Cricut Project: DIY Freezer Paper Stencil Cricut Doormat

WCA 18 | Cricut Doormat


A welcoming home has a welcoming doormat just outside the house! For today’s Weekend Crafting Adventure, our host, Kim Wojtalewicz, demonstrates how you can make a fantastic and fun doormat on your own! Kim shares her experience in crafting a DIY freezer paper stencil Cricut doormat. The help of two resources from Angela Marie and Tanner Bell made her doormat possible. Using the paintbrush pack of four for $4 in Walmart, Kim can stencil the dark paint on the image to the doormat. For more tips on DIY a doormat for your house, tune in to this episode now!

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Cricut Project: DIY Freezer Paper Stencil Cricut Doormat


WCA 18 | Cricut Doormat

In this Cricut crafting project, I am taking on making a stencil with my Cricut Maker to create a personalized custom doormat. Let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind this project. I had been working on one of my other crafting projects where I was trying to figure out how to make a stencil with my Cricut Maker to use to create some gingerbread cookies.

In that process, I went through about three different materials that I was trying to use to make the stencils. I used an ORACAL stencil vinyl. I tried Reynolds Freezer Paper, and then I finally wound up on card stock for my cookie stencils for lots of different reasons. Ever since I have done that project, I have been intrigued about figuring out how to use that ORACAL 813 stencil vinyl to create a project. I decided that I wanted to try making one of those cool doormats that are brown in color with black paint stenciled on with a design.

That is the inspiration behind this project. Figuring out how to use that stencil material and make a stencil to create a fun and custom doormat. A couple of things about this project. I want to tell you about the two resources on the web that I came across that were super helpful in this project. The planning of the project and making the doormat.

The first one I came across is one called Angela Marie Made, and she has a video tutorial as well as a blog post that I used as a resource for some of the materials that I was using but the other cool thing that she has is a Cricut SVG file that is completely free. It’s one that says, “Hello Pumpkin.” It’s more geared toward the fall but that’s okay. It still came in handy for me as a resource because I wasn’t sure how big I needed my design to be on the doormat.

That was helpful, and I will share a little bit more about that when I get to my experience but the other resource that I used was Tanner Bell Makers Gonna Learn. He has a huge YouTube channel all about Cricut projects and crafts and stuff like that. I found a tutorial specifically for making a DIY doormat, so I also wanted to highlight that as a resource as well.

Tanner Bell Maker's Gonna Learn has a huge YouTube channel about Cricut projects, crafts, etc. He has a tutorial specifically for making a DIY doormat. Share on X

I will have a full list of all of the materials that I used for this project but I did want to talk about two of the materials that I chose to use for this project and why. The first one that I want to talk about is the actual doormat that I chose to use. I picked a doormat called a coir doormat. I didn’t know much about this doormat before I started looking into this project, and the reason I chose this doormat is that the size of the doormat that I chose to use is 17×30. It’s pretty big but it could be used inside or outside.

A COIR Doormat

The more and more I learned about this coir doormat, I thought that this would be the right choice because it is made from the fibrous material that is in between that hard coconut shell and then the outer portion of the coconut. It’s eco-friendly, and the color is a beautiful natural brown and very absorbent. What I’m reading is that it is great for absorbing water and things like that.

Being that I’m in Colorado and we get a ton of snow and things like that, I thought that along with it being an absorbent material, it also is heavy-duty, and that’s what I wanted to use to make my doormat. It could be indoor or outdoor. All of those details about this specific fiber, the more I read about it, I thought that it is going to be the perfect doormat for us to use in Colorado.

I did find it on Amazon. It was about $25, so it was a little more pricey but I’m making this as a gift for my mom. I thought that was a good amount of money to be spending on it and the quality is excellent. It is heavy-duty. It’s got nice backing to it. It’s a good thickness. In terms of the quality of the money I spent, I’m very happy with it. The other thing I wanted to talk about is the paint that I chose to use. I read a lot of different ways that you could add your paint with the stencil to the coir doormat. The more and more I read about this fibrous material that I wanted to use exterior latex paint, so it got into the fibers of this doormat.

Angela Marie Made, I mentioned her before as a resource. In her blog post, she talks about how she tried a bunch of different kinds of paints. Spray paint and different things, and she found that this exterior latex paint was the best when it came to creating a crisp line with your stencil on the doormat. I went ahead with a Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black exterior latex paint, and I’m happy with the results.

Sherman Williams Tricorn Black Exterior Latex Paint

I did go into a little Sherwin-Williams store and the woman that helped me with super helpful. She wanted to know what it was for and how much traffic would be on the doormat, and that helped her and me decide exactly what exterior paint to purchase. I did get a court of that. It did cost about $24 but again, I’m super happy with the results.

