Disney Swag: Disney Fingernail Decals, Tshirts, Tote Bags, Pool Towels And More

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In this episode I trade in my baseball hat for some Minnie Mouse ears to share my experience making Disney fingernail decals with the Cricut Maker and using Puff Vinyl for the first time to create personalized Disney T-shirts.

I made quite a few items with the Cricut for this trip but I also sew some items for the trip and I talk about all of the Disney things in this episode. I also share all of the items made and bought that my niece Alexandra and I put together and brought to Disney to “Pixie Dust” our family for the vacation. I also share some of my Disney World tips and take aways from the trip.

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Disney Swag: Disney Fingernail Decals, Tshirts, Tote Bags, Pool Towels And More

Welcome to the show. I wanted to say if this is the first time you are reading this or if you have come back and read another one of my shows, I want to say thank you. This whole world is pretty new to me. My first few episodes just went live. I am back to work full-time teaching. It is a crazy time, but thank you if you have read or are reading this for the first time because I am having fun sharing these crafting adventures with you. I hope that you are finding inspiration in what I’m doing with my Cricut maker. I’m going to let you know that I have traded in my baseball hat for some Moana Minnie ears.

The reason I am doing that is because this episode is all about Disney swag. A while ago, at the end of the summer, my family went on an amazing trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando. One of the episodes that I did, Episode 8, was on my Disney pool towel project. That was the main souvenir that I made for our trip to Disney. Once my niece Alexandra and I started talking about all the other things Disney that you can do, make and bring to pixie dust your family, we went a little bit overboard. If you had asked me before the Disney trip if I would be wearing many ears and a Disney t-shirt every day in the park, I would have told you no way, but I am here to tell you that my opinion and feeling have completely changed.

Being in Disney World is like being in this amazing big bubble. It was so much fun putting together tons of Disney swag for our family for this trip. I want to let you know that there are a couple of crafting projects and pieces of Disney swag that I did not use my Cricut for. I will be talking about those things in this episode because I wanted to share with all of you how much fun it can be to go big when you’re going to Disney in terms of everything from head to toe, from the ears to the hats, to the earrings, t-shirts, totes, and towels. I can’t even tell you how many things we put together to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip so much fun for the family.

The first part of this trip, and putting together all of these amazing items for the trip, was the planning piece. My niece Alexandra was amazing with this. She created an Excel spreadsheet that she shared with me because she’s out in California and I’m in Colorado, and we needed a way to keep track of everything she and I were putting together and keep track of it all. That spreadsheet was amazing. It was a huge help in putting together all of the bits and pieces of what we wanted to pixie dust for our family. That was huge.

The other piece was we took the characters that everybody chose. When I made the Disney pool towels, every family member chose a character from Disney that they wanted to be represented of themselves for the trip. For instance, mine was Moana. I was now going to be getting all things Moana. That was what we used as the starting point for each person. We all had Disney Minnie ears. Mine were Moana, and Alexandra’s were Tinker Bell. Taking off from those characters we identified from the pool towels helped give us direction on the things we were putting together for each family member.

I am not going to have enough time to talk about every single little thing that we put together for each family member. Knowing that, I want to say that I will put together a list of everything and as many pictures as possible on the blog post. Also, I will post it on my social media so that if you are interested in even putting together 1, 2, or 3 of these items, if you’re heading to Disney anytime in the future, you can see what Alexandra and I put together for everybody. I wanted to share with you and give you some insight into two of the Cricut crafting Disney projects I did before this trip. Those two projects are the Disney nail decals I made using my Cricut maker and the t-shirts.

Disney Nail Decals

First of all, the Disney nail decals were so much fun. I got some imPRESS press on nails white in color. I went onto YouTube and a couple of different sites. I learned how to cut teeny tiny nail decals out of permanent vinyl that I put onto these press-on nails and then wore for the entire week while we were down at Disney World. This project was fun. I ordered the imPRESS nails from Amazon. I chose the color white because I wanted to do white nails with black permanent vinyl on them.

I chose five different symbols from Disney that I wanted Cricut to cut out that I was then going to put on the nails. The designs that I chose were a Walt Disney World font. I used the letter D in that fun, scripty font. I did a Mike Wazowski, Moana, a castle, and a Mickey head. I did play around with some more intricate SVG images.

