Cutting Felt With Cricut For Custom Hats

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


I have been looking forward to cutting felt with my Cricut, but I have been waiting for just the right project! I am a hat girl, and I love creating one-of-a-kind hats, so I decided to combine my love of hats with a fun felt applique project! I found some great designs that my Cricut is cutting the felt for, and I am learning how to attach the felt designs to the hats with some simple embroidery stitches. I can’t wait to share my experience doing this crafting project with you!

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Cutting Felt With Cricut For Custom Hats

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


My crafting project for this episode is something that I’m really excited about. I have just completed cutting felt with my Cricut maker to create some beautiful patches that I’m applicating to some hats. Let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind this project. I am a hat girl. I love hats. I love creating custom hats, unique hats, things that are different to wear out and about.

When I came across the thought of cutting felt, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time with my Cricut, as I slowly work my way through cutting lots of different materials, one of the materials that I was excited to cut was felt. I thought about the mountains and different kinds of flowers and nature. I thought, “Let me bring my love of hats, cutting felt, and these different kinds of designs together and applicate them to some trucker hats.” I thought it would be fun to create some unique and different kinds of designs that I’m putting on a trucker hat that’s not vinyl or ink. It’s definitely a unique way to have a hat. That’s the inspiration behind this project.



I did want to let you know that I used a lot of resources for this project. I never have done hand embroidery before. For me, I needed to do a little bit of research on how to put together my designs once my Cricut had cut out the felt. I did spend quite a bit of time researching that. I do have a ton of resources about where I learned just the basics on how to get started with this process.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


My resources were great. I did take one online class through Creative Fabrica around the basics of putting a design and felt applicate together, and that was super helpful. The class is from Rebecca T. It’s called Turning a Printed Image into an Applique Hoop. I wasn’t going to be using a hoop to put together my design, but I thought that it would be a great class to get the basics of putting felt together once it was cut and how you attach the different pieces and that it was. That was a great resource for me. I also used a couple of different resources on YouTube, where I learned some basic embroidery stitches. There were three main stitches that I did use. I’ll talk a little bit more about that when I get to the experience of the project.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


To shout out some of the materials that I used above and beyond what’s normally in my crafting corner, I did order a variety pack of felt off of Amazon. I love it. It was recommended by the Creative Fabrica class. I did decide to go with that and I’m super happy with it. I have the rotary blade. I’ve done a lot of different cutting of fabrics with that blade. I did need that for this project. I did want to let you know that it does give you the option of cutting felt with a fine-tip blade or the rotary blade with your machine. I chose to use the rotary blade. I did not use the fine tip. If you don’t have a maker, I believe you could try this project with a fine-tip blade. I’d be interested to hear how the felt cuts with that if you give it a try.

There are a lot of different resources on YouTube to learn some basic embroidery stitches. Share on X

I used my standard grip mat. I did use freezer paper in this project. While I was learning more and more about the cutting process with felt, I did decide to go with the freezer paper technique. I will talk about that more in the experience as well. Also, the trucker hats. That was another out-of-the-ordinary material that I needed for my project because my idea was to take the felt designs that I’m applicating and put them on trucker hats. I did order my hats from BK Hats. I love them. They’re reasonably priced, and I love the look of them. That was one of the other materials and some embroidery thread to put together all of my designs once I completed them.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


Let me tell you about the experience of this project. I decided to go with three different designs. I chose two that I downloaded from Creative Fabrica. One was an SVG bundle of different kinds of retro flowers. I wanted to start with a simple design that the Cricut was going to cut with the felt. 1) Because I wanted to see how the cutting process went. 2) Because I love the look of the retro flowers. It’s super fun to find different ways to combine different colors. The retro flower was one of the designs.

The other one that I downloaded from Creative Fabrica is called a Boho Desert Sun in Green. That one was a little more complicated. It has mountains in it and a sunset, which is something I’m a big fan of in all different designs. Those two came from Creative Fabrica. I also downloaded one from Cricut Design Space. That one is a beautiful, more of just ocean, mountains into a sunset scene. That one was perfect for the size of the project that I was doing, which is about 3×3 inches to have it look nice on the front of the trucker hat.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


Before I get into the experience of this project, I wanted to shout out that I am not in my crafting corner now. I am in Chicago, visiting family members. I have my little project. I’m doing my show on the go. It’s a little bit of a different scenario, but I wanted to make sure that I brought this project to you because this is such a fun project. I’m so excited about how this came out.

The first thing I needed to do was prep my felt to be cut by the rotary blade on my Cricut maker. After reading some different information out there, I decided to go with the freezer paper method. I used freezer paper as a stencil on my coir mat project. I did have that laying around. What I did was I cut out all of my felt squares about 4×4 inch squares. I then cut out freezer paper that was the same size. Using my Easy Press 2 and the freezer paper, I attached that freezer paper to the felt shiny side down to the felt for about 15 seconds at 330 degrees. It was perfect. It stuck right onto the felt. I prepped all of my felt squares like that. I then used my standard grit mat. I placed the freezer paper on the mat.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


There are a couple of reasons why I did this. The first one is that I wanted to create a nice attachment between the felt and the mat and I didn’t want my felt moving around. It is a thicker fabric. It is a bit of a thicker fabric. I know from past experience that my fabric can move around a bit. I did have really good luck with this. I have the freezer paper against the mat that is attached to the felt.



