Crafting Personalized Zipper Pouches For A Girl’s Weekend Trip – Part 1

Kim Wojtalewicz is going on a girl’s trip and heading across the country to meet up with her high school girlfriends. Today, she shows us the one-of-a-kind gift she’s making for her friends – personalized zipper pouches! Tune in for this excellent crafting idea you can make to give out as gifts!

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Crafting Personalized Zipper Pouches For A Girl’s Weekend Trip – Part 1

I’m going on a girl’s trip. I’m so excited. I’m going to be heading out across the country to meet up with my high school girlfriends. It’s been quite a long time since we’ve all gotten together. The last time we were all together with me there was our twentieth-year high school reunion. It’s been a while because we’re past our 30th reunion except for Alexis. She’s one year younger. She’s maybe just getting to that 30th reunion time.

You can never have too many zipper pouches. They are a great gift and can be used for many things. Share on X

I was thinking about what I wanted to bring my girlfriends. I love sewing and giving unique one of kind gifts. I started thinking about what I wanted to make for our little girl’s getaway gift. I came across this video tutorial that I had saved on my Pinterest board. I thought, “That’s it.” It’s the perfect girl’s getaway gift because it’s not only going to combine my love of sewing and making things but also, I’m going to do something on my Cricut machine that’s part of the project.

I’m going to be cutting some fabric and making personalized zipper pouches. I am so excited to do this project. It was so much fun and they came out beautifully. They exceeded my expectations. I need eight different zipper pouches. In this episode, I am going to share with you my experience using my Cricut machine to cut out the fabric to make initials to personalize zipper pouches for my high school girlfriends and the girls’ getaway.

If you’re a beginning sewer, the trickiest part is putting the zipper in.

If you're a beginning sewer, the trickiest part is putting the zipper in. Share on X

Let’s get into the project. This is a complicated one. I love sewing and I am an experienced sewer. I make lots of things. I wanted to sew the zipper pouches myself. With that being said, if you don’t want to sew, this is still going to be a great project for you because there are so many places where you can get blank canvas zipper pouches. I’ve seen them at Hobby Lobby. They’re on Amazon. Don’t let the fact that I’m sewing the zipper pouches scare you away from this project because I will tell you the outcome is so personalized, unique and one of a kind. These are so sweet and my friends are going to love them.

There was a lot to get done for this project but being that it was for the girls’ getaway, I was super excited to do all of it. Zipper pouches are such a great gift. They can be used for so many things. I have them in my car, work bag and purse. I could never have too many zipper pouches, which is why I feel like this is such a great gift. Personalize it and you can never have too many.

I was also thinking that these would be an excellent bridesmaid gift to personalize with your bridesmaids’ initials. Thinking about summer, wedding season, graduations coming up and teacher gifts, all of these different things that these personalized zipper pouches could be used for hopefully if it’s something that interests you and you want to give it as a gift or even make it for yourself or someone in your family.

The Prep

There are lots of prep and materials for this project. I’m going to be going over some of the main materials in this episode. First of all, let’s start with the pattern and inspiration of this free video tutorial that I came across. I found it on Pinterest from SewMuchMoore.com. That is where this video tutorial is located.

When you go to this link, she has all of the materials that she used along with a video of how to do it. The video is about thirteen minutes long but it’s well done. You can follow it if you’re a beginning sewer. The trickiest part is going to be putting the zipper in but one step at a time. Watch the video tutorial. She gives a good description. That is where I found the idea for cutting out the initials for my friends on the Cricut machine. That was an experience.

There were some highs and lows in cutting the fabric. While we’re talking about fabric, I got together some awesome accent fabric that I used on the pouches for the initials. I used it for the lining and about a 3-inch border on one side of the zipper pouch. I love looking for fabric and have shopped online at this adorable little fabric store called Hawthorne Supply Co. They’re out of New York. I talk about them a little bit when I’m making some videos and cutting out my fabric for this project but I will tell you, they have great sales and have a flat rate in the United States shipping fee of $5.95. It doesn’t matter how much fabric you buy. I have used them for a ton of projects.


I love their customer service and the fabric that they have. They have unique one-of-a-kind fabric that you can only find at their store. Check them out. It’s worth it. I gathered all this great fabric and ordered it online. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I was making sure that I had everything I needed from my Cricut machines. I needed a fabric cutting mat, which I had. It came with my Cricut maker bundle when I got it. I also have some other mats that I ended up using during this project.

I got some canvas. I went back and forth between a black canvas and a neutral color canvas. I ended up going with the neutral. I feel like spring is here. Summer is on the way. I was getting mostly floral accent fabrics. I felt for me what I liked and what made me happy was doing a natural canvas with a pop of color on top. That was going to be the initial, side and lining of the zipper pouch.



A couple of other things I wanted to highlight for you was that in the tutorial if you do go look at the tutorial, I adjusted my dimensions for the zipper pouch a little bit. I wanted mine to be a little bit bigger than what she was making. I also chose to use a different material to attach the initial to the zipper pouch. In the tutorial, she talks about something called Mistyfuse. I am not familiar with that product.

When I was picking up the canvas that I was going to use at my local hobby store, I decided that I wanted to go ahead and try something called HeatnBond. I’d read about it online. I was walking over to the cutting table and at Hobby Lobby, whenever you’re getting your canvas material, whatever fabric cut, they always want to know what you are making. I light up. I’m super excited. I’m making these zipper pouches for my high school girlfriends.


