Cricut Foil Transfer System

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


My family is heading to Virginia this week for my niece and nephew’s B’Nai Mitzvah. I wanted to make each of them a special one-of-a-kind card for the special occasion. I decided to try the Cricut Foil Transfer System to add a sparkly bulldog dog design to each of their cards. I chose the bulldog designs to represent their Mitzvah Project of volunteering at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and their bulldogs, Moose and Maisel. The cards came out beautiful, and in doing this project, I learned a lot and have some great tips for using the foil transfer system that I can’t wait to share with you.

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Cricut Foil Transfer System

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


For this crafting adventure, I am going to be using the foil transfer tool to put some beautiful sparkly foil designs on some cards. Let me tell you about the inspiration behind this crafting project. I will be flying out with my boys to Virginia for my niece and nephew’s B’nai Mitzvah. We are excited about this trip. The family will be getting together for this wonderful celebration for Aubrey and Tyler. I decided that I was going to create some cards for the B’nai Mitzvah for Aubrey and Tyler by putting some beautiful, bright, sparkling foil designs on their cards. I wanted to personalize these cards in a unique way for them. Let me tell you a little bit more about this.

Aubrey and Tyler did their mitzvah project on volunteering at the Animal Welfare League of Virginia. They volunteered their time by socializing with animals and getting them ready for adoption. On top of doing that, they also were raising money for the Animal Welfare League by baking homemade dog treats and taking donations for those dog treats for the Animal Welfare League and delivering them locally where they live. They put a lot of work into their mitzvah project.

Because it revolved around their love of animals, I decided that I wanted to incorporate an animal design on the cards. I couldn’t think of a better way to connect their love of animals and their own two bulldogs, Moose and Maisel, in creating these cards for their celebration with pictures of the bulldogs on the cards to make that connection between their love of animals, their service project, and their own two bulldogs. Moose is a French bulldog, and Maisel is an English bulldog. That is the inspiration behind this project.

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


Let me highlight a few materials I used that were important in this project. The Cricut foil transfer tool, I did have this already in my crafting corner because I used it to create my leather patch when I made my leather patch for the hat. That tool was important. The foil transfer sheets bring the designs to life and Cricut transfers from these foil transfer sheets to the card in the design that you choose.

I did go ahead and buy a pack of fourteen. It is a sample pack from Cricut. It has the cards already cut out. It has some shiny inserts to put into the cards. It has foil transfer sheets, and it also comes with two sheets of white adhesive tape that you use in this project. I will get to that adhesive tape a little bit more in a couple of minutes. I decided to use that whole set I found when shopping one day. You do not have to do that. There are lots of different options out there for foil transfer sheets. You can always use card stock or your material of choice to create a card if that is what you want to put the foil on. There are lots of options out there.

I did want to highlight a couple of resources that came in handy when I was looking into using this Cricut foil transfer system. This is a new skill and technique for me. I am expanding my card-making skills as I learn how to use this Cricut Maker Machine to make cards. It was my first project that I did. I did some watercolor marker cards, and now I’m moving into this foil transfer technique that I’m excited about.

The first resource I wanted to highlight is from Let’s Make Stuff: The Ultimate Guide to the Cricut Foil Transfer System. That was extremely helpful. It is a blog post. also did use a Cricut help center informative page of information. This was the Cricut Help Center: How to Prepare Mat and Machine for Foil. There are some important tips when using these foil transfer sheets with the tool with your Cricut, and I learned so much during this project. I’m going to point out those tips as I go when I’m sharing my experience with you.

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


I also did make a third card for my niece, Madden. Madden already had her bat mitzvah, but it was in 2020. We all know what happened in 2020. Madden did hers by Zoom. While we were all in Virginia celebrating Aubrey and Tyler, we are also going to be taking some time to celebrate Madden in person around her bat mitzvah because none of us got to be together during hers in 2020. For Madden’s card, I made her a beautiful foil butterfly. That design will also be included with the two bulldog designs that I did for these cards in my Cricut Design Space Project Link.

