Cricut Tooled Leather Patch For Hat

WCA 32 | Leather Patch


Tooling and cutting leather with my Cricut Maker is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I found the perfect project for my first try! I am a Colorado hat girl and I love making my own hats with the Cricut. I found an amazing YouTube tutorial by CleverSomeday’s Kay Hall and knew that I had to try her leather tooling “Shine” hat patch project. This was a fun and exciting crafting adventure from start to finish! The detailed instructions, material list and Cricut Design Space link make this project one of the most enjoyable Cricut Projects I have done and I am loving my new trucker hat! To hear more about my experience doing this project check out my latest podcast episode and blog.

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Cricut Tooled Leather Patch For Hat


WCA 32 | Leather Patch


I am a hat girl and I am so excited to share with you how I used my Cricut Maker to make a custom hat for myself, but not with vinyl. I am going to be tooling some leather to create a cute patch to put on a trucker baseball hat. Let me tell you a little bit more about the inspiration behind this project. I have been interested in learning all of the different things that my Cricut Maker can do, and one of the things that I had been reading about and researching was using my Cricut Maker to tool leather and cut leather.

WCA 32 | Leather Patch


As I started looking more and more into this, I found the most amazing YouTube tutorial by CleverSomeday. Kay does the most in-depth incredible YouTube tutorial on tooling leather with your Cricut Maker. When I saw her YouTube tutorial, she has an already published and public Cricut Design Space link for a cute leather patch for a hat. When I saw that, I decided I absolutely had to do this project. It’s going to let me explore how my Cricut can tool and cut leather, and I get to put this fun patch on a trucker hat.

WCA 32 | Leather Patch


I’m excited about this project and it was fun. I think because of how good the YouTube tutorial is from CleverSomeday. It made this project so easy. Kay has all of the materials and all of the step-by-step instructions on how to tool leather and cut leather with the Cricut machine. She mentioned so many times that it took her a while to finally figure out and get to the place where she wanted to publish how to tool leather with the Cricut because it took a lot of trial and error.

Lucky me, she presents her tutorial with all the steps and I did have a little bit of trial and error, but it was small based on the fact that she has everything that I needed, all of the steps, and beautiful instructions on her tutorial. The little leather patch that I am making from Kay’s CleverSomeday Cricut Design Space actual project is about 2.5 x 3 inches. My plan was to make it the way she talks about in her tutorial to get a feel for what the Cricut can do when it comes to tooling the leather and then also cutting the leather.

WCA 32 | Leather Patch


I want to shout out right away, once again, I am not a professional artist in terms of tooling leather. I am just exploring what my Cricut can do with fun, different projects, and leather is one of the things that my Cricut Maker can cut. I’m not selling it. I totally understand the time and talent that all of the leather artists and workers do to create their beautiful projects. This in no way is meant to take away from that. It’s my way of learning and exploring more of what my Cricut Maker can do.

This little patch is adorable. It says, “Shine,” and I love that one-word saying. I thought that would be perfect to add to a trucker hat. Let me tell you about a few of the materials that are above and beyond typical Crafting Corner things that I have that I needed to get for this project. Obviously, I needed to get some veg tan tooling leather, and I did purchase that at a local craft store. It was one of the recommendations from CleverSomeday.

I needed my engraving tool, my deep-cut blade and housing, and the foil transfer kit for my Cricut Maker to do this project. I also did purchase some dye for the leather. Once I was going to be done cutting it and having my Cricut tool it, I did want to dye it into an antiquey brown color. I purchased some gel dye that’s like a vintage brown for that process. I did need some Cricut transfer tape for this project.

I’m going to list all of the materials that I used. It’s a pretty long list. This is a more in-depth project, but I also for sure am going to link Kay from CleverSomeday’s YouTube tutorial about this entire process. She has a complete list of all the different options of materials that you can use to do a project like this. If you are wanting to tool leather and try something different than one of her projects, it still gives a great description of materials.



Let me tell you about the experience of this. I did take my time. After watching the YouTube tutorial, I knew that I was going to kind of have to do this project in two phases. The first phase was going to be preparing that veg tan leather to be tooled and cut by my Cricut. The second part was going to be dying that little patch after Cricut’s done tooling and cutting it and then eventually also attaching it to my trucker hat.

This is not a project that could be done quickly. One of the things that I learned is that in between when Cricut is tooling and cutting my patch to where I can put the dye on the patch is about a four-hour window. The reason for that is because the first thing that you do when you are getting your Cricut ready and prepared to tool the leather is you wet the leather. You take a sponge and you make it damp, and then you have to wait again about fifteen minutes for that leather to soak in that water and then you can load it into the Cricut. It’s pretty time-consuming.

In the video tutorial. Kay from CleverSomeday talks about a ten-minute span between when she wet the leather and loading it into the Cricut tool. She mentions again that depending on the leather that you’re using, how damp it is, and your environmental conditions, it could take a little longer. Mine did. Mine was about fifteen minutes after I wet down the leather before it was ready to load into my Cricut Maker.

That was so fun to get prepared, get this leather ready, and see what my Cricut could do. I had a fun time in Cricut Design Space because there was no prep for this project. Kay has her own link to the Cricut Design Space where this little Shine patch is located. All I had to do was click her link, open my Cricut Design Space and say, “Make it.” That was fun. It’s not often that that happens in my Cricut crafting adventures.

