Custom Canvas Shoe Projects: Cricut Maker And Tie-Dye

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Summer is here! And what better way to show off the fun, bright season than rocking your own pair of custom canvas shoes? Time to trade those plain whites for a colorful look. And in today’s show, Kim Wojtalewicz has not one but two shoe projects just for you! In the first part, Kim shares her experience making some custom canvas shoes using the Cricut maker and heat transfer vinyl. She then takes us to project number two through the process of creating tie-dye canvas shoes with shaving cream. So get crafty and show off yourself with your new custom shoes! 

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Custom Canvas Shoe Projects: Cricut Maker And Tie-Dye


In this episode, I’m going to be sharing with you all about my experience making some custom canvas shoes using the Cricut maker and heat transfer vinyl. I have decided to split this episode up into two parts because what started out being 1 project with canvas shoes ended up turning into 2 projects with 4-pair of canvas shoes. In part one of the episode, I’m going to share with you the piece about the heat transfer vinyl and the project that I did on putting some cute, fun images on some high-top canvas shoes that I found.

Part One: Canvas High Tops With The Cricut Maker

In part two of the episode, I’m going to share with you my experience in doing a shaving cream tie dye on the canvas shoes and then adding some more heat transfer vinyl.

In thinking about the first project, which was the original project that I did and had planned, I wanted to share with you a little bit about the inspiration behind it. That inspiration came from doing some errands one afternoon, walking through the shoe aisle in Walmart, and finding this cute pair of white high-top canvas shoes on clearance. They were $11.

If you really want your colors to be bright, use a little bit less water. Share on X

I saw them and something sparked inside of me. I thought, “I could probably do something pretty cute with those, with the Cricut machine.” I went ahead and tried on one of the shoes right there in the aisle because if I’m going to be wearing the shoes, I want to make sure they are comfortable. They’ve got memory foam insoles and are super comfortable. I went ahead and bought them. I brought them home and decided that I was going to use my favorite hat. I am a hat girl. I am in a hat most of the time that I am not at work. I decided I was going to use my YoColorado. It’s called a Sunset Fader Hat. I loved the colors of the hat.

Custom Canvas Shoes: The Inspiration behind this project.

I thought, “It’s summertime and warm.” I want to use the colors that are in this hat and the retro style to be the inspiration behind what I put on my canvas high-top shoes. I went into the Cricut design space and started looking through the different images and different ideas about what I was going to put on these shoes. To be honest, that part of this project took me the longest. I was going back and forth between a bunch of different designs that I wanted to have on the shoe. I knew that I wanted to have something round that, when on the outside of both shoes, was an image of some outdoorsy image. I also wanted to have something going across the long part of the shoe on the outside as well.

Use what you have. If you need something in the middle of a project, find something you have around the house and use it to make the project work. Share on X

They were going to be different but I wanted them to somehow connect in some way. I got sucked into that Cricut design space image area, looking at lots of different mountains and scenes. I couldn’t decide if I wanted mountains, water or nighttime with stars. At one point, I had butterflies on it. I had a hard time narrowing it down. What I finally ended up with, which I ended up loving, is this retro sunset wave circular image that I was going to make into lots of different colors. I was using the colors of my hat for inspiration. I wanted to have the wave that the bottom is a light blue and then a brown part of the top of the wave to represent like earthy feel.

The sunset was going to be a little bit of yellow for the sun and then a deep red and orange for the sunbeams. That’s what I finally decided on for the little round area where I guess I would say if you were thinking about a pair of Converse high top, where that logo is, that’s where I was going to have the sunset wave image go. On the long part across the bottom, right above the sole of the shoe, going in a wave diagonal up towards the sunset image, I decided on something called a flower wave.

