Cricut Watercolor Pens Personalized Birthday Cards

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


I decided to try the Cricut watercolor markers by making two personalized birthday cards for my son. Wow, do I love the Cricut card mat!! The card mat is one of my Crafting Keepers for this project. Watercolor is such an incredibly cool art. This is my tiny little start into the watercolor world and I will say the process was extremely enjoyable!!

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Cricut Watercolor Pens Personalized Birthday Cards


WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


I just finished up my project where I used the Cricut watercolor markers to create two birthday cards. The inspiration behind this crafting project is that my youngest son is turning sixteen. On top of, “I can’t believe he’s already sixteen,” I thought it would be fun to make him some birthday cards using the Cricut watercolor markers and the Cricut card mat. It’s a simple and fun inspiration for this project. Let me tell you a little bit about a couple of the materials that I used for this project.

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


Cricut Watercolor

I had the Cricut card mat for a while even before the holidays. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. The Cricut card mat I have and then the Cricut watercolor markers come in a set with a basic set of primary colors, and the water brush marker comes with that set as well. I also needed some watercolor paper. I was making cards and using the card mat, so I chose to use the Cricut watercolor paper for this project that already comes in a card, and you go ahead and have Cricut put the design on those. You do not need to use the Cricut watercolor paper cards. There’s lots of watercolor paper out there. You can create your own cards if you want. I already had purchased the watercolor paper cards and chose to use those for this project.



Let me tell you about the experience of making these cards and using watercolor pens for the first time. I decided that what I’ve learned doing projects when I am trying something for the first time is to go simple. I chose two of the watercolor projects in Cricut Design Space to create my cards. Obviously, I’m making birthday cards, so I did choose one design that had three balloons on it, a very simple design.

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


Cricut Design Space

For that one, I did add in the number 16 and put it into one of the balloons because he’s turning 16 to personalize the card. I also chose a font to use to put on the outside of the cards, both of them, “Happy Birthday, Michael.” Finding these watercolor project images in Cricut Design Space is fairly simple. They’re all bunched together. You can search for watercolor under the project type or the operation, and you’re going to find quite a few different watercolor images and options at this time. That was pretty simple.

The other design I chose was candles. My thought was to have a bunch of different color candles going across the front of the card and then at the top, “Happy birthday,” and at the bottom, “Michael.” The only candles that I could find in the watercolor options were three different candles. I did need to do a bit of editing to that actual design in order to create the card the way that I wanted it to look for my son.

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


That took a little bit of time. As I said, the design has got three candles. They’re all with the colors of orange and yellow, that kind of thing. I knew I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to have a bunch of different colored candles with different patterns on them going across the card. That did take me a little bit of time to figure out the design. With the way that you can use the contour function to take different pieces of designs out, it didn’t take me too long to get the design exactly the way I want it.

Finding a font that I wanted to use took me a little bit of time. My original plan was to have Cricut, with a fine point marker, write the words and the sixteen on the cards. Once I got into the watercolor part of this project, I quickly learned that it was not the best option for obvious reasons. Putting water with a fine point pen is going to create not such a good look. That was a little bit of a fail on my part, which always happens when I’m trying something new. It didn’t take me too long to adjust that writing font and find a little bit of a thicker font to use to create a watercolor look that I could also use those markers with for the lettering and the number sixteen on my cards.

Putting water with a fine point pen is not going to create a good look for your project. Share on X

Once I had my designs figured out, I did create a guide for the size of the card that I was going to be using on Cricut Design Space to size my balloon and candle design and all of the fonts and letters for my, “Happy birthday, Michael,” and the number sixteen that I put into the balloon. I believe the card size I used was 4.75 inches. They are square and cute.

I love the little size of these cards. They’re big enough to put in a nice design on the front and message on the inside, but they’re not too big, and I thought they’d be perfect for this project. That’s the size guide I made using the guide tool in Cricut Design Space. When I’ve used this guide option, I love it for projects like this where I already have the size of the material cut to where it needs to be.

Cricut is not cutting anything in this project. That guide function allows you to create the shape that you want for your project, but it doesn’t cut and it doesn’t draw it. It’s a neat feature. I did use that so that I could get everything sized the way I wanted to and knew how it was going to look. I then got to Cricut using those watercolor markers to draw the design.



Putting the cards onto the new Cricut card mat that I had was quite simple. There was something cool that I learned as I moved from Cricut Design Space to the prepare mat. Before you load that mat into the Cricut and the magic happens, you have the option of choosing the card mat. That was cool. I didn’t realize that was an option, but it was.

As soon as you choose that option and then you choose your material, which for me in this project was the watercolor paper material option, I did get this little notification before I loaded up my mat that reminded me to move those four rubber white star rings that go across the wheel that spins in the Cricut machine to the middle of that metal rod.

Cricut Card Mat

I had never done that before. In all of the projects that I have had to move those rubber star rings, I’ve always pushed them all the way to the right side. The Cricut card mat is designed with a space in the middle of that mat where those four rings can roll right down the middle and they put no indentation on your card or material. That was cool. That was the first time that I had noticed and tried that.

Next, when you’re in Cricut Design Space, I had to make sure that the marker choice I was choosing was a watercolor marker. For me, I use a Mac computer. It was all the way down the last options under marker were the watercolor options. Once you load that mat with your card in the card mat, Cricut tells you what marker to put in. That is simple. It prompts you the entire time to put in the blue marker and put in the red marker as it beautifully draws out the design onto the card.

That whole process is an easy, straightforward, and simple process. My design is on my cards, and I get to the part of doing the watercolor. This was one of the most enjoyable parts and projects that I’ve done in a long time. For me, that watercolor brush and using it with the different colors on the watercolor paper was relaxing and enjoyable for me.