WCA 32 | Leather Patch


The first part of the tooling process is the engrave tool. That was the first thing that goes into the Cricut Maker. I also had to make sure those rubber star rings, and those rollers were moved out of the way because they definitely would leave an indentation on the leather and may disrupt the cutting. I made sure those were out of the way. My veg tan leather piece loaded right up my engraving tool, got it started with the first layer, and then I’m using Next Tool, which is the medium foil transfer kit tool.



That medium foil tool has two rings around the bottom of it. My foil transfer kit came with three different tips, a small, a medium, and a large. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the small has 1 ring around it, the medium has 2 and the large has 3. It makes it easy to make sure that you are using the correct tip. This project does call for the medium tip, so I loaded that right into my Cricut machine, and it does about three passes of the foil process, and then you move on to putting in the deep-cut blade and housing.

That was an important part of this project, that black housing with the deep-cut blade. The reason is that leather is thicker than most materials that I’ve ever cut on my Cricut machine. That housing allows for a little bit thicker material. The material setting that is recommended in this project is the craft foam with more pressure. That, again, is a thicker material.

WCA 32 | Leather Patch


The black housing with the deep-cut blade is an important part of tooling a leather patch. The leather is thicker than most materials you can cut on the Cricut machine. Share on X

Once I put in that deep blade housing and the blade and pushed the Go button, Cricut then cut out my little patch, and it was beautiful. It was seamless. That was so much fun. I loaded it out of my Cricut, peeled up the excess off of my cutting mat, and then I had to wait about four hours in order to make sure that that leather was completely dry before putting the dye onto that little patch.



I went and took care of lots of different stuff all around the house, and then came back to my little patch four hours later and used the vintage brown gel dye to color and tan dye my leather. It’s a pretty dark brown that I chose, but I like how it looks. The process of putting that dye onto my patch was simple, very easy to do. The process probably only took me, I would say, maybe five minutes, but I did work it in.



I didn’t have a wool dauber, which is something that CleverSomeday recommends. I did use one of my foam paint brushes that I had left over from my decoupage project, and it worked fine. I used that and let my patch dry. The final step in this project is putting that leather patch onto my trucker hat, and I have a lot of different adhesives and glues lying around the house.

WCA 32 | Leather Patch


One of the things that I don’t have is leather glue. I went back to the internet and searched and looked to see if there was any other way to attach my patch to the hat without having to use leather glue. Sure enough, I found another tutorial on YouTube, and it is called How I Attach Leather Patches to My Hats by Reba Herrin. It’s a real quick, short couple of minute YouTube tutorial where she uses Gorilla Wood Glue to attach the hat and the patch, and I have that right on hand at home.



I was excited that I didn’t have to spend money on the leather glue, which I probably won’t use very often, and use that Gorilla Wood Glue to attach the patch to my trucker hat. That is the leather Tooling personalized trucker hat project, and I love it. I love how it turned out. I love everything about this project. I feel like it’s a unique and different way to have a hat and to customize a hat with this leather patch.



Let me tell you, my Crafting Keepers for this crafting project. The first Crafting Keeper is the Cricut Foil Transfer Kit tool for tooling leather. I am so excited about how this turned out and try in the future to make some fun key rings with leather and put initials on them and different things like that. That is my first Crafting Keeper for this episode.

WCA 32 | Leather Patch


My second Crafting Keeper for this episode is a pre-made Cricut Design Space project link. I cannot believe how easy all of the work in Cricut Design Space was because I used Kay’s Design Space link from CleverSomeday for this trucker hat patch. I just opened up the link, click on it, and it pops up in my Cricut Design Space. Literally, all I had to do was hit Make It and I was ready to go. That was such a huge time and frustration saver. It made the process of creating this and exploring this new project with the leather that much more enjoyable.



Of course, my satisCRAFTion rating is a five. I cannot believe how beautiful this little patch came out, and it’s making me excited to use my Cricut Maker in the future to create some fun leather-tooled projects like earrings, key chains, and things like that. I’m excited to explore after having such a great experience with this project. Once again, I am going to emphasize how much CleverSomeday’s YouTube tutorial made this crafting experience for me so much fun. I hope it inspires you to try some leather projects with your Cricut Maker and to get that Cricut Maker off the shelf and get crafty. Until our next adventure. Take care.

WCA 32 | Leather Patch



CleverSomeday: Kay Hall

Tooling Leather with Your Cricut


**Thank you to Kay Hall from CleverSomeday https://www.youtube.com/@cleversomeday  for this project! It was the perfect way for me to try tooling and cutting leather with my Cricut Maker. I take NO credit for this project, all I did was follow her instructions and enjoy making this beautiful leather patch! All credit goes to CleverSomeday. Her YouTube tutorial is amazing and she lists many resources and links to help you do this project including step-by-step instructions and material lists. Happy Crafting! 


How I attach Leather Patches to my Hats

How I attach leather patches to my hats


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 5


Crafting Keepers:

  1. Foil Transfer Kit
  2. Kay Hall Cricut Design Space Project Link




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