When I went to cut out those more intricate images on my Cricut maker, I had a hard time weeding out that tiny image. I did go back to the five that I told you about and made them a silhouette. It worked well. I am talking about these images that were a quarter of an inch big, pretty tiny.

I have pretty big hands, and my nails are bigger than most people. I’m going to say I am super impressed with all of the people out there that are cutting these tiny nail decals that are so intricate. That is very impressive. I loved the ones that I came out with. One of the things I took away from these Disney nail decals was what I needed to do every day at Disney was to put another clear coat of top coat over those vinyl decals on top of the nails because of all of the wear and tear of going on the rides, the travel, and going in the water at Typhoon Lagoon. It’s pretty impressive that these lasted the entire week. I would’ve benefited from having my top coat with me and putting a little bit of top coat on those every day.

The only thing I brought with me was an extra little bit of nail glue because I read that the imPRESS nails, if you’re very active and in and out of the water, can sometimes separate off of your nails within a couple of days. I brought some nail glue with me. I did use that to keep the imPRESS nails on my nails. I also used it to glue down those little pieces of permanent vinyl that were popping up on me throughout the week. I’d have a little Mike Wazowski leg pop up, and I use that glue, glue it down, and it would be fine. It would have looked better if I had had that top coat. Keep that in mind if you are using nail decals, putting them on, and traveling. Bring that top coat with you.

Matching Disney Tees

The next highlight I want to talk to you about and the project I did with my Cricut maker was the Disney t-shirts. I did not think that I was the person that would be in the park in a different Disney t-shirt every day. I was wrong. I made one common Disney t-shirt for the entire group. I made a Disney is Better with Family t-shirt for twenty members of our family. On the back of that t-shirt, I put everybody’s character.

On my t-shirt, I had Moana on the back. I’m going to tell you something pretty unexpected for me. I didn’t know how many members of the family would be thrilled to be matching in t-shirts throughout the park. I had not been to Disney World since I was fourteen years old. That’s a long time ago and way before Cricut.

I don’t know back then if people were wearing matching tees. Maybe they were, but I didn’t notice it. Here’s one of the biggest tips that I can give you if you are going to Disney with a group, whether it’s 5 people or our group of 20. When we all were wearing the same t-shirt and matched up with our Disney is Better with Family t-shirt with our characters on the back, we were much more likely to get into the park at rope drop as a large group. I’m going to tell you why. It has everything to do with the t-shirt. We did stay at the Art of Animation, which is one of Disney World’s on-park hotels. Because we stayed in one of those Disney hotels, we were able to rope drop, which meant we could get into the park.

It varied. Usually, it was about 30 minutes before anybody else could get into the park. With a large group of twenty people heading towards the rope for rope drop, it was pretty chaotic. Once the time comes when the Disney employees are ready to let you in, they scan one member of the group’s magic band and ask you, “How many people are in your group?” There’s my brother-in-law, who is always leading the pack, Jeff, who would say twenty people. You could see the eyes like, “Okay,” because what they want to do is let your entire group in together. When we had our matching t-shirts on, that process was pretty quick. They could identify who we were. Jeff would say, “There are twenty of us, and we’re all wearing this t-shirt.” It made it so easy. We would all put our hands up.

The Disney member letting people through to go rope drop would look at all of us and know exactly who was part of our group. It went well. When we were not wearing our matching t-shirts, it was a bit more complicated, especially because of the size of our group. My opinion of Disney t-shirts has completely changed. It was not only so much fun having a different themed t-shirt for every park. It helped us move through the park as a group better. That is a huge tip. I was not anticipating that to be the case.

The next piece about the Disney t-shirts I wanted to share is that I got all of the SVG files for the Disney t-shirts from Etsy. They have a huge amount of choices. I was able to find every single character and theme I needed for the Disney t-shirts on Etsy. I did create t-shirts for my family, the four of us, for a couple of days but not every day and not for the twenty-member group. After doing the towel project, there was no way I was going to be able to make 20 t-shirts times 4 different parks. It wasn’t going to be possible. I made myself a t-shirt for every park.