Let me share with you my experience creating these cards. In Cricut Design Space, I was lucky enough to find all three images that I used and wanted to use for this foil project. I found an English bulldog to represent Maisel, a French bulldog to represent Moose, and a gorgeous butterfly to put on Madden’s card. These designs are great. They are drawing designs. What I did was I created a guide with a square shape. These cards are the square Cricut already cut-out cards. They are about 4.75 by 4.75 inches. These are under five-inch square cards.

I created a little guide using the guide tool. I found the images in Cricut Design Space. I brought them up into my canvas and made sure I changed the function from cut to foil. For the two designs, I did with the fine-point foil tool. Those designs were the French bulldog and the butterfly. For all of the fonts, I also used the fine-point tool. For Maisel and our English bulldog design, I went with the medium foil tip. Because those lines were a little bit thicker, I wanted them to look a little bit different than the other design I was doing.

Here is an important piece about the fonts. You can choose any font you want. I went in, and I found a font that I loved, but I made sure that it was a single-layer font. I went ahead and changed the function to draw and foil. I didn’t want it to be cut or anything like that. Once you hit that foil function, it is going to give you the option of fine-point, medium, and regular. I’m not sure about that one, but there are three options.

I made sure that I was changing that font function into the same foil function that I used for the entire design. I did, for each card, attach those designs together. I got into the fun of putting these cards onto my Cricut card mat, which I had used before and loved. This is another project I could utilize that card mat. I got my cards set up.



The Foil Transfer Sheets

One of the first tips that I’m going to share with you is that the foil transfer sheets get placed onto your card or your base material with the shiny side up. I wasn’t sure about that at first. In the resources that I mentioned earlier, they let you know that the foil is shiny side up. It also lets you know this once you are ready to make your card with your Cricut machine. When you have the prepared mat up, there are all those important instructions that pop up on your screen before you push the go button and load your mat into Cricut.

For me, that would have been a little bit late because my first instinct was that the shiny side of the foil was going to face the card stock. If I had gone to all of the work of taping down that foil, which is the next step in the process, to the wrong side, I would have wasted a lot of time by doing that step. I was glad that, in the resources, it did give me that heads up that the foil transfer sheets need to face the shiny side up.

Adhering Those Foil Transfer Sheets

The next step in the process is adhering those foil transfer sheets to your project. This took a little bit of time, but three cards on the card mat didn’t take that long. I mentioned before that with these card packs that come together from Cricut, they do include this white adhesive that is specifically meant to adhere your foil transfer sheet to your project. I went ahead and used that white adhesive. I attached my foil transfer sheet to my card stock card on the card mat. I loaded up my mat into my maker and pushed go.



I immediately started to notice that the adhesive was popping up. It made me a little bit nervous, but I thought this was going to be fine because Cricut gave me that specific adhesive for this specific purpose. I went ahead and let my machine continue to go, but quickly, within about 30 seconds of my machine and my foil tool in there, starting to transfer that transfer process from getting that design on the foil onto the card stock.

The foil transfer sheets were not sticking to my card. It got to the point where I stopped my machine and unloaded my project. I’m surprised by this because I don’t know why this specific adhesive would be given to me by anybody that buys these foil pack cards with all of these different pieces for the project and why they don’t work. Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I adhered to it the wrong way, but it did not work for me.

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


I went ahead and grabbed my trustee painter’s tape and went back. I had to waste those three oil transfer sheets because they already had adhesive on them. That was disappointing. The transfer card, transfer foil, and transfer pack that I keep talking about come with seven silver foil transfer sheets and seven gold foil transfer sheets. I had extra, which I always love to make sure of when I’m starting and trying something new that I have extra because I am making mistakes.

I took the cards out, removed the white adhesive, and went back to preparing my cards again with the foil transfer sheets. This time, I’m using my painter’s tape. Another important tip that I’m going to share with you is that you want to attach that foil transfer sheet. It is taut and tight across your base material. My base material is the card stock cards. Once I put my first piece of tape down, the rest of the way around the card, I would put my painter’s tape onto that transfer foil sheet and pull and make sure I was getting a nice taut cover over my card. That helped with the transfer of the foil and the designs that I picked.



