Bringing The Sewing Products And Craft Fair Booth To The Next Level In This Cricut Maker Project

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Craft Fair is the best place to showcase your handmade projects. After COVID, the craft fair is super exciting to shop for different amazing products! For today’s Weekend Crafting Adventure, Kim Wojtalewicz shares her Cricut maker project in bringing the sewing products and craft fair booth to the next level. Kim incorporates three things into her sewing display packaging business which made a huge difference. Tune in to this episode and see how Kim Wojtalewicz brought her craft fair booth to the next level!

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Bringing The Sewing Products And Craft Fair Booth To The Next Level In This Cricut Maker Project

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


Welcome to the show. If you have come back to read another episode, I thank you. If you are reading for the first time, welcome. In this episode, I want to share how I have used my Cricut Maker to bring my sewing products and craft fair display to the next level. What I mean by that is I am a huge sewer. It is my, first and foremost, crafting passion that got me started in this whole crafting world. I’ve done it a lot longer than I’ve had my Cricut Maker.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


I want to share with you how my Cricut has changed what I do when I am selling my sewing products and when I am at a craft fair and displaying my sewing products. Whether you use your Cricut to make things you sell or use it for personal use but love giving personalized gifts, this might be interesting to you. Using my Cricut maker to create different personalized tags not only for the items that I sell but also for the display itself that I use in my craft fairs has completely leveled up my display booth and even increased my sales of the sewing products that I sell.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker : “My original sewing designs paired with Cricut tags”


It is the holiday craft fair season around here. In fact, all year long, I sew. I sew because I love it. I love creating beautiful things with beautiful fabric and giving them to family and friends. I created a small little one-person side business aside from the teaching that I do. I only do a couple of craft fairs a year.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


A craft fair that I finished was the Cheyenne Mountain High School Craft Fair in Colorado Springs. This is an amazing craft fair. Everything at the craft fair is handmade. This is one that I have been a part of for three years.

I’ve had my Cricut for the last couple of years when I have done craft fairs. I wanted to share a couple of insights that I wasn’t sure about, but since it’s year two using my Cricut to help me create the tags that I attached to my sewing products and that I have that helped display the different products that I am selling, I’ve started to put a few things together. This is my own personal opinion. This is not science. This is not measured.

This Is Not Science



I am going to tell you that since I have used my Cricut Maker to help me create fun, personalized, and unique tags and display items that go with my products, my sales have increased significantly. I started out in craft fairs, putting my items out in my booth on the table as best as I could. I am good at sewing. I am great at figuring out things that I want to sew that possibly are unique and different that I sell to people. What I wasn’t great at was the display booth. A lot of times, it was super over-cluttered. I didn’t have the prices of everything easily located. I would have a price list, but I never had prices attached to all the items. I didn’t have the names of the items.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


My sales were fine, and my craft fairs went well. It was something that I enjoyed. Once I got my Cricut Maker and started making tags to put on the products that I was selling that included the name of the item, sometimes maybe a description of what it was for, and a price, things started changing for me.



I first noticed it in 2021 because the last craft season was the first time I had created all of these tags and display items to go with my products. I thought maybe it was that this is the year after COVID, and everybody’s super excited to be out at craft fairs shopping again, and that was the reason for the drastic increase in the amount I sold. I thought about that, but I didn’t put too much into the packaging of my products that I now have changed with the Cricut or how the tags may have done that.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


I’ve completed my latest craft fair. We’re not coming off of a COVID year. I know it’s still around, but very different from when we were shutdown through that holiday season a couple of years ago. I have noticed a drastic increase in sales. I am going to put some of that increase on how I have changed my display and the way that I am packaging my products and putting information out there to the consumer or the customer in a way that is my personality. I’m bringing a little bit of that. I’m bringing important information in and having it right there for them to see when they walk into my craft booth and look at my products.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


I want to share with you exactly what I’ve done to make those changes and how I’ve used my Cricut in my crafting sewing little business to help that business grow. This is in hopes that if you have a small business or if you have not thought about possibly incorporating your Cricut into those little pieces of tags, packaging, and display that maybe you think about how that could be part of what you’re doing, how you are presenting your products or displaying them, or what comes with them when you sell them and send them to your customers.