That was fun to get up every day and put on this park-themed t-shirt to head over to that individual park. I also made my husband a couple of different ones.

One of my favorite t-shirts I made him was a Chewbacca t-shirt for when we were going to Hollywood Studios, where the whole Star Wars world is. That was one of my favorite t-shirts I made. I will share a picture of that one because it’s pretty cool.

It goes with my husband’s personality. It was fun. In talking about the t-shirts, I am going to tell you I tried something cool that I had never tried before. I found puff vinyl. If you have never tried puff vinyl, it is super fun.

I used it for my Animal Kingdom t-shirt that I did with the big sun setting with Simba in it and the sun I made out of puff vinyl.

It creates this cool look and texture on the t-shirt. I also used the puff vinyl for all the girls’ Minnie ears that I made for their Disney is Better with Family t-shirts.

The little bow that went on the mini ears, I made that with puff vinyl. It gave it this cute extra accent.


Try some puff vinyl if you are making some t-shirts or things that you want to add a little extra texture to or accent. I found it fun. I enjoy the way it looks.


Definitely try some Puff Vinyl if you are making some t-shirts or things that you want add a little extra texture or accent to. Share on X

Disney Tote Bags

Along with the t-shirts and the nail decals, I want to share with you what we put in these amazing tote bags that Alexandra had put together for every family on the trip. I’m going to share with you what went in those tote bags. To start with, the tote bag was so cute. Alexandra got some tote bags that zipped at the top.


Their canvas tote bags are amazing. She put a fun Mickey head with all the different characters of Disney using that SVG file and vinyl, which she put on one side of the tote bag. On the other side of the tote bag, she had the saying, “The one where they went to Disney,” which is super fun. Not every individual family member got a tote bag, but every family group. That was a big project as well.

She then put all the pixie-dusting Disney swag into those tote bags and flew them in an extra suitcase down to Disney World just like I flew with an extra duffle bag of Disney pool towels. She flew with an extra bag too. When we got down to the Disney World hotel, she took everything and made the most amazing tote bags full of all things Disney swag, everybody’s characters, and everything like that. She delivered them to everybody’s hotel room the night before we had our first park day. It was so much fun. It was cool to see what was in the tote and everybody’s reaction. It’s such a fun way to start our Disney World trip. I’m going to tell you the things that I contributed and also the amazingly long list of things that Alexandra put together in those Disney tote bags.

The things that I contributed that I made with the Cricut were the Disney-themed pool towels that we used at Typhoon Lagoon. I cut the fabric out with the Cricut maker and sewed that fabric onto the pool towels. They were individualized for everybody. I share my entire experience doing that in Episode 8.

Disney Fingernail Decals: Alexandra’s Personalized Tinkerbell Towel

The other things I put in were the t-shirts for every family member. I did that. Twenty t-shirts went out. I also did sew some lanyards. Using the scrap Disney fabric I had left over from my towel project, I sewed every family member except two because Alex and Johnathan already had lanyards. I sew a lanyard. The lanyard was used to hold a pin pouch and a little badge holder where we placed these cards.

We found these cute character bingo cards on Etsy that I bought and downloaded and had Kinkos print out. They had all of the characters throughout all of the Disney parks. We attached a little permanent marker to those badge holders and the kids and adults, but mostly for the kids so they could wear that lanyard with the character bingo throughout the park. While waiting in the long lines, they could take out their card and mark off any of the characters they had seen throughout the parks. That was fun. I made those lanyards. The other piece that we used for those badge holders was that in the EPCOT, it was the Food and Wine Festival going on while we were there. We got some cool sipping and snacking Around the World cards from Etsy.

The download file had those printed at Kinkos as well. Those went in the badge holders for the adults and kids so that when we were at EPCOT, everybody could keep track of all the snacks and drinks they had in each of the different countries of EPCOT. That was fun. The lanyards were used for that. I also did sew a backpack last minute. I loved to sew, and I had this extra retro Star Wars fabric left over from the towels. I knew I was going to need a backpack for the parks. I thought, “I’m going to make myself a cute little backpack,” so I made a backpack. I will post pictures of it. It came out very fun and cute.

I made four luggage tags for my family with each of our characters on them.