It had about four different flowers with lines that make it into this cool diagonal wave up to that sunset. I was happy with that. I used these colors I found on my hat to be the colors that I used for the heat transfer vinyl. I love how it came out. After I finally decided on the colors of the vinyl and the actual design I wanted, I went into the process of having Cricut out the vinyl, which was a pretty quick process. The only mistake I made in this part was that I made the flower wave that I wanted at the bottom too big. Luckily, when I was doing the project, I took the time after that first cut of vinyl to cut each part of the project out and line it up on the shoe to make sure that I liked how it looked. It’s because I took that step I realized that the flower wave was way too big. It wasn’t a good proportion to the sunset image.

The Flip Function

I wanted it to be more of an accent at the bottom and a main focal point. We did have to go back and resize that flower wave did not take more than five minutes to do that. I was dealing with pretty small images, and it went pretty fast to recut that, re-weed out that piece, and set it up again to make sure it was lining up exactly the way that I wanted it to. I did want to mention one of the tools that I used a lot in this project and not just in this part 1 but also in part 2, when I was thinking about how I wanted the images to be on the shoes, I used this function called the flip function.




It’s encrypted Cricut Design Space. What it does is it takes your image and flips it vertically or horizontally. I could make sure that I had both the setting sun circular image and the flower wave. I flipped them, so they were mirror images of each other. When you were looking at the outside of the shoe, it looked nice, and it looked seamless. That is a cool tool. I hadn’t used it too much until I was doing this project where I wanted to make sure that looking from the outside into each shoe, it looked the same on the outside of the shoes.

Part One: Canvas High Tops Using The Heat Transfer

Once I had all of that vinyl cutout and was ready to go, I took an old bath towel and rolled it up because I knew I was going to need to put something inside of the shoe to give me some stabilization for when I was attaching the heat transfer vinyl to that canvas shoe. What I realized pretty quickly was a towel was not going to be sturdy enough for me to be pressing down with my mini heat press and to make sure that that vinyl was going to be attached well.

I problem solved with what I had right there at my craft table.




I took my wet wipes container that I use when I’m weeding to hold all of the little pieces of vinyl. I wrapped the towel around that container and put that inside the high top. That absolutely gave me the stability that I needed. That’s a fun little tip. Use what you have. It doesn’t have to be something fancy. It has to be something that works for the moment. That’s what worked for me, and I got the stability I needed to be pressing down with that mini heat pressed onto the vinyl to get that vinyl to make a good attachment to the canvas.

I had to do some research on the heat temperature for canvas. I also did learn because I use a lot of different kinds of heat transfer vinyl. I don’t use one brand. I tend to go onto Amazon and find what is getting the best ratings depending on the project that I’m doing. I want to mention that some heat transfer vinyl does like a cool peel. Some do a warm peel. Something that I’m always checking right before I am doing my project is, what peel does this heat transfer vinyl need?




One of the slower parts of this piece of the project was when I was attaching the retro sunset wave image to the canvas sneakers because I was using about five different colors. I had to attach them one by one to make sure that the image came out the way that it looked in the Cricut design space and the way I wanted it to look. It was a little bit of a slower process but it was fun putting each piece on and watching the design come together as I went.

This was a fun project. Aside from having to re-cut that flower wave that I had originally made too big for the shoe, it was a pretty seamless project. I absolutely love how would these high tops have turned out. They are super comfortable and super fun. They match my personality. I have worn them a few times already, and I’m looking forward to wearing them to an outdoor concert at Dillon Amphitheater coming up soon, which I have another project that I will be sharing with you in my next episode about a fun and unique craft project that I did for that concert.

Custom Canvas Shoes: Heading out in my custom kicks and favorite hat!

Part 2: Tie-Dye Canvas Shoes With Shaving Cream


Even though I only had planned on making one custom pair of canvas high-top shoes, I ended up making four. The reason that I ended up making more was after I finished my high tops with the fun little heat transfer design on them, my son, Matthew, asked me if we could get him a pair of white canvas high tops. Also, if we could do shaving cream and tie-dye the canvas shoes, and if I could add some black heat transfer vinyl on top of that with his favorite band’s logos. Inspiration when my teenage son asked to do a craft project with me, I was absolutely going to say yes. I decided that I would get some now low-top canvas sneakers, 1 pair for me, 1 pair for my niece that I was going to make a pair of these shaving cream tie-dye shoes, and Matthew had his white high-top canvas shoes.