For me, it has made a huge difference. Anytime there’s something that comes up, I want to share it with you because I know small business is hard. For people like me that are teachers and have a side business going on, that’s hard. You have limited time to make a big impact with that side business. Any little bits of advice or tips I can share with you that have helped me, I’m going to do that. All that I did to create these tags was take some card stock, and I used a neutral color, my Cricut fine point pens, and sticker paper.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


Those are the three things that I have incorporated into my sewing display, packaging, and business that have made a huge difference. The key to what I’ve done is I’ve created these tags that go on every single product that I have in my booth. For instance, I sew totes, bags, zipper pouches, and lots of things for small accessories like key fobs that you wear around your wrists that you keep your keys on. I sell cup cozies in the holiday season that you put on your to-go coffee cups so that you are not using those cardboard ones that come with your coffee when you get them. I sew things like that.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker : “Shark zipper pouch with unique packaging & Cricut made tag”


I took the card stock and the fine-point pens and started creating these tags. A lot of them are simple shapes like rectangles and circles, but a lot of them also are shapes that I find in Cricut Design Space that represent the product I’m making. For instance, I sew recycled sails. That’s the sail or the spinnaker. I will make tote bags out of those sails.

The tag I put on those sail bags is the outline of a sailboat. Within that tag, I can then create a little personalized description of the product. On that sailboat tag that goes onto my tote bags that are made from recycled sails, I put, “Recycled sail.” I then have a little description. It’s something like, “I am not perfect. I am a recycled sail. Please enjoy all of my imperfections.” I also have it on the back of that tag the price. That is the style that works for me.




Most of my tags have a cute little saying, whether it’s, “Tote it,” or, “Carry it,” or, “Zip it,” depending on if it’s a tote, a purse, or a zipper pouch. I have a cute little hook phrase to put out there as to what the product is, and then I always include the price. The reason I do that is I’ve learned over the time I’ve done craft fairs that there are a lot of different ideas and ways that you can present your items. Some people like putting their prices on, and some people don’t. I have decided that having my prices out there upfront for the people who walk into my booth or walk into the craft fair for them to see is super important. There doesn’t need to be a conversation that happens with me.

There are a lot of different ideas and ways that you can present your items. Share on X

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People shop in lots of different ways. If you are somebody that does craft fairs, you’ll understand. Some people come into your booth and want to have a conversation with you. They’re very interested in how you make what you make, what you do, and where your inspiration comes from. Some people just want to walk in and look at your items. They don’t want to have a conversation, but they want to have all of the information about your product presented to them so that they know exactly what they’re getting, how much it is, and what to expect.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


My thought was that no matter whether the person walking in wants to have a conversation with me or not, everybody that walks in is going to have all of the information they need on my products to not only know what it is or what it does, but how much it is. For certain products, I’m always adding a little bit of flare that describes the product in a fun way. For instance, with my cozies that I was talking about that you slide onto those cups that you get when you get your to-go coffee, I put fun little sayings about coffee. You know that I have some cute little sayings that I’ve put on the cozy tags.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


This 2022, everybody wanted cup cozies, and I sold out of them. That was fun to see. That was a big trend. They can take that cozy with the display card that I’ve put inside of the cozy, wrap that up, and give it as a gift itself. It is a quick and simple way for the customer to know exactly what the product does. Also, they don’t have to rewrap or repackage that cup cozy. With the cute fonts from Cricut Design Space and the cute sayings I’ve put on it, all they have to do is either put it in a little gift bag or a little wrap on top of it, and it’s ready to go as a fun little gift. Those are the things I am doing in my booth and with my products that have made a huge difference in the sales I’m making as I’m selling my products at these craft fairs.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


Aside from creating these little tags that go on every single product or display cards with fun sayings on them that go with my products, I want to tell you the other thing I did. My sewing is quite bright. I love bright colors. I love a lot of different patterns. I love a lot of different products. When you look at my booth, it is bright with lots of different colors and products. That can be a little overwhelming to people at times, so the thing that I did with my display by using my Cricut was to choose a common color of card stock. I chose a neutral cream color and chose, for the most part, a black pen font.



Even though the colors of my sewing products may be very different as you look around the booth, the common thread that runs through my display are these cream color card stocks, display cards, and tags on all of my items. That brings consistency into the booth. They know exactly what to look for when they’re looking at all of the different items and all of the different things that I’m selling. That cream-colored card stock with the black marker or fine-point pen and the different fonts that go with it gives that nice look that brings everything all together.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker : “A cute saying on one side of the tag with my business name on the other.”


The other thing that I do is use my Cricut Maker and sticker paper to make the stickers that I put on the brown paper bags that I give out when people need a bag when they’re buying something. I put it in the key fob, the cup cozy, and the zipper pouches. They walk away with this bag that has my name and a cute little picture of a sewing machine. I did that and created that on my Cricut Maker as well.

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


I know a lot of people probably buy their display tags, stickers, and things like that in bulk. I get that. For my small business, one of the things that I love about using the Cricut for creating these tags and custom display cards in my booth is that a lot of times, I will be sitting and sewing or thinking about how I want to display one of my products and I’ll get an idea. Maybe it is two days before the craft fair. I have the ability with my Cricut to get on Cricut Design Space and use my Cricut to completely change a tag on one of my products or a saying that I’ve put on one of my products.