Now I want to talk about the experience of making this DIY coir doormat and making the stencil with my Cricut Maker. I was super excited about getting back into stencil making and trying this ORACAL Oramask 813 Stencil Vinyl that I had purchased and thinking that I would be able to use it with the gingerbread cookies but then I quickly realized that was not the right fit.

Finding my design on Cricut Design Space was an easy process. I knew I wanted a mountain scene on the doormat, and I found in Cricut Design Space this cute saying, “I belong in the mountains with some pine trees on the side.” A cute little scripty line underneath with some mountains as part of this design image. It’s a little complicated but not complicated to the point where I thought it would be too challenging to create this stencil. I did upload that into my canvas on Cricut Design Space and made a few minor adjustments based on the fact that I knew I was going to be stenciling with black paint and it was going to be on a pretty large surface.

I did use the contour function to clean up some small little cut lines. There’s an arrow that runs through the two words, “I belong,” at the top of the image. The bottom of the arrow had some small little cut lines that were going to be on that image, and I decided that I would contour those out. I got rid of those cut lines.

Instead of it now having that feathered look at the bottom of the arrow, it has more of a solid look, which I was going to be fine with on this doormat. I did that, and then I used Angela Marie Made. I used the dimensions of her SVG that she has on her blog post to help me know how big should I be making this design for the doormat.

I went with about a 21-inch long by about 11.5 inches tall. Right away, that tells me, and I’m letting you know that I had to get one of those large Cricut mats that is 12×24 because I wanted to do my design all on one stencil. You could probably get crafty and use your 12×12 mats and create a stencil and put it together but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted my entire image on the stencil to be on my material in one piece. I did get out that 12×24 long mat for this project.


I got that design size, and this all was a quick process. I narrowed down my design. I knew what I wanted. That piece was pretty quick. Now I’m going to get into cutting the ORACAL Stencil Vinyl. I put it on my large 12×24 mat and loaded it into my Cricut, and I did have a stencil vinyl setting in Cricut Design Space, so I chose that, and Cricut cut it beautifully. I weeded it out. That was a pretty easy process to weed out that stencil vinyl, and then I started peeling it off of the carrier paper to put it onto my coir doormat, and this is where I started to run into some struggles.

WCA 18 | Cricut Doormat

The vinyl paper that I used, the 813, is great. It’s got a sticky adhesive side, and that was the side I was going to put down on the doormat, and I attempted to do that. It became very tricky. It was rolled up, so I had to unstick it from itself and try and get it placed on top of this doormat before I was going to apply the paint.

The problem that I kept having was the adhesive on the back of this ORACAL stencil paper. I do not think it is made of fibrous material like the rug I chose to use. It wasn’t sticking. Every time I got down one side, the other side would roll up, and then when I would try and adjust for where the words were or the images within this stencil, it was not sticking.


I spent a lot of time doing this. I feel like I spent more time than I should have. I probably should have given up with that material a little bit faster but I was so determined that I wanted to use that ORACAL Stencil Vinyl for this that I kept going with it. After about 30 minutes, I would say of trying to adjust and use tape and stick this stencil down onto my doormat.

I realized that it was not going to work the way I wanted it to. I did not want to waste more of that stencil material. I did decide to throw that one away. I still have more on my roll and am going to find something that I can stencil with that ORACAL stencil paper. It is not going to be for this project, back to the internet. I went and did remember that I had another stencil material that I had read about that I tried again with the gingerbread cookies but it didn’t work well for that. I started looking on YouTube and came across Tanner Bell’s Makers Gonna Learn freezer paper stencil doormat project, and I thought, “Let’s do it.”

Tanner Bell's freezer-paper stencil doormat project has a process that was easier than I expected. Share on X

Freezer Paper Stencil

I watched Tanner’s YouTube tutorial, and it looked cool. I decided to go with the freezer paper for my stencil, and I’m so happy I did. This process was easier than I expected. I did have some troubles with the cookies, having my freezer paper not rip but because my design for this stencil was so much larger that it worked well. I did not know that Cricut Design Space has a freezer paper-cutting setting. It does. I put my freezer paper onto my 12×24 mat. I put it in the Cricut Maker, I made sure my setting was correct, and Cricut cut it out beautifully. It did not rip. It held together well.


This experience of using freezer paper for this doormat stencil is great. I weeded it out and did follow some tips from Tanner on his YouTube tutorial. I did weed out the main image of I belong in the mountains with that mountain scene and the trees. What ends up happening with these stencils is you have a few of these inside parts, I’m going to call them.


The inside of a letter doesn’t pull up when you remove your stencil from the mat. I left all of those inside pieces on the mat and did not take them off. I then went ahead and attached the freezer paper to the coir doormat, and here’s one of the coolest things about this project. This freezer paper has two sides. It has a plastic coating on one side that’s shiny and a more dull paper-looking side.