I did run into a couple of challenges as I was learning to use this Cricut watercolor brush. Once I had those cards out and I was having my workspace, I filled up the water brush about halfway. The reason I did that was because I did use one helpful resource for this project. It is a YouTube tutorial called How to use Cricut Watercolor by Let’s Get Clacking.

I enjoyed her straightforward tutorial on the different aspects of using the Cricut watercolor pens on watercolor paper. She suggested to start off with only filling that water brush, which is straight water out of the tap that you fill up into this brush tip pen, and that is what you are going to use to create that watercolor look and effect.

She did advise to fill it halfway and get a sense of how much water was coming out of the tip of the brush. I think the term she used was to be light-handed. I will tell you that was some of the best advice that I got out of that tutorial. The little bit of water goes a long way with the Cricut watercolor markers. With a heavier hand, if I would’ve used more water, at points, I did because you have to squeeze the brush to clean it on some paper towel in between colors, which then gets that water going down into the tip again, and then it could be a lot of water on the end of the brush. That causes the colors to bleed a little bit more than what I wanted for my project. That was something I had to learn.

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


I will tell you that I did the balloon design first and it came out well. The balloons were all a single color. I did a blue color for the writing and matched the number sixteen color with the color of the balloon that I put in the middle because I knew I wanted it to be simple to start. Watercolor is such an incredibly cool art. This is a tiny little start into the watercolor world. Using the Cricut is fun. It’s a different way to use the Cricut, which is one of the reasons I love trying all of these different projects. I am not a watercolor artist. I am dabbling and trying these different things with the Cricut as I go. Anyway, the balloons worked well. I was excited. It was enjoyable.

Watercolor is such an incredibly cool art, and this is a tiny little start into the watercolor world. Share on X

I got to my second card, which was the candles. I got a little bit too excited and put too many different colors into the individual candles to start. I did end up probably having to reprint the candle card 3 times because 2 of those times, I kept trying to blend the colors with the water. What ended up happening is either I had too much water, the lines blurred, and it didn’t look the way I wanted it to, or I had combined the yellow with a purple.

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


The darker color is going to bleed. I struggled to try to get a clean way and a nice blend between the darker colors and the lighter colors. This probably was the piece that took me the longest. I had to go back into Cricut Design Space and simplify my candle design. I still was going to do a bunch of different colors, but every candle was only going to have one color marker that it was the entire way through.

Let’s say I have a purple candle, a red candle, and a blue candle, and the design was the same color as the candle. I made that choice because I wanted to enjoy this project. It was getting a little bit frustrating for me trying to figure out the right combination of markers, dark and light, that would blend well together with the Cricut water pen.



The only piece that I left a little bit different for each candle was I did keep in a little bit of yellow by the flame. Knowing how the colors bleed as I worked with the markers, I had a better understanding of how much water to use and which colors were going to bleed more than other colors. I knew I could gently get that yellow in where the flame was for each of those candles.

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


The cards came out great. I love them. I cannot wait to fill out a personal message in the cards to my son on his sixteenth birthday. As I said before, the actual watercolor process is relaxing and enjoyable. I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to once I simplified my design into those single colors. It made a difference for me as a beginner.

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


Let me tell you about my Crafting Keepers for this episode. My first Crafting Keeper is the card mat. This is such a cool addition to the cutting mats, in my opinion. I am excited to be expanding my card-making skills. With this card mat, it sets you up for success in terms of lining up your designs and the ease of the project. I am a big fan of the Cricut card mat. There are a few tips and tricks to learn about how to keep the mat clean and load your card in and out of it but was a pretty easy process.



My second Crafting Keeper for this project is the rubber star rings. Learning that in some projects, I can move them to the middle as opposed to pushing them all the way over to the side. It opens up some options. If there is another project that I’m doing, I don’t have to be stuck in the mindset that always those star rings have to be pushed all the way over to the right. You can mix it up and even put them in the middle or the left or split them depending on what the project is in order for your materials not to get any indentation from those rings.

The idea of moving those star rings to the middle, I’m keeping that in my crafting corner. My SatisCRAFTion rating for this crafting project is a four. I enjoyed the process of the watercolor. I am disappointed that at least in this project, I wasn’t able to figure out how to create the right combination of dark and light colors to create the watercolor look that I wanted.

WCA 31 | Cricut Watercolor Markers


I did have to go back, like I said, and simplify my candle design to do one color per candle. That’s why I’m taking it from a 5 to a 4. I’m excited to give the cards to my son. I will tell you that this is a project where I will be putting my card designs from Cricut Design Space. I’ll make a Cricut Design Space link so that if you are interested in checking it out and you do have Cricut Design Space, you’ll be able to access the exact project that I did and edit it into something else if you want. Get crafty with it. I hope that this inspires you to try the Cricut watercolor markers. I’ll definitely be exploring them more and doing a little more research on blending and how to get the best watercolor effect. Until our next crafting adventure, take care.


Crafting Keepers:

  1. Cricut Card Mat
  2. Moving rubber start rings to the center – or anywhere out of the way of the material on the cutting mat


Satiscraftion: 4


Cricut Project Link:



  • Cricut Watercolor Cards

Watercolor Cards – S40 (12 ct) | Cricut Shop

  • Cricut Card Mat

Card Mat – 2×2 (2 ct) | Cricut Shop

  • Cricut Watercolor Pen set

Watercolor Marker & Brush Set (9 ct) | Cricut Shop

  • Scraper tool ( to remove cards from card mat)
  • Paper towel (for dabbing water pen between colors)
  • Water (to fill water pen)


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