Creating A Beautiful Paper Flower Wreath With Cricut – A Step-By-Step Guide

WCA 22 | Paper Flower Wreath


I had so much fun doing the layered paper shadow box project last week that I decided to craft some beautiful paper flowers to put on a wreath. Valentine’s coming up, so here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make them using your Cricut. From start to finish, this was a fun crafting adventure! Even though my glue gun had a meltdown when I needed it most, I was able to use my Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive instead, and I am thrilled with the results! Using reds, pinks and white card stock paper I craft some 3D flowers and attach them to the fabric covered craft foam wreath. I did a festive February design, but this project would be just as pretty with any color pallet for any season or occasion. Let’s get started!

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Creating A Beautiful Paper Flower Wreath With Cricut A Step-By-Step Guide


WCA 22 | Paper Flower Wreath


I am on a paper crafting kick. After my last project of creating the 3D paper layered shadow box designs with fairy lights, I have found that I enjoy the paper crafting part of using my Cricut Maker. I decided that I wanted to keep on crafting with paper and try something a little different. I’ve completed making a beautiful wreath for our front door with flowers that I made using my Cricut Maker. There are lots of different colors, paper-crafted flowers and accents that I put on an 18-inch CraftFom Wreath to make this beautiful project.

Valentines: Inspiration For Reds, Pinks, And Bright Colors

I’m going to share a little bit about the inspiration behind this project. I had tons of fun making those shadow box projects with the layered cardstock paper. I was looking for something that was going to be for our home. Knowing that February 2023 is around the corner, which I can’t believe, I thought about doing some sort of February festive with Valentine’s Day in the background. I wanted to highlight some reds, pinks and bright colors. That is the inspiration behind this project.


WCA 22 | Paper Flower Wreath


In doing my research and trying to figure out who has done something that I can take some ideas and run with, I found a couple of different great resources. The first one that I came across was from DoodleCraftBlog.com. She has a DIY decor paper flower wreath from Cricut that she created. I looked at the pictures. I was reading through her blog. I loved it. I thought it had some great ideas. One of the things that I loved about it is that it incorporated a fabric wrap around the CraftFom Wreath to then put on the accents and flowers on top of that.

I love the idea of starting the wreath with that soft fabric background. I loved that idea. She had some pretty awesome paper-crafted flowers that she then attached all over to her wreath. Going through the blog, I was super excited because she had all these links to the flowers. I was like, “This is perfect.” As I’m clicking on these links that are supposed to bring you right to Cricut Design Space for those flower cut files, none of them seem to be working. I’m not sure if it was my user error or if maybe the link was older or something like that.

I went back and found a different resource on the internet to then see if I could find some paper flower images on Cricut that had already been put together. Sure enough, I found a link to The DIY Mommy and her cut file on Cricut Design Space. It’s fabulous. She did a metal hoop Valentine’s Day wreath using Cricut with lots of different paper flowers that she had on her wreath. It’s beautiful. Her link did work. That is awesome.

Taking those two different ideas, I put my wreath together based on those. I will make sure I put a full list of all of the materials that I use to do this beautiful paper flower wreath that I put together for February that has the beautiful colors of red, pink and all of these different colors with that Valentine’s theme in the background. I want to talk about my experience doing this project. This was such a fun project. It’s a beginner-friendly project.

The flowers were a little bit tricky at first. I had never done paper flowers, created all the different layers and put them together. I haven’t done that before. That was a little bit tricky but not too hard at all. It’s satisfying and enjoyable. The first thing that I did for this project was I took my 18-inch CraftFom Wreath that I picked up at my local hobby store or craft store and wrapped it with fabric. This was one of those ideas that I got from Doodlecraft Blog when I was looking at the Valentine wreath that she was doing. I love the idea of starting the background with that fabric.

I cut my fabric into about 1.5-inch strips. I did start by using my hot glue gun. It’s a pretty easy process wrapping those strips around the CraftFom Wreath. There were no problems at all. It went fast but I had a bit of a glue gun meltdown, which was frustrating at the moment because I was all ready to use the glue gun to attach that fabric, put the flowers together and then attach everything to the wreath with the glue gun.