I haven’t seen them in forever and I can’t wait to appliqué the initials onto the zipper pouch. She went, “You can’t use HeatnBond. Have you tried Wonder-Under?” I was like, “I have never tried Wonder-Under.” She recommended it because, 1) It is sewing machine-friendly and she was sure of that and, 2) It was on sale because it was the week at Hobby Lobby where all of the fabric cut by the yard is 30% off. How can you beat that? I’m going to go for it. I decided to use the Wonder-Under. That is the difference from what you’re going to see in that video tutorial.


The Experience

Let me talk a little bit about the experience. I love cutting the material on the Cricut. The thing that made it so fun for me was that I got to go into my Cricut design space. If you have a Cricut-designed space, you’ll know what I mean. There are tons of fonts for everything, honestly. I was searching through these fonts to find the perfect font for each of my friends. Not only was I super picky about the fabric that I was using for the accent and the initial but I was super picky about my fonts.



I knew that I was going to put a zigzag stitch on top of each of the initials. One thing I was looking for when I was searching out the fonts was that it wasn’t too skinny. I didn’t want the zigzag to be bigger than the actual pieces of the initial. I wanted chunky individualized fonts for each of my friend’s personalities.

As I’m going through the fonts, I’m looking at all of these different ones for, “That one would be great for Adrienne.” The next one, “This one would be great for Caroline.” I got to pick each of those fonts out. Cricut is going to cut that font out of the fabric. It’s super cool. This is the first time I’d ever cut out initials or fabric on my Cricut. I did have some failures. One of the things I learned is that depending on what kind of fabric I was using, I had to switch up the mat.


WCA – DFY 3 | Personalized Zipper Pouches


For most of the fabrics, they went down onto Cricut’s fabric mat beautifully but there were 1 or 2 of the fabrics that I had that I could not get to stick down on that mat. I ended up using a mat from a different company that I got on Amazon and it was a strong grip mat. I had to use the strong grip mat and a little bit of tape in each of the corners as I was having my Cricut cut it out. I did two of them and they got all wound up in my Cricut and that is not good.

It’s a learning experience for me. I could have done something wrong while I was trying to attach it to the mat. It could have been the kind of fabric I was using. I’m not sure but don’t get discouraged if you were making a zipper pouch using your Cricut and your fabric goes in. All of a sudden, it’s bunched up and it doesn’t come out well.

Keep on with it. Take some regular old Scotch tape and put it right around the edges where you know the initial is going to be cut out in the middle. It’s not going to mess with your Cricut machine or the rollers. Somebody might tell me that’s an awful idea. I don’t know but it worked for me as I’m learning, “How am I going to cut this fabric out?” That was an interesting experience.



My Crafting Keepers

Crafting Keepers from this adventure. Wonder-Under is a crafting keeper. This is such a cool material. I can see myself using it in lots of different projects for appliqué, adding those personal touches to things. Wonder-Under is a Pellon product that is a crafting keeper. Another one by far is cutting out the initials to personalize something on my Cricut machine. I have not mastered this skill yet. I am still learning about the fabrics and how to make sure they adhere to the mat the right way so that you get the best cut from the Cricut machine.


WCA – DFY 3 | Personalized Zipper Pouches


The ability to pick the font reminds me of a person, have that cut out of the fabric and see it on the finished product that’s going to be given to my friend is a keeper for sure. I’ll be using the Cricut to cut out more initials in the future. The Scotch tape may not be a great tip but I didn’t know what else to do at that moment and it worked fine for me. There’s probably a better way in the future for me to learn to make sure that my fabric isn’t going to get bundled up or rolled up in my Cricut maker but on the spot, using that tape, I could continue doing my project.

I didn’t have a lot of frustration and I got those initials cut out. I’m going to keep that little tip of using the Scotch tape when I’m doing fabric on my Cricut. The final keeper is the Best Press. That made ironing out my canvas and all of my accent fabric go quickly and beautifully. It was done fast. I will continue to use that and keep that in my crafting corner.

 WCA – DFY 3 | Personalized Zipper Pouches WCA – DFY 3 | Personalized Zipper Pouches

WCA – DFY 3 | Personalized Zipper Pouches


In terms of my satiscraftion rating for this project, I’m going to give it a 4.5 out of 5. I’m doing that because this was such a fun project for me with a lot of meaning behind it, which automatically pushes it up to at least a three. I do love sewing so it met my need for sewing and creating. I love that it’s such an individualized project and a one-of-a-kind gift. Those are my favorite things to give people that you can’t buy anywhere. It’s made from the heart. It’s individualized and personal for them.

There were a few bumps in the road that kept it from being a five, which was my learning curve on the Wonder-Under and on cutting the initials with the Cricut machine but all were good. The fun of picking out the fabric, putting together the zipped pouches and adding the final detail of the suede zipper pull was awesome.



I will report back on what the ladies think when they get them. I will be doing another episode where I make a gift tag for each of the zipper pouches with the little cute girls’ weekend saying. I will be packing the pouches with some fun. I will be sharing with you in the future how I’m making those tags on my Cricut machine and what I’m putting in the pouch. That’s about it for me. I hope that you have a wonderful week and you get inspired to try to use your Cricut to cut out some initials and try the personalized zipped pouch. Bye.

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