Clear Acrylic Bag Project Using UV Color-Changing Vinyl

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


The custom clear acrylic bags are trending right now. And with spring sports here and summer travel around the corner, what better project to have than a Clear Acrylic Bag Project? Kim Wojtalewicz decided to customize a few clear zipper pouch bags with her Cricut. For her bag, she used Teckwrap UV color-changing vinyl for the first time. For her teenage boys, she used Oracal 651 permanent vinyl. The UV color-changing vinyl easily becomes one of Kim’s new favorite materials to work with! These little pouches are perfect for storing snacks, electronic accessories, sun protection, makeup, reusable grocery bags, toiletries, and all the little stuff that might get lost in a backpack or tote bag. Kim’s 16-year-old is using his to store all the candy he got for Easter (which she’s pretty sure will not be full for long). In this crafting adventure, Kim also tries out the one side shadow style for all the lettering on the bags to give it a fun little pop of color and 3D effect! These little bags would make great personalized gifts for teachers, friends, or coworkers!

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Clear Acrylic Bag Project Using UV Color-Changing Vinyl


WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


In this project, I am joining the clear bag trend and putting some vinyl onto some small, zipper pouch, clear acrylic bags. Let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind this project. We are right in the middle of spring sports, and summertime is just around the corner. I have been watching this trend of customizing small clear bags. Some people take them to stadiums, they take them to concerts, and you can take them to the beach. It is very cool. All different sizes for all different purposes.

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


In this project, I thought what would be fun would be to personalize one for each of my boys, my teenagers, and then make one for myself. For the boys, I am going to go with a baseball sports theme. We have Chicago in our blood, and my husband is a Sox fan. Our oldest son is a White Sox fan, and our youngest son is a Cubs fan. I am going to do their zipper pouches with a Cubs and White Sox theme on the front of theirs. For mine, I am going to be trying for the first time some UV color-changing Teckwrap vinyl. That is super exciting.



A few highlights for materials that I want to point out are the Teckwrap UV color-changing vinyl. That is what I used for my pouch. That was definitely something that I did not have in my crafting corner that I needed to purchase. The other thing that I want to highlight is the acrylic, clear plastic, little zipper pouch, toiletry-size bags that I’m going to be using for this project.

I did want to shout out that the one resource that helped to inspire me to do this project is Whiskey & Whit. She has a YouTube channel. She has a website. This YouTube video that I watched is called, “You’ve gotta see the NEW Cricut Decor DIYs.” It is about 30 minutes long, but it is chock-full of so many crafting ideas, so many projects, and so many little Cricut tips in her video. It is awesome. In that video, she has so much information, but two of the projects that she highlights are clear bag projects. I got some inspiration from those projects to help me jumpstart my own ideas for what I wanted to put on the clear bags that I’m making.

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


For the experience of this project, I am going to focus a lot on the designs and also on the experience of putting the vinyl onto the clear plastic. The cutting of the vinyl was straightforward and not hard at all. I’m using my fine-tip blade in my Cricut machine, and that process was easy. The weeding was easy, so I want to focus on the designs and the experience of putting that vinyl onto the clear plastic.

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


For my boys, I used Oracal Permanent Vinyl for both of their pouches. Like I said before, getting some inspiration from Whitney from Whiskey and Whit, I went ahead and went with baseball-inspired pouches. For Michael’s, I did a Cubs pouch. I used the phrase, “Go Cubs Go.” Whitney also has that on her projects that she did. She has a lot of other details on hers that you can see if you go to her Cricut Design Space links or the YouTube channel I was talking about that link. I definitely wanted to have the C, the Cubby Bear, and “Go Cubs Go” with a baseball.



I did need to go to Google Images and find a Cubs logo to upload into my Cricut Design Space because that is not one that obviously Cricut Design Space has in it. That process was simple. For both the Cubs and the White Sox logos that I used on my pouches, I found PNG file pictures, uploaded them into Cricut Design Space, and made them into SVG cut files. It’s an easy and simple process. It probably took me 1 to 2 minutes to do that once I found the exact designs that I wanted.



For the White Sox pouch for my son Matthew, I had the old-school White Sox logo. It is a baseball player that’s like this old-school design that says Sox underneath it. On his pouch, I went with a saying called, “You can put it on the board.” The reason I did that is that people are pretty familiar with the Go Cubs Go song and chant that happens at Cubs games.

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


At White Sox games, this player, Hawk Harrelson, used to stay every time a ball was hit out of the park when the White Sox hit a home run, “You can put it on the board. Yeah.” I put that phrase onto Matthew’s pouch after getting some help from my husband on where to look for some of the more well-known phrases that would be White Sox phrases. Those designs, I loved and I thought that they would be fun for the boys. It is baseball time of year. They both love those teams. Those were the designs for the boys.

For the pouch that I was making for me, I decided to go with the UV color-changing vinyl from Teckwrap. I thought it would be fun to have this UV color-changing vinyl on a pouch. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be keeping in my pouch. The design that I chose for my pouch was just a simple word stuff. You can put a lot of little stuff into this pouch, and I wasn’t sure exactly what stuff I was going to be putting in there. I wanted to keep it wide open and fun. That’s what I decided for my design. Mine was very simple, but the exciting thing that I enjoyed was the process of the UV color-changing vinyl, especially in Colorado.



This vinyl is awesome. The minute I took it over to test it, I just put it by a window early in the morning and it immediately started to change. Later on, in the day when I brought it outside, it was literally probably ten seconds to go from the whitish color to the hot pink color that it changed into. It’s fun. I highly recommend giving it a try. I have all the good things to say about the UV color-changing vinyl.

