DIY Wood Round With Creative Fabrica Welcome SVG

WCA 41 | Welcome Door Hanger


Summer is here and I am excited to create a farmhouse-style “Welcome” door hanger to freshen up our front door! This is one of my favorite projects that I have done in a long time. I did need to make a choice between using heat transfer vinyl and permanent vinyl…find out which one I chose and why it was the wrong choice. I found the perfect SVG Welcome design for my project on Creative Fabrica. I am so excited to share with all of you that Creative Fabrica is giving us the opportunity to access over 7 million fonts, graphics, and digital resources in an All Access Subscription Free Trial! I have already started my all-access subscription free trial and I am excited by all the crafting possibilities!

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DIY Wood Round With Creative Fabrica Welcome SVG


WCA 41 | Welcome Door Hanger


Welcome to the show. In this crafting project, I have finished making a wood round Welcome door hanger. Let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind this project. It’s summertime. I am out of teaching for the summer and so excited for the new summer season to be here. I am so excited to get crafty this summer and come up with some fun, unique ways to use my Cricut Maker and do some fun crafts to share with you.

Partnership With Creative Fabrica

I had done a wreath before with the paper flowers. That was back in February 2023. I feel like it was time to freshen up our front door with a fabulous Welcome sign. I found the absolute perfect one, and I love how it came out. I have so much to share with you about this crafting adventure. I want to tell you about the resource that I used for this crafting project. It is CreativeFabrica.com.

WCA 41 | Welcome Door Hanger


Creative Fabrica is a one-stop website. It has tons of fonts, graphics, crafts, and sewing patterns. There are so many ways to get inspired and crafty. I’m super excited to dig into Creative Fabrica and learn more about what they have to offer through my all-access subscription free trial. Here’s the best part. Creative Fabrica is also offering all of you the same all-access free subscription. I already signed up and started my free trial. I already downloaded my first SVG. That is what I used to create my beautiful Welcome door hanger wood round sign that I made in this crafting project.

Project Materials

Let me give you a little more information and highlight a couple of materials for this project. A couple of them that I do not have in my crafting corner, and there were quite a few for this one, was the wood round door hanger. I did need and want about an 18, almost 19-inch wood round. I love that size of the door hanger, especially for our front door, so I got that wood round.

WCA 41 | Welcome Door Hanger


The other thing that I needed was some paint. I decided that I wanted to paint mine an ivory white color, so I did go ahead and got a spray can of Rust-Oleum ivory bisque paint. I did use my 12×24 Cricut cutting mat. The reason I did that is because my SVG is going to be larger than 12 inches. In order to accommodate the size of the door hanger, I needed to get my long 12×24-inch cutting mat for this project.



I got some ribbon. I used two kinds of ribbon that were two and a half inches wide, which were burlap and a sunflower pattern ribbon. I also used some greenery. I wanted to add some of that farmhouse greenery look with my ribbon for the top of the door hanger sign. The two that I chose were a lamb’s ear and a eucalyptus. Both of those I purchased at Walmart for $2 maybe each. It was really reasonable. I needed some floral wire, hot glue, and a staple gun, a lot of different things than I normally am doing or using in my crafting corner.

Crafting Project Experience

Let me get into the experience of this crafting project. The first thing that I did was paint my wood round. I used a Rust-Oleum spray which is an ivory bisque color that completely covered my wood round. I did use a foam brush as I was doing the spray paint on the wood to make sure that the coat of paint was even, so I got really good coverage over the entire wood round. I then had to let that sit and dry. That gave me the opportunity to jump into Creative Fabrica and start searching for the first SVG that I wanted to download from them and find a fun Welcome to put on this wood round.

WCA 41 | Welcome Door Hanger


I knew that I wanted to do a script-y Welcome that covered a lot of the wood round. I wanted to have a ribbon with the greenery up at the top, but what I really wanted was a fun, bold, crisp Welcome to go across that sign. I started digging into the Creative Fabrica website, and there is so much. There is a lot. It is good that I have a month to explore what is on there because I chose a simple project and cut file to download at first. I know I want to get a little more complicated in my next few projects, but this one was going to be simple.



