Crafting Personalized Zipper Pouches, Filling Them And Trip Report – Part 2


In the second part of a series on crafting personalized gifts for a girl’s weekend trip, Kim Wojtalewicz continues to talk about her project – personalized zip pouches. She goes into detail about the tags she created to put on the zipper pouches and what she filled the pouches with. She also gives a report on her cross-country trip with her high school friends.

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Crafting Personalized Zipper Pouches, Filling Them And Trip Report – Part 2

This is a little bit of a different episode. It’s a follow-up to my Personalized Zipper Pouch episode. In this show, I am going to be talking about the tags that I created to put on the zipper pouches, and what I filled the pouches with. The materials that I needed for the tag were some medium-weight card stock, and I went with a cream color card stock. I used some of my fine point, colorful Cricut pens, as well as a black one for most of the writing. I did the individual names in different colors that I felt complemented the zipper pouches.

I used some 1/8-inch black ribbon and a fine point blade in my Cricut machine. I actually had to get a new one. I was making some cards, which I will be talking about in one of my next episodes, but I was making some cards, and I ended up having all these little issues with the clean-cut. I did end up switching out my fine point, which made a huge difference. That was something that I used in my Cricut Design Space to design the tags, the fonts, and the placement of everything that I put on the tag.

Filling the pouch. I filled the pouch with five different items. I am traveling on an airplane from Colorado to eventually New Hampshire. I didn’t want to travel with heavy pouches full of things that could possibly open or get messed up during the travel. I live at a high altitude. If anybody you know or if you travel in and out of a high altitude, you would be amazed at the things that explode in your bags, whether you’re going somewhere or coming home.

It’s nice to capture the sentiment you’re feeling to put on the gift tag. Share on X

I kept it to five items. I got a snack pack of one of my favorite trail mixes from Trader Joe’s, and it is a Happy Camper Trail Mix. It sells for about $7, and there are ten pouches inside. I’m putting one of the snack pouches in each zipper pouch, and I’m keeping the rest for the airplane ride for snacks for me. I went and ordered Amazon some Hello Lip Balm. The packaging caught me. I am a sucker for cute packaging with cute sayings. It’s something that I love doing myself with my projects that I make. I’m hoping that this lip balm lives up to the cute packaging that it has. They were a little pricier. They were about $14 for three lip balms. They are vegan and not tested on animals and all of that stuff. Hopefully, they are amazing.


Two things that I sewed myself, I love making key fobs. They are great for work. They are great to keep your house and work key on. I find them useful. The ones that I make, you slide right over your wrist. If you’re carrying bags or you’ve got things that you’re hauling back and forth between the car or someplace else, you know exactly where your key is.

I also put a scrunchy that I sewed in every zipper pouch. Scrunchies are a great quick sew. If you are somebody that likes to sew and you have a stash of your fabrics that are scraps, scrunchies are a great stash buster. You can make the cutest scrunchies in a short amount of time, and they are such a fun gift to give people. That’s what I filled the pouch with.

Let me talk a little bit about the experience of the tag that I made. I went ahead and used a medium-weight card stock that is an off-white color, and I wanted to make the most of the writing around the tag black. I chose a circle as the shape for the tag. I did have my Cricut cut a tiny little hole at the top because I knew I wanted to use some 1/8-inch black ribbon to somehow attach my tag to the zipper pouches.

Personalized Zipper Pouches: It’s nice to capture the sentiment you’re feeling to put on the gift tag. 

I did use my Cricut Design Space, and that went well. The font that I chose is called Sweet Dreams, and I made my tags about almost three and a half inches around the circle. A little bit smaller than that but I have a pretty long saying that I wanted to include on my tags. I knew I wanted the year. I knew I wanted it to say, “Girl’s weekend,” and each of my friends’ names. That’s quite a bit to fit onto a tag.

I was thinking about it. I thought if I had thought hard about this, I could have made these tags like a Christmas ornament or something like that. Some other keepsake on a different material than card stock because it came out cute and it has each person’s name on it with the year. I was like, “If this wasn’t card stock, I would hang this on my Christmas tree as a little reminder of the get-together with my friends.” It’s a thought for a future project.

Back to making the tags, I did switch out my fine point. I did have a couple of issues last time I was using my fine point cutting card stock, where I was not getting the cleanest cut. I went back and forth and I thought, “I think I’m going to replace it.” I did replace my fine point. I ordered two replacement blades on Amazon, Cricut brand, for $8. It is $4 a blade, which I feel is a pretty good deal because this is the first time I am changing out my fine point. I have cut quite a bit of vinyl and card stock since I first got my Cricut.

I have a fresh fine point. I have my fine point markers in various colors for each of my friends’ names, and the black marker for the sayings, the year, “Girl’s weekend,” and that’s it. The saying that I chose to use is, “Side by side or miles apart, friends are always close at heart.” I chose that saying because we are all scattered around. A bunch of my friends live within the New England area, but there are a couple of us that are spread a little further out around the country. One of our friends is not going to be able to make it for this trip. I wanted to capture the sentiment that I was feeling to put on the tag.

The tag came out super cute, and I’m happy with it. I do feel like a keeper for my crafting is going to be in individualizing tags. I have loved picking out fonts, picking out the exact saying that I want, and the little details that come with everything you can use your Cricut Design Space to individualize and personalize your gifts. That is a huge crafting keeper for me.

Crafting Keeper: Personalized Gift Tags

This is a quick episode because I wanted to follow up with you about the tag and what I decided to put into the zipper pouches. I’m going to give this little fast project a satisfaction rating of four because I’m super excited. I love gifting people things. It’s one of my love languages for sure. I’m excited to see their faces and what they think of the tags and the pouches. This was a fulfilling project for me. I am looking forward to my trip. I will report back when I return home. I don’t know about you if there are any other teachers out there, but in Colorado, we are winding down our year, and I can’t wait for the summer to spend a little more time with my crafting adventures and bring them to you. Take care.


Trip Report

I am going to do a quick little follow-up to my personalized zipper pouch episode. The trip with my girlfriends, that was a weekend away, happened a few months back, and it was amazing. We had so much fun. It was great to catch up with my highschool girlfriends. I can’t say that anything went wrong, except two other friends, one we knew, wasn’t going to be able to be there, and another friend couldn’t make it. There were six of us. The zipper pouches were well-received. I have some cute pictures from the trip that I’m going to be putting on my website.

I also wanted to let you know about the lip balm. Like I told you on that episode, I am a huge sucker for packaging. These Hello Lip Balms that I bought from Amazon that I put in the pouch for all the girls have the cutest packaging. It sucked me in. I was curious to know if the lip balm lived up to the cute packaging, which it actually did. Everybody gave it a two thumbs up. They are still using it. It certainly will be something that I purchase again. The trip was great. The zipper pouches went across really well. The tags were adorable.

Most importantly, the time with my girlfriends was just what I needed. If you haven’t had a chance to connect with somebody or friends or family that you have really wanted to connect with, I encourage you to make time to do it, whether they’re near or far because that was just what my soul needed. Take care. I look forward to my next crafting adventure and sharing it with you.


Enjoying time with my high school friends on our girls weekend.

SatisCRAFTion Rating: 4  

Materials List:
  • Card stock – any color you want – medium weight
  • Cricut design space
  • Cricut Fine point blade
  • Cricut pens
Images and Fonts Used Cricut Design Space:
  • Circle – free (#M2AAB3EFD)
  • Sweet Dreams (font) – subscribed
I filled the pouch with…


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