I got into the process of putting this vinyl onto the clear plastic pouches. This was a little bit challenging only because I wanted to try this style of writing on the pouches called a one-sided shadow look. This again was inspired by Whitney from Whiskey & Whit. In her video, she shows how to use this technique. I loved how the two colors gave it a pop of color and a little bit of a three-dimensional effect of the look, but it was different than the offset look where you have your word that is completely outlined like that bubble look. This is a style where only one side is highlighted or shadowed as she called it.

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


Because I was trying this new technique that I’d never done before, it did take me some time. She has amazing tips on how to line them up and what you can do in Cricut Design Space to make the process easier. I did give that a try, but I will tell you that for me, what ended up happening is I put my first layer down of the word on all three of the pouches for the color that I wanted underneath, and that was pretty easy. Once that vinyl hits the plastic, it pretty much is stuck to it.

There isn’t a lot of forgiveness in terms of being able to move that vinyl around. I know in some projects you’ve got a little bit of wiggle room and time to adjust your vinyl on tumblers and things. Because of the plastic and the vinyl, once it gets on there, it definitely sticks very well. I did want to mention, I did use rubbing alcohol on these pouches before I put the vinyl on just to make sure everything was clean and there wasn’t any extra coating or anything on them. That was something that was super important in this project.

The super important thing in this project is to ensure everything is clean before putting the vinyl. There should be no extra coating on them. Share on X

I’m layering the first layer of the words. I’m getting those down, making sure I’m trying to center them. The pouches are about 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches. You’ve got a pretty good amount of space that you’re working with if you choose to use this size of the pouch. Where I ran into a little bit of a slowdown, which is just a learning curve was getting that second layer of the vinyl onto those letters to create that one-sided shadow look. I ended up cutting my letters apart for the words instead of attaching the entire top layer together.



Whitney makes it look easy in her video. I couldn’t do it as quickly as her. It definitely doesn’t look as easy, and it was not as easy as it looked. For me, that took some time. By the time I was on my third pouch, it was going much faster. Taking that time to figure out exactly where that second layer needed to be to create that shadow look was a little bit challenging. Still, I would say this is a beginner to the intermediate project because of the layering. If you’re putting straight vinyl onto these pouches, this is absolutely a surefire beginner project.



The pouches are awesome. I love how they turned out. I love all the different things that you can do with them. These would be awesome for gifts. Teacher appreciation is coming up and summertime’s coming up. There are lots of different things that you could be putting on these. I’m definitely thinking I’ll be making more before the end of the school year.

Let me tell you my crafting keepers for this project. The first crafting keeper is going to be the one-sided shadow style of lettering. I love it. I am so glad that I learned about it from Whitney, from Whiskey & Whit. It’s such a different way to get those colors to pop with the vinyl, that 3D effect. It gives it a little more depth than just the flat vinyl lettering. That is in my crafting corner.



The second crafting keeper for this project is the UV color-changing vinyl from Teckwrap. This vinyl is amazing. I wasn’t sure how fast the color would change, but I had to have my son video me outside with it to show. Going from the white base color to the real hot pink color that I used took ten seconds. It changes color so fast. You bring it back inside. Going back to the base color of white took a little longer. Probably I would say between 20 seconds to 1 minute to get all the way back to that base color before the UV sun hits it.

I had fun layering it. I layered that UV color-changing vinyl that turned hot pink on like a nice turquoise permanent vinyl. It looks good, whether it’s the base color of white on that turquoise or the hot pink out when it’s exposed to the sun. Both ways, it looks great. It’s fun to see the color-changing happen. That is a crafting keeper for me. I cannot wait to put that on some other projects.

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


My satisCRAFTion rating for this project, I’m giving it a 4.5. The reason I’m giving it a 4.5 is it was fun. It was a fast project. It only took probably a couple of hours because of that layering that I was learning, but these pouches, my boys are keeping snacks in them for their practices after school. One for track meets and one for baseball games. That’s really fun. We can pack them up with snacks, send them off, and know that they’re going to have those with them in their backpack and things aren’t flying around all in the backpack. That’s pretty fun.

The clear see-through, I love this trend. I’m excited to try some other clear bags because these are the things now that you can take into stadiums, ballparks, and concerts. That way, everybody can see that you are completely carrying everything safe in those bags they want to see as you’re going through security.

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project


The reason I didn’t give it a five was the process of layering the two layers to create the shadow effect. It was a learning process. It took me a little bit longer than I would’ve liked it to. I always feel like when I’m watching somebody do something, it looks so easy, and when I try it, it doesn’t feel that easy. I always have to remember to give myself that learning time. Even though it looks easy, it’s always going to take a little bit longer than I think based on trying something new for the first time. That’s why I didn’t get a five, but this is a fun project. I hope that you find a way to try out some of the UV color-changing vinyl. This stuff is awesome. I hope that you find some inspiration for creating some cool clear bags and getting that Cricut off the shelf and getting crafty. Until our next adventure. Take care.



SatisCRAFTion Rating: 4.5 (fun, functional, great for my teenage boys, the layering of the one-sided shadow takes some practice!)


Crafting Keepers:

  1. One-Sided Shadow Effect (Select one layer of the font for the shadow effect and push cursor 8 times to the right or left to offset and create the one-sided shadow effect)
  2. Teckwrap UV color-changing vinyl


Materials List:


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