I found the perfect SVG file for my door hanger, and I found it at Chamsae Studio. They had a beautiful Welcome SVG that was specifically designed for the wood round door hanger. It fits well with the look I wanted and the round door hanger that I was going to be putting together. That was awesome. I downloaded my new SVG file easily onto my desktop. That was easy to upload and then pop right onto my Cricut Design Space canvas and size it for my wood round. I’m using almost a nineteen-inch wood round, so my cut file is going to be pretty large.



I ended up making it about 17 inches wide by about 7 and a half, maybe a little bit bigger than that, tall for the design, which is why I needed my 12×24 inch cutting that. I really wanted this look, the design, and the Welcome to cover a lot of that wood sign. I did create a little circle guide on my Cricut Design Space canvas so I could size that Welcome the exact way that I wanted it to look on the round. That was an easy process.



I then got to cutting out this Welcome. My choice here was heat transfer vinyl or permanent vinyl. Whenever there’s an option between heat transfer vinyl and permanent vinyl, I go with heat transfer vinyl. I don’t love weeding out permanent vinyl. I know that probably most people that would be doing this type of project would be using permanent vinyl. That’s awesome. It is great for this project, but I love heat transfer vinyl and the ease of weeding it. For the most part, I had good luck and experiences attaching it to lots of different materials in my crafting projects. I went with heat transfer vinyl. I’ll tell you a little bit more about that in a few minutes. Cutting it out was easy. The Cricut did a great job cutting out this SVG file. It is beautiful. It cuts beautifully and weeds beautifully.



I then got into putting that Welcome design onto my painted wood round. This is where things got a little bit more challenging than I wish they would’ve. I’m not sure if it was the paint I used. I’m not sure if it was the kind of heat transfer vinyl that I used. I have put heat transfer vinyl on painted wood before in my seasonal home sign that I made with the basswood so I knew that it was possible. I knew that you can do it. For some reason, attaching this heat transfer vinyl to my painted wood round did not go as smoothly as I was hoping it would have.



I did use my Cricut mini heat press for this, and I used butcher paper in between my heat press and the Welcome design. I did that because I wanted to protect my heat press from any paint getting on it or anything like that. I also wanted to protect the design. I was hopeful that by using that technique, I would have no problem heating up that heat transfer vinyl and getting it to stay and attach to the wood, but it didn’t go well.



I ended up having to take my time and heat up section by section and letter by letter with my mini heat press and the butcher paper. This took me a lot longer than I thought it was going to. I made up for the weeding time by putting the heat transfer vinyl onto the painted wood round. If I do a project like this again, which I’m pretty sure I will because I love how it turned out, I’m going to do permanent vinyl. I am not going to use the heat transfer vinyl with this size of a design on the painted wood. That is one thing that I learned in this process.



I did eventually get everything attached. It looks great. There were a couple of places where when I was heating up the heat transfer vinyl design on top of the wood round, when I peeled up the butcher paper, it messed up my paint. I did have to go back and do a little bit of touch-up in a few places where when I was lifting up the butcher paper after heating the design, my paint either pulled up or got a little bumpy. I didn’t like the way it looked, but that was a quick fix. I had to go through and touch up with that Rust-Oleum ivory bisque color that I used.



While that was drying again, I started putting together my greenery and bow for the top of the door hanger sign. This part of the project was so enjoyable. I love arranging flowers. It’s relaxing to me and fun. I’ve never made a bow before, this kind of bow. I’ve wrapped gifts with bows, but this is a whole different kind of bow, so this next part of the project was enjoyable.



I took two pieces of greenery for each side. I did a lamb’s ear on each side, and I did a eucalyptus on each side. Since I’m in Colorado and it’s a farmhouse kind of wood round sign, I wanted to stick with the greenery and the bow on the top. I decided not to put any other kinds of flowers into that top by the bow. I wanted that green and then the pop of the sunflower bow.