I made canvas shoes. In one of my other projects in one of my other episodes, Episode 6, I did a shaving cream and tie-dye canvas shoe project with my son. On the two pairs of shoes, one I made for myself and when I made for Alexandra, knowing that we would be going to Disney. I made some canvas shoes that I wore down in Disney World with some heat transfer vinyl of Disney characters placed on those shoes. It’s a lot of Disney swag.

In these tote bags that Alexandra put together were a ton of useful, amazing items that came in handy, everything from some mosquito bug bands for all the family members to little pouches with heat transfer vinyl on them and park essentials where she put wet wipes, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, and things like that, even a little thing of ibuprofen that we carried into the park in our backpacks every day.

We didn’t bring the tote bags in, but we moved some of that stuff from the tote bags into our backpacks to bring in. The long list of items includes but is not limited to sunglasses for every family member with the heat transfer vinyl put on the side with the year and Disney World and their character, and the fans that blow mists. Those were in the tote. She had tissues, ponchos, and pin pouches.


Those also were hung from the lanyards. The pin pouches were cool. Another thing I learned down at Disney is that pin trading is huge. These pin pouches that Alexandra put in for all family members had 1 or 2 pins. The kids and adults could walk around, and there are different stations throughout the park where you leave a pin and take a pin. It was a cool activity that the kids and the adults enjoyed when we were in all of the parks. She made some custom pin pouches, scrunchies, and sun tan lotion with the stickers of the characters on top. There are so many useful, amazing things that we need but didn’t maybe know we were going to need. She did an incredible job, and it was really fun seeing the final product of the tote bag with all the fun stuff.

One other thing she put in that was a smart idea was some fidget toys, those puppet toys. She found puppet toys in Disney figures and attached them to each of the totes for the kids so that when they were waiting in lines, they had something to fidget with. It was smart and fun. The fact that they were a Yoda head or a Stitch figure was pretty cool that she found that stuff.

There is a ton of other stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting, but I will list it all in case you’re interested to see, want to take some ideas from that, and add them to something you’re putting together for your Disney trip. I want to share with you my crafting keepers from this episode. I have two crafting keepers. The first one is creating nail decals with the Cricut maker using permanent vinyl.

That was pretty cool. I learned a lot from that because, like I said before, I will be carrying a top coat with me to make sure that that vinyl stays on well while I’m wearing those imPRESS press-on nails. Making nail decals is a crafting keeper. I could see making some fun ones for all the different seasons that happened throughout the year.

Disney Fingernail Decals: My Halloween Nail Decals

The other crafting keeper is the puff vinyl. That was such a fun, unexpected find. It added some texture and fun to the t-shirts I was making for this trip. My SatisCRAFTion rating for this is a five. This was awesome. It was so much fun to put together all this Disney swag for the entire family, being down there and everybody having everything and wearing it. All the Mickey hats, Mickey ears, Minnie ears, and different character items personalized to everybody were fun.

It was so much fun to put together all of this Disney swag for the entire family and have everybody wearing Mickey hats, Mickey ears, and different character items that were personalized for them. Share on X

A Few Things We Learned About Disney

This gets a five. I don’t want to leave this episode without sharing a few things that I learned about Disney because this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us. We did go big. I want to share a couple of cool things that we experienced when we were down there. I mentioned the pin trading. That was a neat thing that everybody enjoyed, walking up to the different stands and looking at the pins that were there. As long as you had a pin to give, you could take one. It was free. Buying your own pins does cost money, but the trading part of it was a fun experience. That was a fun takeaway. The Genie Plus and Lightning Lane were an experience. My takeaway from that is to look at YouTube tutorials on how to utilize Genie Plus and Lightning Lane.

Who knows? By the time this episode is out there, there may be a ton of different changes to the system. When we were down there at the beginning of August 20222, it was where we had to have four family members meet up outside the lobby of the hotel. Because we were a group of twenty, we could only book the Genie Plus and the Lightning Lanes for ten members. We had two people that were booking Genie Plus experiences and two people that were purchasing Lightning Lane rides because we wanted to make sure when we were down there, we got to do the rides we wanted to do. We were going to be down there one time. In order to do that, we had to be down there, and right at 7:00, getting on our phones, getting on our Disney experience apps, and booking those rides.