The first thing I needed to do for this part two of the project was to figure out what this shaving cream tie dye process was. I asked Matthew where he had heard about it. He had seen some videos on YouTube. I went and did some research. It looked pretty cool and fun. We headed out back to Walmart and picked up 8 to 10 cans of Barbasol original shaving cream. We got a tie-dye kit that had fifteen different colors of tie-dye in it, with the little bottles already prepared, gloves, and everything like that.

I had seen on a YouTube video that I should pick up something called Soda Ash that was also located right in the tie diet area. That was used to prepare the canvas before the tie-dye goes on it and also to enhance the colors that we were using. We picked up all of those materials. We got some plastic bins and headed home.

It’s because we were going to do the shaving cream tie dye to the canvas before adding any heat transfer vinyl, there were quite a few steps that we needed to do, but this was fun. We spent the afternoon outside and got our buckets together and put the Soda Ash and water, followed all those directions that took about twenty minutes per pair of shoes. That had to soak, and we had to let it dry.

Once we had them dry, we were almost ready to put on the shaving cream and the tie-dye color. One thing I noticed was that after I took my canvas shoes out of the Soda Ash soak and they dried, there were a couple of little areas of discoloration, almost like yellowing. I’m not sure if that’s because I made the solution too strong or I left the shoes in too long. I wasn’t sure it didn’t happen all over the shoes and wasn’t that noticeable.

I planned to make sure that I covered those particular areas with a little bit more of the colorful, bright tie dye color that I was looking for. The canvas was dry, and now the important step was to cover all of the rubber sides and the top of the toe with that white rubber sole with some painter’s tape to protect it from the tie-dye.




I definitely wanted the shoes that I was making to have a crisp white line between the tie-dye and then the soles of the shoes. We taped up our canvas shoes and got our bins full of shaving cream, and added the colors that we wanted.

We did three different colors. Matthew did some like blue, purple-y, and teal colors together.

I wanted bright red and white on mine.

For my niece’s pair, I wanted to do like a turquoise-y teal color. We mixed up all of that dye.

One of the tips that I saw in a YouTube video that I watched about the shaving cream tie-dye process was that when I was filling up these little pre-made tie-dye squeezy bottles that came with our kit, don’t put in the total amount of water if you wanted your colors to be bright, use a little bit less water, and it would be a little bit more of intense color. We did that.

We put the canvas shoes into the shaving cream and dye that we did a marbly effect with a spatula. They looked super cool. We did go ahead and leave on that solution with the shaving cream and the tie-dye for about 20, 30 minutes and rinsed it. That was the first time we rinsed. We let them dry, and the colors completely faded, not all the way gone but it wasn’t the bright, crisp color that I was looking for.




Matthew was happy with his. He did two layers of the shaving cream and tie-dye with a water rinse after letting it dry for a while. He left it at that. He was happy with how that came out. It wasn’t bright on your face. It was more of like a muted marbly tie-dye look. He stuck with that but I wanted to get a crispier marble-looking tie-dye color.

Back to YouTube I went, did some more research, and found that if we wanted the bright color, instead of rinsing off with water, the tie-dye, and shaving cream when we were done, what I needed to do was scrape it off with a rubber spatula and let it dry.

That’s what I did for the red pair that I was working on and the turquoise pair. That was a great tip because after I did that, I got those bright colors that I was looking for.




In the next step, we let them dry, and what was funny became my favorite part of this project, aside from the fact that I got to spend time with my teenage son doing something fun that we had never done before. My next favorite part was peeling the tape off of the shoes when they were dry. For some reason, this was so satisfying and enjoyable to me. I took a video that I will post of me peeling the tape off. That look of that crisp color right by the white of the sole of the shoe was awesome. That was super fun.