Plan B: Fabric Tack Adhesive Glue

I had to go for Plan B, which ended up being that I used my Fabri-Tac™ adhesive glue. I was a little bit concerned as to whether or not it would work, connecting the fabric to that CraftFom and then also with the paper. It did great. That was a good substitution for my glue gun, which melted down and stopped working after I attached the first strip of fabric to my wreath.

That was fun getting that background. I used a bright red fabric with teeny-tiny hearts that went both directions. I didn’t want to put too big of an emphasis on Valentine’s Day. Even though it is in the background and it is an inspiration for this wreath, I wanted to be able to keep it up for more than February if I wanted to. The hearts are pretty tiny but they create enough of a contrast with the red that it’s a nice background to the wreath.



I then took some cotton yarn. It’s a soft white yarn. I wrapped that all around on top of that, tied that off at the back of the wreath and then added a pretty red and pink floral ribbon. All of these things were going to be the background to my wreath which I then was going to attach all of my paper flowers. I love how it turned out. It’s a fun, scrappy and rustic-looking background wreath, which I love. I feel like it goes well with our home decor. I thought it would look great on our front door.

Valentine’s Day Floral Hoop Wreath

After I had the background of my wreath all ready to go, I set that aside and then got into having my Cricut cut out the cardstock paper flowers that I was going to attach to my wreath. I took the Cricut Design Space link from The DIY Mommy. It’s called the Valentine’s Day floral hoop wreath. She has a Cricut Design Space link in her blog. That is the link that I used for all of my large paper flowers.

I decided I wanted to do two different sizes. I wanted to have a larger variety of reds and pinks. All of that would be the larger flowers. The second thing that I did, which was fun, was I found on Cricut Design Space some 3D rolled paper flowers. These turned out not only beautiful but a little bit smaller. I decided I was going to use those as accents around the wreath to the larger flowers that I was making and that The DIY Mommy has on her link.

What I’m going to try and do is put a link to my project that will have the little 3D rolled paper flower cut files. They’re beautiful. They are designed by Cat Madeira. She has tons of different images up on Cricut Design Space. What I did is I found all of her 3D rolled-cut flower images and put them on my canvas. I believe I can save them all to a project and share that link with you. I’m going to work on doing that for this project.

I did two different kinds of flowers, the larger flowers and then the tiny 3D rolled ones that are then going to accent throughout the wreath. Uploading those designs was very simple because they all were located in Cricut Design Space already. Using the link from The DIY Mommy was simple. She also has some greenery cut files in her project for some green leaves and a little bit of greenery. I did add those also onto my wreath. Having Cricut cut out these flowers was very straightforward.

Mirror The Card Stock Images

The one thing I wanted to mention is that I chose heavyweight cardstock or 80-pound cardstock. I don’t know if it’s 80 lb. I used that for all of my flowers. With that in mind, I did what I learned from my last project. It was to mirror my cardstock images so the smooth side was going to be what showed. I did use a LightGrip mat to make sure that my paper peeled off. I did change out my fine point blade because I’ve done so much cutting for the layer paper project that I finished. I wanted to make sure I had crisp and clean cuts for these paper flowers.



I did go ahead and do that. It made a huge difference. My cuts were clean. My paper flowers came off my map beautifully but I did also want to mention a couple of other things about the cardstock. First of all, one of the things I read was that there are two different kinds of cardstock. One has a white core and one does not. For this project, I am using cardstock paper in the red and pink color family that does not have a white core.



No White Core For Paper Flowers

In reading about making the paper flowers, it was suggested to make sure you don’t have that white core because that might show when you have completed your paper flowers. That was important. Two tools that came in handy with these paper flowers were a spatula weeding tool to remove all of the paper flowers off of my LightGrip mat and a quilling tool. I have not used quilling tools before. I did purchase a five-pack of them and ended up using those quite a bit for both my larger paper flowers and the smaller accent 3D rolled flowers that I created.

I’m making these paper flowers. Once Cricut cut them all, I had them in different piles. I had my group of 3D Cricut cut flowers that I was going to roll up in one area and then each different kind of larger flower. I put those together and varied the colors. Instead of doing all of the roses in one color, I varied the colors so that when they were on the wreath, each of the different flowers would have a different layer color of petals. That’s my personal preference. I love how they came out.