The next step was super easy. Once I got to that tricky part of figuring out exactly how to get the right attachment of the foil transfer sheet to the card stock card, it was a simple, easy project. It only took, for three cards, my maker about five minutes to transfer the designs onto the card stock. My designs weren’t simple. They were semi-complex. Both of the bulldogs had a lot of lines in them, especially the French bulldog design and the butterfly design. They had a complex amount of lines and swirls.

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


Removing The Painter’s Tape And Peeling Back The Foil Transfer Sheet

That process was about five minutes. I take the cards out. Here is where I got nervous again. It doesn’t look great. Your transfer foil is cut up. There are pieces sticking up. I was thinking, “There is no way that these are coming out the way I think they are going to.” It was exciting removing that painter’s tape and peeling back that foil transfer sheet to see that these designs came out beautifully. It is awesome. I love the shiny foil on the matte bright color card stock. It looks beautiful. The fonts came out well. It is a pretty thin font that I used. I might next time mess around with doing and trying to find a little bit of a thicker font for the cards. I was satisfied with how that came out.



I did want to mention a couple of other things about this project. I tried a couple of different colors with the card stock cards. For Madden’s, I did light purple because she loves purple, and the gold foil transfer for the butterfly. I originally did Aubrey’s on a light green with the gold and Tyler’s on a bright blue card with the silver foil.



In my experience, what I found is that the bright color card, the bright blue card with the silver foil, looks beautiful. The foil stands out. You can see the intricate design well. It looks crisp and appealing. When I was looking at Aubrey’s card, which was the lighter turquoise, light green card with gold, you could not see the French bulldog design or the font. I don’t know if it was because I used a lighter color card or the gold foil, but I did end up redoing Aubrey’s on a bright red card with the silver foil because I wanted both of them to pop and see that beautiful foil design and all of the little intricate lines.

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


The bright blue card with the silver foil looks beautiful. The foil stands out. You can see the intricate design well. It looks crisp and appealing. Share on X

I wasn’t satisfied with the way the gold looked on that lighter color card. Keep that in mind. If you do check out my blog or my YouTube channel, you will see in the videos that some of the videos have me working with the light color card for Aubrey. The final project has the red card with the silver because I wanted them both to be bright and beautiful, which is what the silver on those bright cards looks like.

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


Madden’s butterfly is beautiful. You don’t see it as brightly in the photos and video as you do in person. It is hard. I do feel like that gold on the light purple did well. It looks beautiful. I’m happy with the result of this project. I’m excited to put their gifts together and see the family. We are missing two cousins, and my sister-in-law can’t make it, but the rest of us will be together, and that will be fun.



Let me tell you a little bit about the Crafting Keepers for this episode. My first Crafting Keeper for this episode is when I am going to be using the foil transfer sheets. I am going to make sure that I am using the painter’s tape and getting that foil transfer sheet taut over that card stock. For lack of a better word, it is stretching it until it is firm on all sides. That is a Crafting Keeper.

WCA 39 | Cricut Foil Transfer System


For my second Crafting Keeper, I got to go with this foil transfer tool. This is my second project using the transfer tool. It does not disappoint. It did a fabulous job in working with my engraving tool to create my tooled leather patch. This foil is fun to watch when you pull up finally after Cricut is done doing the transfer, and you pull that old raggedy foil transfer sheet off your project to see how beautiful the design comes out. I am a fan of this foil transfer tool. I cannot wait to find some different kinds of projects to do with it.

My SatisCRAFTion rating for this project is 4.5. I can’t give it a five because I don’t understand how the specific Cricut white adhesive that comes with the card pack and the foil transfer sheets didn’t do the job. It doesn’t make sense to me. It was a waste of material and time. I can’t give it a five. In terms of the actual foil transfer and the process, this is fun and easy.



Finding different designs that you could do with foil is super exciting. I highly recommend giving this technique a try if you are going to be making some cards in the future or even using it to put designs on different card stock. It doesn’t even have to be a card. You will get your Cricut off the shelf. Get crafty, use some foil, and use the foil transfer kit. I love to hear what you are making. You can always shoot me an email with ideas or things that you are making to Hello@WCAPodcast.com. Until our next adventure, take care.


SatisCRAFTion: 4.5


Crafting Keepers

  1. Pull the Foil Transfer Sheet tight over the base material with painter’s tape
  2. Foil Transfer Tool


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