Cutting 10 Different Fabrics With Cricut To Make Tassels

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


I had my Cricut Maker cut 10 different kinds of fabric! In this crafting adventure, I am putting my rotary blade to work cutting everything from sequin fabric to waxed canvas to create custom tassel keychain bracelet gifts for friends and family. The fabric cutting results vary from amazing to total failure!! Find out which fabric tassel was my favorite Cricut cut and what fabric cut made my Cricut Maker power button blink red!

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Cutting 10 Different Fabrics With Cricut To Make Tassels


WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


In this episode’s crafting project, I am putting my Cricut Maker’s rotary blade to work and I am cutting ten different fabrics that I’m going to use to create some unique tassels to make some tassel keychains as gifts. Let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind this crafting project. There are a couple. The first one is that I am so interested to continue to learn about cutting fabric with my Cricut Maker.

The list of fabrics under the materials when you hit the fabric list is huge and I’ve only cut maybe a couple of different kinds of fabrics with my Cricut Maker and the rotary blade. Some with great success and some with absolute failure. I thought that this would be the perfect project to do a little bit of investigating on how my Cricut Maker cuts different fabric materials for about two-and-a-half-inch long tassels.

The other inspiration behind this project is that at the end of April and the beginning of May, there are a lot of celebrations happening. A lot in the school environment, with teacher appreciation and Administrative Assistance Day. There’s also Mother’s Day coming up and we also have some family get-togethers and celebrations in the near future.



I wanted to put together some tassel wristlet keychains as part of some gifts that I’m going to be giving some friends, family, and coworkers. As I said, this is super fun. I had a blast doing this because I am putting my Cricut maker to the test with a bunch of different fabrics. What I’m going to do is highlight the resource that I used, which was one and that was the Cricut design space project called Leather Tassel Keychain.

It is in Cricut Design Space and that is the only resource that I used. The cut file is right there in the project and it pulls right up into your Cricut Design Space canvas. You can resize it for whatever size tassel you want to make. I did keep most of mine all but one at the two and a half inch long for the entire tassel but you can resize it if you’re looking for a different size for a tassel.

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


That was the resource that I used, then I did use ten different fabrics for this project. I have all of them in my crafting corner because I am a huge sewer. I did want to highlight a couple of specific materials for this project and everything else. I did get some metal keychains. I got some lobster clasp that I’m adding onto the keychains because I want it to be a keychain that you can either hang on a bag, in a tote, on a backpack, or something like that. I kept going with my bead theme of bracelets from my last project and found some fun, big, chunky round beads that I’m using as part of the tassel keychain as well.

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


Those can either go on your wrist or it just looks fun and can be used as an accessory, as I said, hanging on a bag or something like that. I did use transfer tape for some of the cutting. I did use painter’s tape for some of the fabric. I also used all three mats that I have. I used my fabric mat, my standard grit mat, and my strong grit mat in this crafting project.

I am going to spend most of my time in this episode talking about the experience of cutting each of the fabrics and sharing that information with you. I will spend a little time talking about making the actual tassels. However, what is so fun about this project and what I want to share with you is the difference in cutting the ten different fabrics and how they cut with my rotary blade and my Cricut Maker.

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


I’m going to start off by sharing the ten fabrics that I chose to use for making the tassels. I chose to use a cotton fabric, a duck canvas, a regular canvas, a waxed canvas, a sheer satin shimmery chiffon-type fabric, tulle, quirk fabric, oilcloth, sequin fabric, and some stretchy glitter spandex fabric. Those were the materials that I chose and I figured that would give me a great variety to create some unique tassels that I’m going to be putting onto my gifts.

Let me tell you about each of these fabrics and how they cut. The cotton fabric, first of all, I have cut cotton fabric before. What I have learned in those experiences is that I get the best cut when I use my standard grit matte and I put the cotton fabric either on with a fusible backing and using transfer tape under the fabric on top of the cutting mat. I wasn’t going to use any feasible backing for this project for the tassel.