This is a cool thing that I decided to do and it worked well. I had my brayer, and I was concerned about using the brayer on the felt squares. I didn’t want my felt to stretch or get real fuzzy. Once I had my felt squares with the freezer paper attached to the cutting mat, I flipped the mat over and used the brayer on the back of the cutting mat in the areas where my 4×4 inch square of felt was attached to the cutting mat. This worked beautifully.

This is one of the fun tips I have about this particular project and cutting felt. Instead of using the brayer on top of that felt, where it could get stretched or just dis-shaped or fuzzy, I flipped that mat over. The felt is attached to the freezer paper that’s attached to the mat and the brayer right on top of there, creating a great attachment.



I was surprised and thrilled with the way that my Cricut maker cut the felt. The first design I cut was the retro flower, and it was beautiful. It came out so smooth. Even the small little pedals and intricate pieces of the felt cut beautifully. I was super excited and hopeful that my more intricate designs of the mountain scenes would cut well, and they did. This Cricut maker did an absolutely beautiful job cutting out the felt pieces, whether they were medium-sized or tiny little pieces of a sunset or a mountain shadow. It did an amazing job.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


I’m super excited to say that cutting the felt with the Cricut maker is a complete success. In fact, I enjoyed it. I love the way that the felt pieces can look together. The mountain scenes are beautiful. The flowers are fun and retro. I see a lot more felt designs in my hat future. This is a really fun one. I want to tell you a little bit about the hand embroidery piece and putting these felt patches onto my trucker hats.



What I made sure I did is that, for each design, I created a background. I knew I wasn’t going to be using a hoop. I was going to be attaching the felt pieces together on top of its own design in the back. What I mean by that is the flower design, I cut a background flower that was exactly the same size as my design. I had that cut at a black felt. That way I could take the pieces and not only hand sew them together but attach them to this base flower design.



For the two mountain scenes that I did, I did a circle of a light off-white color felt. That goes behind the pieces of the design that I am hand sewing and embroidering onto that round background shape. What I figured that would do was to give me a little more stability and a way to glue my design onto the front of the trucker hat before I hand-sewed that on.

Putting together the felt with the embroidery thread was fun. There were three main stitches and one main stitch that I used with two different accent stitches. The main stitch that I used throughout all three designs to connect each of the pieces of the design together is called the whip stitch or overcast stitch. It’s the same thing. What I learned was that that was going to be the best stitch for me. It is easy for beginners and easy to connect all of my little design pieces together. It worked out well. I got better at it as I went along. With the third design, I had a good feel of how to put all of these little pieces together, so I used that.

The whip stitch, or overcast stitch, is the best stitch. It’s easy for beginners to connect all the little design pieces together. Share on X

On my two mountain designs, I used an accent stitch. I thought it would be fun to take a little bit of the embroidery thread. On top of the designs, just put a little bit of an accent, not over the entire thing, but add a little more of that hand embroidery that I’m learning onto the designs. For my design from Creative Fabrica I used, the Boho Sunset in Green, I used something called the chain stitch. I took an accent color and put a little bit of the chain stitch in different places on that design to make it stand out. On the design from Cricut Design Space, my water mountain sunset scene, I used something called the rope stitch. I am continuing to add some different little details to these felt patches as I went along.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


This was the perfect project for me to be working on while I’m traveling. We drove to Chicago, so I worked on it in the car. As we spend time with family members here and we’re watching movies or things like that, it was the perfect little project to be working on throughout the week. Putting together the little intricate designs with the whip stitch was fun. It is a longer process than I anticipated, especially for the mountain scenes because there were so many teeny little pieces that I was connecting together. Overall, I love how it came out. It was enjoyable to be working with a fabric and a different kind of material that I was going to be putting on my hat.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


In order to put these patches onto the hats, I used my Beacon Fabri-Tac glue as a base to make sure that I got it exactly where I wanted it so that when I was working to connect that patch to the trucker hat, my design would not be moving around. I did not want to pin it to the hat because I didn’t want to damage the look of my designs with the felt. That worked well. In order to connect my patches to the hat, I used that whip stitch again around the entire design. I connected it to the front of my trucker hats. I love how they turned out. They’re super unique. I’m excited to make more of them.



Let me get to my Crafting Keepers for this episode. My first Crafting Keeper for this crafting project is going to be attaching the freezer paper to the felt before having my Cricut cut the felt. The reason this is a Crafting Keeper and why I love this so much is that, one, it attached beautifully to the felt. It was an easy process. It did not damage the felt at all. When I was done cutting the freezer paper, it just peeled right off the felt. It didn’t damage it or didn’t make it fuzzy, and it kept my cutting mat clean. Because of those two factors, that is a Crafting Keeper.



My second Crafting Keeper for this episode is going to be that little tip I shared with you about putting those felt squares with the freezer paper onto the cutting mat, flipping the cutting mat over, and then using my brayer to push down and securely attach that felt to the mat. That worked beautifully. That is my second Crafting Keeper for this project.

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut


My satisCRAFTion rating for this project is a five. I learned so much in this project. Again, I’m a hat girl. I love wearing hats and coming up with unique designs that nobody else has. Putting together this idea of using my Cricut to cut felt, applicating and learning some hand embroidery stitches, and then attaching them to the trucker hats is so much fun and such a great project for me as I’m traveling. It was fun to continue being creative even when I wasn’t at home in my crafting corner. That is my felt-cutting trucker hat project. Until our next adventure, take care.



SatisCRAFTion: 5


Crafting Keepers

  1. Attaching freezer paper to the felt before cutting
  2. Flip the cutting mat using the brayer to attach felt to cutting mat


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Creative Fabrica Designs:


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  • Mountains with Sunset by Diva Watts Designs 
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