Maybe I’ve come across something funny or cute that I want to include. This gives me the last-minute ability to change out what is said on any one of my display cards or any one of the tags that I am putting onto my items. That is invaluable because if I was ordering it from somewhere, I can’t make that last-minute change right before I’m selling my products, sending it to someone, or I’m at the craft fair. That, to me, has been such a huge piece of why I love making my tags and display cards myself with my Cricut Maker.

The other thing that I wanted to mention is that a lot of my tags being different shapes and different ways that I display things, I always use the little circular shape. When you’re on Cricut Design Space, on the left, you can pick out a different shape. I choose the circle shape, but you could choose any one of those shapes to be whatever you want Cricut to cut into your tag. On all of my tags, I have a tiny little circle that Cricut automatically cuts out for me. I determine the size of that cut circle depending on what I’m going to use to attach that tag to my product.

For example, with my sailing bags, the sailcloth, or the bags I make from recycled sails, I wanted to use a cute, white, braided rope to attach my tags to those totes. That’s going to need a bigger hole than some of my little zipper pouches, which I put through a little 1/8-inch black ribbon to attach to the zipper pouch. Using that individualization and customization of those little cutouts I use to attach all of those tags to my products is huge. I get to decide how big I want it, and that gives me the ability to change how I’m attaching things to my products.

Somebody Starting With Cricut

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


Having that little braided white that looks like a sailor’s rope to attach the sailboat tag to my sail bags looks adorable. It gives the feel of a very unique and custom item, which it is in itself, but that tag and presentation are what I’m looking for to bring that product, that booth, and my sewing items to the next level. Whether you’re somebody that is starting out with your Cricut or uses your Cricut for a small business or even personal use in gifting people different things, try out making some fun personalized gift tags. If you do craft fairs, I’d love to hear how you use your Cricut to enhance your display. What have you done? Are you trying it for the first time?

WCA 16 | Cricut Maker


I have experienced a change in response to my products and my displays based on the way that I have used my Cricut with card stock with fine-point pens, different fonts, different sayings, and sticker paper for the bags. All of these things have enhanced and leveled up my craft fair experience and business. I know that when people walk in, there’s consistency. They know what to expect. There’s no guessing about what the product is or how much it is. Maybe even the fun little saying brings a little bit of a smile to their faces.

Most of all, what I love about my Cricut is how you create these one-of-a-kind personalized custom items that nobody else has that make your product, your gift, or the thing that you are making one of a kind. Take advantage of that this holiday season. When you’re using your Cricut, make those items stand out even a little bit more with the tags you put on them, whether it’s a gift or you’re selling something, and see if it makes a difference for you. I’d be interested in hearing if it does.

Here are my crafting keepers for this episode. The first one is going to be how I can use Cricut Design Space and Cricut to cut out that tiny little hole that goes in every single tag that I’m attaching to my products, whether I want it to be a square, a circle, an oval, or a different shape to match that tag. I get to determine how big that is. That’s important to me, as a small business person, to be able to have complete control over what that tag looks like, how big that little cutout is, and how it looks on the tag that I am attaching to the product that I’ve made.

Cricut Crafting Keeper

My other Cricut crafting keeper for this episode is going to be the ability to last minute or the night before either I’m giving somebody something that I’ve made, or it is right before our craft show, and I have a fun idea that I want to incorporate into my display, one of my tags, or one of the cards that explain something in my booth. I can go and change that. I don’t have to worry that I have to wait until I make another order for this tag or this sticker.

I can hop right onto my Cricut Design Space, create that saying, that specific display card, or tag at that moment, have Cricut cut it, write on it, and there it is for me to put to use immediately. There’s not a lot of wait time. Having that flexibility as somebody who doesn’t have a lot of time and wants to be able to have complete control, flexibility, and creativity in those tags and display cards, this tool works for me. That is a crafting keeper, for sure.



My satisCRAFTion rating for this episode is a five. Having the Cricut and bringing it into how I display my products, what my booth looks like, and how my products are tagged with the little price tags and descriptions has been a game-changer for my little sewing business that I have on the side. I have loved being able to create different kinds of tags that go onto the different products I sell that are unique to the little sewing business I have.

Bring your little crafting side business or side hustle to the next level, and that makes your little world a little better. Share on X

I hope, whether it’s a gift that you’re giving somebody or if you do have a small business where you’re selling things and making things, and you have a Cricut, that maybe you can take some of these ideas and run with them. My hope is that they bring your little crafting side business or side hustle to the next level and that they make your little world a little better. Enjoy. Until our next adventure, take care.


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 5


Crafting Keepers

  1. Making custom-sized cut holes in my product tags
  2. The ability to make last-minute changes to my product tags or display cards


Materials List

  • Card stock
  • Fine point pens


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