You get the best cut for your fabric when you use your standard grit matte. Share on X

All I did was put my cotton fabric onto the transfer tape and the cutting mat and away it went. It worked great. There’s a little bit of fraying with the cotton but I feel like because of the tassel and the cuts, that is to be expected. It went great and that was a good cut. My duck canvas, I cut it on my standard grit mat with masking tape and I used the canvas setting. It cuts very well. Also, a little bit of fraying with that but it makes for a rustic-looking tassel.

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


I don’t mind how the fraying turned out. I think it adds a bit of character to the tassel. Regular canvas, that, again, I used my fabric matte for that one. I did tape it down with the painter’s tape. It was a little bit thicker of a fabric and experience has taught me that use that painter’s tape to secure all of your edges down when cutting on the fabric mat and those thicker fabrics.

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


Cutting the sheer satin chiffon was easy. It came out well. There were a few little cuts that were not perfectly even but overall, it cut well. I was impressed with that and the tulle. The tulle cut so well. I was so surprised because this is such a delicate fabric. You see through this fabric, it’s an accent fabric in a lot of ways. It’s that tutu material. I did not expect to get a clean cut with the tulle but Cricut did a great job, so that was super exciting. I was impressed by how the rotary blade cut that tulle with such precision.



Cork fabric, I have cut cork fabric before on the Cricut Maker but I wanted to make a tassel with the cork fabric, so I added it in as 1 of the 10. The important thing about cutting the cork with the rotary blade is that you use the denim setting. That’s what I learned in my last project when I made my little cardholders with cork fabric. I also use transfer tape to hold that cork down onto the cutting mat. This was a fun one.

The next one was the oilcloth. This did not surprise me that it was one of the best cuts that I got during this project. Oilcloth fabric is a lot like vinyl. The Cricut is an expert at cutting vinyl and no surprise here. The oilcloth cuts well. The lines were very precise. There was no lifting of the material and it came out great.

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


Here’s where things got a little bit disappointing. I added the sequin material into the ten fabrics that I wanted to cut. It is one of the materials that is listed for the rotary blade in the Cricut Maker but unfortunately, this was not a good experience. I taped down my sequin material to a standard grip mat with painter’s tape around the entire piece of fabric that had the sequence on it.



I made sure that the way that the fabric was going into the Cricut Maker was so that the sequins would go up and down with the roller if they were. When I put it on the cutting mat, the sequin material went right under the rollers with no problem. What ended up happening though, is that on top of it sounding awful. I’m probably pretty sure now I’m going to need to get a new rotary blade, is that I am thinking the tassel cuts were too thin or too close together to work with the sequin fabric.

It didn’t work and I was so disappointed because I thought it would be so fun to have a tassel made with the sequin fabric but I only got a couple of cuts. They didn’t go all the way through and my Cricut stopped in the middle of cutting the sequin fabric and started blinking the red light. That made me nervous because that tells me that either it is overheated or something is wrong. I love my Cricut so I was hoping that it wasn’t completely broken. That was my experience with the sequin.

Cutting sequins for me with the Cricut Maker so far is an absolute no. I will be doing some investigation to see what I maybe did wrong, what sequin fabric it suggests cutting, and maybe the kinds of cuts that I could try to have a more successful experience with the sequins. Unfortunately, that one was a no-go. The final fabric that I cut with my Cricut Maker was this shimmery, glittery, stretchy spandex fabric and Cricut did well. It just pulled off a little bit of the glitter on the areas where the blade went through but it still turned out with a good enough cut and a good enough look that I made it into a tassel.