When you are cutting your freezer paper, you put the shiny side down, and then when you are attaching your freezer paper stencil to the rug, you put the shiny side down, and you use your Cricut easy mini press to attach the stencil to the doormat. I did not think this was going to work but after watching the YouTube tutorial from Tanner on Makers Gonna Learn and then doing it myself, it does work. It adheres your freezer paper stencil down onto your doormat. This process did take me some time.


In Tanner’s tutorial, he says about ten seconds per area. It took me a bit longer than that. I would say to put my stencil image onto my doormat, that took me a good 20 to 25 minutes of taking time to press down that stencil and have it adhered to the doormat so that nothing was popping up or rolling up. You want to get a good attachment to that rug before you are going to be stenciling with the paint.

That took me some time, and the other thing that took me a little bit of time was making sure my stencil was placed in the center of the doormat. That can be a little tricky, and it takes some measuring, using those rulers, and things like that. I was lucky in my image. It’s not like a perfect rectangle. It’s a little bit on an angle, so I felt good about using the rulers and getting them as close as I could as centered.

This freezer paper adhered down to my doormat, and then I’m going to go back to those inside parts that I had left on the Cricut cutting mat for, let’s say, the letter B or E or all of those letters, some of the mountain and tree design. I carefully weeded those off the sticky mat, then I went back to the bigger stencil image on the doormat, and I added those pieces in, adhering them again with my Cricut mini heat press, and that worked so well.


Stencil Pack Paintbrush Pack

One of my most favorite parts about this project was the stenciling, using that dark black paint with my stencil brushes and stenciling on that image to the doormat. Here are a couple of tips about that process. I did get a stencil paintbrush pack of four, and they were reasonable. I picked them up at Walmart. They were about $4 for 4 brushes. I ended up using the 2 smallest brushes in that 4-pack for my design.

WCA 18 | Cricut Doormat

The other thing that I did is when I was using the paint, I would get it on my paintbrush but then I always used an extra piece of card stock that I had lying around and got that extra paint off the brush. When I was stenciling, I made sure that it was up and down dabbing motions. Up and down on top of that stencil and rug to create that image.

After I painted and stenciled that entire image, the fun part was peeling up that stencil. There was no residue from the plastic coating from the freezer paper, and the image came out beautifully crisp blinds with the paint that I chose to use with the tip from Angela Marie Made came out great. I’m very happy with the results. My mom is going to love it, so that was a great experience.


My crafting keepers for this project, I’m going to say my first crafting keeper is this Reynolds freezer paper with the plastic coating on one side to make stencils for the coir rug doormats. I am going to be making one for our house. I’m not exactly sure what image I’m going to put on it yet but I’m looking forward to it. That whole experience of how it adheres down to the doormat, how nicely the pink goes on, and those crisp lines. I am keeping this in my crafting corner.

The other crafting keeper for this episode is going to be my Cricut easy mini-press. The more I thought about this project and all the other projects that I did with my Cricut Maker. I will say this Cricut mini press gets used a ton. I use it when I’m making hats to supplement the hat press. I use it for making my little drawstring bags and putting vinyl on small areas. I’m using it for adhering freezer paper to a doormat. The amount of projects that I have used this mini press for, this thing is invaluable.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you need this little mini press, I recommend it. There are so many projects that I have used it for that I didn’t think I was going to use it for. This one is in my crafting corner, and I felt like it was a good one to highlight in case you were thinking about whether or not it is something that gets used. I use it all the time.

My SatisCRAFTion rating for this Cricut crafting project is a four. The reason I gave it a four was that I wasted a lot of time trying to get that ORACAL Stencil Vinyl cut on and adhered to the doormat. I added 45 minutes to 1 hour to this project because I was intent on using it but it didn’t work for the coir fibers that are on this doormat.

I will be finding something else to do with that stencil material for sure but wasting that time and that material brought down my SatisCRAFTion rating a little bit. Overall, without that 45 minutes or so to 1 hour that I wasted, to begin with, this project is maybe a two-hour project. Tanner said it was a project that was a bit faster.

Try using this Reynolds freezer paper as a stencil material and create a fun custom doormat. Share on X

My design that I chose, and then again, how long it took me to not only adhere the freezer paper to my doormat but then also stencil the paint on, took me a little longer. It is doable in a couple of hours, and the results are amazing. I enjoyed this project. If I get my other doormat done before this episode goes live, I will include some pictures into that. I hope that this inspires you to try using this Reynolds freezer paper as a stencil material and create a fun custom doormat. Until our next adventure. Take care.

Crafting Keepers: 

1. Reynolds Freezer Paper
2. Cricut Easy Press Mini


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 4


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