Putting the heat transfer vinyl on the shoes was straightforward and easy. I had finished the other pair of high tops. I knew what I was doing. I was going to be using black heat transfer vinyl. It was a little bit of a more simple process than what I had done on the original high tops that I worked on.

For Matthew, he wanted some representation for one of his favorite bands. It was pretty straightforward.

I got that done for him. In thinking about what I wanted the designs to be on my bright red marble-looking tie-dye canvas shoes and for my niece’s, I decided that I was going to go with Disney.

We are going on a huge twenty-family-member Disney trip. I thought it would be super fun to have a cute unique pair of canvas tennis shoes with some Disney images put onto my shoes. I decided on that for mine, and they came out great. I will post pictures. I’m super excited to get on the airplane. We have never been to Disney as a family. My boys have never been. We are all looking forward to it but anyway, I’ve got these super to choose to wear on the airplane and when I’m down there.

Crafting Keepers

I did decide to put Tinkerbell on my niece’s because she’s a huge Tink fan. I thought that it would be super cute. That was what I decided to do for the designs.

Overall, this was a fun project. It obviously started out with one thing in mind and ended up somewhere else but that’s okay. That’s like what it’s all about. It makes it fun and interesting. Let me give you my crafting keepers for this project.

The first crafting keeper would be that flip function that I used for all of the shoes. Making sure that I had the images the exact same size but mirrored so that when I put them on the outsides or the insides of the shoe or whatever I was doing for the design that they were mirrored and that they looked great. That flip function is a crafting keeper. I will be using that again.

The next one is more of a tip, and that would be the stabilizer that I used inside of the shoe. I happened to have a towel and my wet wipes container on hand, and that is what I used. More so than that specific tip is to use what you have. If you need something and you’re in the middle of a project, find something that you have around the house and use it to make the project work.

The third crafting keeper will be to keep in mind those peeling temperatures. I use a lot of different kinds of heat transfer vinyl. I don’t always use the same brand. I need to make sure I am checking cold peel, warm peel, and what temperature they want me to be used to attach that vinyl to get the best attachment to whatever project you are doing.

That brings me to my satiscraftion rating for this project. I am definitely going to give it a 4.5 out of 5. This was a fun and functional project. I’ve got two pairs of cute shoes to wear around. My son has another pair of shoes. That is a part of why I got to craft with my teenage son. We got to do some shaving cream and tie-dye together, and that made this project enjoyable.

It was new. I haven’t put heat transfer vinyl onto shoes or canvas until this project. It was new, and I learned a lot, which always makes it super enjoyable for me. That’s it. Hopefully, you will get a chance to try out the shaving cream tie-dye technique on something that you are crafting or doing because it was fun until our next adventure. Take care.

SatisCRAFTion rating: 4.5


Images Used on Kim’s High Tops:
Retro vintage sunset wave (bought from ETSY)
Flower Wave Design (cricut subscribed)

Images Used on Matthew’s High Tops
“Steel Your Face” SVG bought from ETSY
“Dancing Bears” SVG bought from ETSY
Circle guide of 2.75 inches

Images Used on Alexandra’s Tie Dye Shoes
Tinkerbell1 bought on  ETSY
Tinkerbell6 bought on ETSY

BFC Clementine Cricut (subscribed)

Images Used on Kim’s Tie Dye Shoes
Disney Squad SVG bought from ETSY
Mickey in sunglasses SVG bought on ETSY
Minnie in sunglasses SVG bought on ETSY
Mickey head SVG bought on Etsy
Minnie head SVG bought on ETSY

Crafting Keepers:
FLIP function on Cricut Design Space
towel with wipes container tip
cool peel/warm peel


Part 1 project inspiration:


Materials List:

  • Rubber spatula
  • Painters tape (for the soles of shoes)
  • Plastic gloves
  • Plastic bin (to soak shoes and for shaving cream)
  • No Boundaries Canvas Shoes low top
  • Lugz Mens Canvas High Tops
  • Tulip Soda Ash
  • Create Basics Tie Dye kit
  • Barbasol original shaving cream
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl






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