Those are the ten fabrics that I tried and this was such a fun experiment. I feel like I’m slowly working my way through the huge list of fabrics and materials that Cricut can cut. Let me tell you about the best cuts. The absolute best cuts that I got from my Cricut Maker were the oilcloth, the cork fabric, and the waxed canvas. They were perfect and precise and the tassels are awesome. I’m going to say that my grouping of what Cricut cuts well, not perfect but they cut well are my canvases, the duck and the canvas, my cotton fabric, the sheer chiffon, and the tulle. That spandex, I’m going to bring down a little bit lower. Only because I was using a glitter one.

I do think that because of the way the cuts went, some of that glitter came off on those cuts, so it’s not as shiny as it was before I had Cricut cut it. The worst experience and the big fail of this crafting project was the sequin fabric. It didn’t do it. It didn’t cut through it. My machine stopped working. I was concerned that I’d broken my machine, so I need to do a little more investigation around the sequins. I did want to spend just a couple of minutes talking about the tassels and making the tassels with the different fabrics. This was a fun and pretty easy process. Making the tassels is a beginner, easy-level project. These tassels are cut so that you tuck over one piece of the material and that tail, I’m going to call it becomes a loop.



Making tassels is definitely a beginner easy-level project. Share on X

You roll the material on top of itself, adding a little bit of fabric or permanent glue. Depending on what material you’re using as you’re rolling the tassel and that’s it. I did follow along with what the Cricut project suggested, which was to put a little bit of ribbon around that tassel. I had a lot of fun choosing a unique ribbon that would accent each of the materials and the tassels. That was fun. Pretty easy process putting that ribbon on and the tassels are done. I did want to share with you a couple of things that I did. I combined the glittery spandex with the chiffon material to create a big poofy tassel for one of my keychains, so that was fun.



Instead of using them individually, I also did that with my cotton fabric and my tulle. I love how those combinations of fabric turned out in the tassel. My favorite tassel is the waxed canvas tassel. Everything about it, like how it cut, how it rolled, putting it together, and how it looks on the keychain. It’s awesome. Let me tell you my crafting keepers. For this crafting project, my first one is cutting the waxed canvas with my Cricut and my rotary blade. I’m so excited about this.

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels


I love working with waxed canvas. It is a cool fabric. I use it a ton in sewing projects for a real rustic look and it cut like butter seriously. The whole experience and how it looks cutting that wax canvas, I cannot wait to figure out some more projects to do with my maker and the wax canvas. That was my first crafting keeper.

My second crafting keeper is the combination of the cotton fabric and the tulle underneath to create a fun, unique and textured tassel. I used a repeating rainbow cotton fabric pattern then it was a pink background with the rainbows on it and a turquoise color tulle. When I rolled them up together, it created such a fun, vibrant, and happy tassel. That is my second crafting keeper. The combination of that fabric and the tulle when making a tassel is going to stay in my crafting corner.



My satisCRAFTion rating for this project is a five. This was so much fun. Investigating and learning more about a bunch of different materials that my Cricut can cut. I love how easy the tassel project on Cricut design space was to pull up in the canvas. This was a no-brainer act in terms of just getting the actual cut file and get going on the project.

They cut fairly quickly and aside from the sequin fail, which was my first time trying sequins. I’m going to have to keep investigating that but other than that, there’s nothing that I could say that would take this down from a five. I’m keeping it at a five. I am wondering, has anybody cut sequins with their rotary blade and had a successful experience? Shout it out on social media or shoot me an email at Hello@WCAPodcast.com. I will have lots of fun videos of the cutting process, the different materials, and how these keychains turned out on my blog post and my Instagram so check it out. Until our next crafting adventure, take care.


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 5





  • Tassels
  • Various Fabric
  • Fabric Glue (FabriTac)
  • Permanent Glue
  • Fabric, standard and strong grip cutting mats
  • Transfer tape
  • Scraper
  • Spatula tule
  • Keyring hardware
  • Ribbon (variety) I love buying unique ribbon at Renaissance Ribbons
  • Variety of beads
  • Stretch Magic Bracelet Cording
  • Lobster Clips


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