We were lucky enough that my brother-in-law Jeff had done a ton of research. We were even some days on the buses standing four of us together and clicking in and getting those rides. We got to ride every single thing we wanted to because we had looked into how to do it and did it right at 7:00 every morning. If you are planning to go to Disney World, check into the Genie Plus and Lightning Lane system because it is changing all the time. It has a learning curve. My other takeaway would be that we had such an amazing time at a restaurant called Homecomin’ in Disney Springs. Our waiter was incredible. He was so personable. It is a very busy time in August before school starts down at Disney World. I want to shout him out because once he found out that my husband and I were teachers, he gave us the Disney employee discount off our bill to thank us for being teachers and educators.

That was not something that I ever expected to happen. I want to say that there are some good people out there. That took me by surprise and was super appreciated. I have one more thing. I’ve got to share my favorite rides with you. My favorite ride is Guardians of the Galaxy. I was so worried because everybody talked about how they were getting sick of it. I did, in the past, get a little bit of motion sickness on boats and stuff, so I was super nervous. I made a deal with myself that when I was in Disney World, I was going to try every ride that I could.

I did do that except for the Tower of Terror. That is the one ride I did not do, but in every other ride that I was scared to ride, I tried. Guardians is an incredible experience, from the queue line all the way through to the end. If you get the opportunity, ride that ride. It is incredible. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, by far, was the scariest ride I went on. I loved it.

Disney Fingernail Decals: Riding Rockin’ Roller Coaster

The biggest surprise ride that I wasn’t expecting to love that I did love was Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Train. That was so cool. It was such a fun ride. My favorite extra was the Rhino Tour. It was so great at Animal Kingdom. It was reasonably priced. It was $50 a person, and it was well worth it. It was a pretty cool experience.

My takeaway is that I went into this trip having some pretty low expectations about the amount of rides that we all wanted to do and that we would be able to do as a large group of twenty. That was wrong. We got to ride a ton of rides together. The other thing was to go big when you go to Disney. Embrace the culture, the ears, the t-shirts, and all of the swag. Not to be cheesy, but it is a magical experience. It’s a magical place for the time that you’re down there. I hope that you can take something away from this episode. If you are planning a trip to Disney any time in the future, maybe there’s something that you can take with you for your experience when you had to at Walt Disney World. That is it for this episode. Take care. I hope that you have a great week. I look forward to our next crafting adventure.

Go big when you go to Disney. Embrace the culture, the ears, the t-shirts, all of the swag because it is just really a magical experience in a magical place. Share on X

SatisCRAFTion rating: 5


Important Links

Crafting Keepers:

  1. Puff vinyl
  2. Making Fingernail decals with Cricut

Materials List:


  • Bella Canvas T-Shirts various colors and sizes bulk order from: Jiffyshirts.com
  • Disney SVG various styles from Etsy
  • Weeding tools
  • Cricut Easy press Iron
  • T-shirt alignment tool
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl (various colors) bulk black
  • Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

Luggage Tags:

Lanyards with Disney Character Bingo cards and Snacking and Drinking Around the World Cards:

Back Pack:

Disney Items I made for the trip:

  • Nail Decals (Cricut)
  • T-Shirts (highlight on Puff Vinyl) Cricut
  • T-Shirt care instruction tags (Cricut)
  • Luggage Tags (Cricut)
  • Canvas Shoes (Cricut)
  • Towels (Cricut) 
  • Lanyards to hold Disney Character Bingo/Epcot Snacking & Drinking Cards
  • Backpack Star Wars

Alexandra Used her Cutting machine to add vinyl to:

  • Tote Bags
  • Sunglasses
  • Pin Pouches

Extras Pixie Dust that Alex added to the tote bags:

  • Mickey/Disney earrings
  • Band-Aids
  • Advil
  • Purell hand wipes
  • Clorox disinfectant wipes
  • Tissue packs
  • Sunglasses
  • Chapstick
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Ponchos
  • Bug bands
  • Bug repellent character stickers
  • Playing cards (we used these almost every night!)
  • Scrunchies
  • Hair bands
  • Puzzles
  • Fans
  • Fidgets
  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Water pouch
  • Mist fan
  • Character Ears
  • Character Themed Hats


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