It was the combination of the crafting and technology of bringing the music with those Spotify codes into the craft project.

I will get into that a little bit more, but first, I do want to give you my satiscraftion rating for this project right up front. Again, this rating really doesn’t have anything to do with the actual crafting process. It has to do with the experience piece of it, my expectations, what I was trying to create with this project, and then what actually was created with that music piece. This craft project is going to get a satiscraftion rating of 2.5 out of 5. That’s pretty low for me because usually, I’m all 4s and 5s. This is so fun, and I love it. The crafting did go well. It was the technology and bringing that music piece that caused me to have two major failures during this craft project.

I want to share with you first about the actual crafting part of this and using my Cricut Design Space to get that heat transfer vinyl to find the words that I wanted to put on to the popsicle koozies and SVG images that I wanted to use on the drink koozies. This piece of the project went pretty well. The popsicle koozies are a great beginner project. If you are looking for a quick, fast, fun way to dress up some popsicle koozies for a backyard barbecue, party, or anything like that, this is a great project.


I just took a couple of four different popsicle koozie colors, and then I got some white heat transfer vinyl. I found some sayings that I thought were cute, like bring freeze and stay cool. I went ahead and found a font that I wanted to use. I didn’t use Cricut Design Space for this piece. I used a website called FontSpace.com. This website has so many options for free fonts. I would highly recommend checking them out.




The thing that I loved about this website is it can be overwhelming. You definitely want to make sure that you have some idea of what font you’re looking for because there are hundreds of free fonts on this website. You can spend a lot of time searching if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. The cool thing about it is when you go to this website, you can put in the word or phrase that you’re going to be using in your project, you type it in, and then the font space shows you all the different fonts and what that word or saying is going to look like in that font. The process of downloading it and uploading it into Cricut Design Space was pretty easy.




I got all four of these popsicle koozies done within an hour. Looking at the fonts and getting the correct size, I used a feature on Cricut Design Space called the Guide, which helps when trying to size things in a certain way for your craft project. Those popsicle koozies went really well. I then went ahead and started getting into the beverage koozies.

For these beverage koozies, I wanted to find a unique way to personalize them. I didn’t want to put our names on them. I’ve got a husband and two teenage boys, I love having my tumblers and cups with my name on them, but it’s not really their thing at this time. I was thinking, what is that unique way to make sure that I personalize each koozie for each person, but that it doesn’t have their name on it. What I decided I was going to do was talk to each of them about a current favorite, fun, enjoyable song that they’re listening to.

I did that, then I went ahead and chose just a couple of key phrases from the lyrics of that song. My plan was to put a little bit of the lyrics on the front of the beverage koozie with a cute little design around it, like a mountain scene. On the back of the koozie, I was going to put the Spotify Code that matched that song so that when we were hanging out outside getting ready to watch a movie, we would have our beverages in our koozies.




We would be able to pull up our Spotify app, scan that code like a QR code, but it’s Spotify Codes, and all of a sudden, we’d be listening to not only the song on the koozie but all of our favorite songs at the moment we could listen to. A fun way to bring us together in a really unique way to personalize those koozies.

Choosing The Font And Spotify Fails



I went ahead and got the lyrics figured out for each song. I got all those ready for putting on the front of the koozies, and it all went well. I did have one little bump in the road on one of the koozies where I had chosen a font that was just too thin. Another word would be fragile. When I went to weed out the excess heat transfer vinyl before I attached it to the koozie, I must not have been as delicate as I needed to be.

I will definitely be using Spotify Codes for playlists, podcasts, and all these cool things in different ways in my crafting in the future. Share on X

Also, I chose a font that just wasn’t the right kind of font for a small project where the letters are going to be pretty small because I’m working on a surface that’s no more than 3 inches wide and about 3.5 or 4 inches tall. That’s going to make those lyrics have to be small in order to fit in that circle image and on that koozie.




That was a little bump in the road. I had to go back. I had to redo the lyrics and choose a different font, but that is not a big deal. That is not something that will throw me for a loop because typically, in any craft project, I’m making a couple of mistakes as I go and learn. I finished all of the lyrics and got the Spotify Codes for each song that we chose. I was careful. I matched those codes with the correct koozies. I kept checking that when I scanned that Spotify Code with my phone, the correct song would pop up in Spotify.

I made sure I matched that with the correct koozie that it needed to go on.

I definitely think that I am right on track. Everything is going really smoothly. I then finish getting all of the codes on the back of the koozies. I test the code again with my phone to make sure it’s still reading that code and popping the correct song up. Sure enough, it is.