One of the things that took the longest in this project was shaping the paper flowers and then attaching them. Once I got going with it, it went a little quicker but at first, learning the technique of using that quilling tool to roll the petals of the larger flowers and using the thin needle end of it to shape the petals took a little bit of getting used to. After 1 or 2, it was enjoyable. It was not that hard. The result is beautiful. These paper-crafted flowers are gorgeous. It’s so much fun to think about the different ways to put them together with the different colors.



One of my favorite parts about making the larger paper-crafted flowers was that I decided to add a little bit of an accent to mine. I took some old buttons that I had. I have a lot of miscellaneous buttons for lots of different sewing projects that I’ve done. My wreath is all reds, whites and pinks. I wanted a little bit of a pop of color on the inside of some of those larger flowers. I took some of my buttons that are black and white, polka dot, check or stripes and glued them right into the center of the flowers. I love how those turned out. That was fun.



As far as the tiny 3D rolled flowers, those were a little bit trickier to get used to. It’s still beginner-friendly but it took a little bit more time to learn the technique. The reason is that I had to use the little tweezers that I had to learn to grab the end of that flower and roll it up. Once it was rolled, I let it go and glue the end to create that 3D flower. That took a little more time than doing the larger flowers but once I got going with 1 or 2, the technique became a little more familiar. I was able to figure out what worked best for me to get those flowers together.



After I had put together all of my flowers and rolled up the little ones that were going to be the accent, I did use a little bit of green cardstock. There’s a little bit of mossy green color and then a bright green color to have a couple of more accents that were not red or pink on my wreath.


WCA 22 | Paper Flower Wreath


I didn’t use that many, but they were included in the Cricut project file from The DIY Mommy. I decided that I was going to add some of those green accents here and there around the wreath. I do feel like that created a little more of a contrast and highlighted those paper flowers that are all in pink and red well.



Once I had done all of those completed and put together all of my flowers, I lined them up on my wreath and adjusted them to where I wanted them to be before I glued them all together. I did that, let it sit for a little while, walked away, went and did a couple of different things and came back to give myself a little bit of a break from looking at it to make sure I liked the balance of the flowers and where I was going to glue them on.



I went ahead and did the process of attaching all of my flowers and greenery to this fabric-based CraftFom Wreath.



Two Definite Crafting Keepers

It came out beautiful. I love the result. I am so excited to share it with you and hang it on our front door.


WCA 22 | Paper Flower Wreath


It was a satisfying crafting project. Let me share my Crafting Keepers for this paper flower crafting project. I’m going to say the two tools that are definite Crafting Keepers. I’ve used one before. That is the spatula weeding tool. It helped me take my flowers off of my cutting mat carefully and without bending them. A couple of the little greenery pieces were delicate and tiny. I did use that spatula tool for all of the flowers, whether they were the large ones or the little 3D rolled ones and the greenery. That for paper crafting is a huge keeper.

The two tools that are definite crafting keepers are: spatula tools and quilling tools. Share on X

The other one that I’ve never used before was the quilling tool. Those came in so handy again for both the large flowers that I not only shaped the little leaf petals with but also rolled them with the quilling tool and the little tweezers that came with that pack to roll up those 3D cut flowers because you roll them into these tiny little rolls before they expand into their cute 3D-looking flowers. Those two things are going to be my Crafting Keepers for this episode.



Here’s my SatisCRAFTion Rating. I’m going to give this project a 4.5. I see myself doing lots of different wreaths, but the reason that this one got a 4.5 was there were two little bumps in the road for me during this project. The first one was when I couldn’t figure out how to get those cut files that were listed in Doodlecraft’s Blog to connect with my Cricut Design Space. I spent a little too much time on that. The other thing was that I had a glue gun meltdown. My glue gun stopped working. That would have been the ideal way to attach everything to this wreath but I made do with my Fabri-Tac™ adhesive glue. It did a great job.

That’s why it didn’t get a five but overall, this is a fun, beginner-friendly and beautiful home decor crafting project. I’m looking forward to taking this idea, using tons of different colors and different themes for all different seasons and changing up the fabric background on the wreath with different cut files and colors of cardstock. You could do a wreath for any occasion. This was fun. I will be doing many more in the future. I hope you have a great time. Until our next adventure. Take care.


WCA 22 | Paper Flower Wreath



SatisCRAFTion Rating: 4.5


Materials List


Crafting Keepers

1.) Spatula weeding tool

2.) Quilling tools


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