I finished getting all those codes on the back of the koozies and I decided I was going to take a little video clip for this episode and talk about being done with the project. I put a slim beverage in each of the koozies. I have them all lined up, I have the popsicles in, and I go ahead and test again, one more time, with my phone in the Spotify app. I go to scan that code with the beverage in the koozie. Now, it’s not working.

I’m trying to figure this out. I take the can out, put the koozie down, scan it, and it works. The only thing that I actually could come up with is that when I put a beverage in the koozie, it was no longer a flat code. The code was now curved, and I couldn’t believe that. I’ve already put the heat transfer vinyl on. I think I’m done with this project. Now it doesn’t work the way I really want it to work.




The koozies are great, it still has the lyrics on the front, but my expectation was that we could scan those codes with some beverage in the koozie. It wasn’t going to work for me. I needed to figure out how to make it work. I went back and I started making that Spotify Code smaller. I kept testing to see how small I could make it so that the Spotify camera and app would pick up on it. Actually, I could make it pretty small.

My next thought was, I’m just going to go ahead and cover the old codes with a mountain scene of some kind on each of the koozies and then re-attach a tiny Spotify Code on the back of that mountain scene.




That’s what I did. Again, testing these codes works. I’m super excited. It definitely took me longer than I had anticipated, but it was that technology piece that was slowing me down. It wasn’t the crafting piece, which is a little bit of a different experience for me.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about our history of backyard movies. We originally had this projector and movie screen for my husband’s 50th birthday. It ended up snowing twelve inches that day. We did not use that screen out in the back door as I had planned. Instead, it was set up in our living room with our chairs with the projector. We enjoyed a backyard movie in the living room.

The goal was this time, we were actually going to watch a movie outside. Twice, we had weather issues. One time, snow, the next time, rain. Finally, this time, I’m thinking we’re going to do it. I get it all set up in the backyard. I have the koozies ready to go.




Everybody is out there. We start scanning our koozies with the codes. I’m asking my kids, “Read your lyrics, now, scan the code.” I thought I was being so clever because it was fun. They really didn’t know what was going to happen or why I was doing it.

The codes worked, but here’s my second big fail with Spotify that I wasn’t aware of. When you are using a single song code, I’m not talking about a whole playlist, which is what I had experience with before. I’m talking about one single song and you have the free Spotify account. I was not aware that the cover art for the song pops up, but it doesn’t necessarily play your specific song.

Again, I’m so disappointed because I had figured out how to get those codes small enough that they were still flat enough for Spotify to pick up on them, but now, we’re sitting in the backyard. We all have free Spotify accounts and the correct cover art is popping up, but the wrong song is playing. That is why my satiscraftion rating for this project is so low. It’s not about the crafting and the Spotify code piece. That worked so well.

I feel like I will definitely be using Spotify Codes for playlists, podcasts, and all these cool things in different ways in my crafting in the future. I just really need to have a better understanding of what is going to happen when you scan that code. Even though I kept testing it and assumed because the cover art was popping up, it would play that song every single time, that was not the case. That was my second big fail.

We still have the koozies and use them, but in hindsight, what I would have done is created a family playlist with a bunch of all of our different songs and put that one code that represented that playlist on to all four koozies. When you have a playlist in the free Spotify app, it pops it up and Spotify shuffles them. It may be in a different order than you put the playlist but you’re getting all of the songs that you chose in the single song code. We were getting songs that were like the song that we chose.

My Crafting Keepers

That was the backyard movie, music, and koozie project that I had quite a time with, learning how to incorporate that technology and music piece in time and lifetime to that koozie and making it work. I did want to take a minute and tell you about my crafting keepers for this project. I definitely would say one of the biggest crafting keepers was FontSpace.com. That is an incredible resource. There are so many free fonts that you can download and use in your projects. I highly recommend going and checking it out.

I know there are a ton of different places where you can get different fonts, but this one worked really well for me. It was a pretty seamless process, and there are just tons of options. That is a definite crafting keeper. The other one that I did want to mention was the guide function that is now in the Cricut Design Space.




It helps give you an idea when you’re trying to size your project to a specific size like I was doing for both the popsicle koozies and the drink koozies. It is like a template that Cricut doesn’t cut out. It’s a neat little feature to try if you are in your Cricut Design Space, and you want to make sure that what you’re working on is going to fit in the correct space that you have to do your project.

There are so many free fonts you can download and use in your projects. I highly recommend going and checking it out. Share on X

I hope that you find a way to let this project inspire you to bring music, lyrics, or something that you love in a unique way into one of your crafting projects. I definitely love the outcome of it. It was the technology piece that was stumping me. Again, that’s a learning curve, and I will be working through that piece. I hope that you do take something away from this and find unique ways to personalize things for friends or family in the future.


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 2.5

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