Arranging the greenery took me a little bit because I had to go back and forth in putting the greenery together, bending it around the top of my sign for placement, and also arranging the eucalyptus and the lamb’s ear so that they didn’t look like they were layered on top of each other. I wanted it to have a natural look. Even though they’re fake greenery, I wanted it to have a natural look of being intertwined with each other. That took some time to bend and adjust the different pieces of greenery together.

Once I did that, I took my floral wire and wrapped it together so that it would stay in place. I got that greenery exactly where I wanted it. I used my floral wire to wrap around it and keep it in place, and then I got started on my bow. This was so much fun. I did a lot of investigation on how to make a bow. The resources that I found were using some kind of bow tool. It was a wood dowel bow pro tool, and I don’t have one of those. I watched different techniques and did my own twist on a couple of different techniques. There was not one resource that I used.

What I ended up doing was taking the sunflower ribbon, putting the burlap ribbon underneath that, and then starting to create a bow that had two tails. It had four loops, so two loops on each side, and then a fun little top loop in the middle. My four loops that were on each side were about four inches, maybe a little bit wider. I didn’t want to go with a large bow. I wanted it to be a nice, cute compact bow right at the top and I wanted my greenery to be coming out from under that bow so it all looked good together.

In the process of making the bow, it took me two times. I did one and I didn’t love it. I felt like my loops were too long. They got saggy, and I didn’t like how that would be looking, especially knowing that it was going to be hanging on our front door with a lot of opening and closing and things like that. I thought that for the purpose of having it on our front door, it would best be a more compact bow. I did a lot of twisting and a lot of measuring with my hands and bringing the ribbons over and twisting again. It came out beautifully.

Two important things about this bow that I did pick up from watching different people make different bows all over the internet was using zip ties to help not only keep the bow together but also then to attach my greenery to the bow. Zip ties are amazing. They worked well. The way that the zip tie holds the bow together and then how a second zip tie is holding the greenery to my bow, that is going to stay in place. That is not moving anywhere. I did use my pliers to tighten up those zip ties so that there wouldn’t be a lot of movement because this sign is going on our front door.

Using zip ties help not only to keep the bow together but also to attach the greenery to the bow. Share on X

After I got my bow attached to my greenery, I took a good amount of time in placing that bow and greenery on the wood round. I wanted to make sure that I had it centered so that when it was hanging, the middle of the bow was the middle of my sign. I used hot glue to attach the greenery and the bow to the top of my wood round. Once that hot glue set, I took my staple gun, got right up in there on top, and stapled that greenery down as best I could. I did probably 2 to 3 staples. Way up top, you can’t see them. It is underneath on the eucalyptus the lamb’s ear greenery to attach that well to my wood round. That is it. It looks beautiful.

This is one of my favorite crafting projects that I’ve done with my Cricut and crafting in general. I love how the Welcome Farmhouse Font looks. I love the script. I love the style. I love how it fits perfectly into that wood round shape. I love the greenery and the sunflower bow. Sunflowers remind me of summer. The bright yellow, white, and all those different colors coming together with the greenery accent looks beautiful. I am super excited to put it on our front door and enjoy it all season long.

WCA 41 | Welcome Door Hanger


Crafting Keepers And StatisCRAFTion

Let me tell you about my Crafting Keepers for this crafting project. My first Crafting Keeper is going to be the resource and the website Creative Fabrica. I am so excited to jump in and learn a lot about what they have to offer in terms of different crafting ideas, inspiration, and projects. They have so much that I feel like I’m going to have fun putting some cool crafting projects together and sharing them with you. The opportunity to try an all-access subscription free trial is pretty cool. I hope that if it is something you are interested in, you take advantage of the opportunity to also get this all-access subscription free trial. Check it out. If it’s something you’re interested in, maybe you’ll find some inspiration, different designs, or fonts that you might want to bring into your crafting projects.

My second Crafting Keeper for this episode is going to be the 12×24 cutting mat. There is no way with my 12×12 cutting mat that I would’ve been able to create this Welcome design in the size that I wanted it to be for this project. Having that bigger cutting mat allowed me to get the design in exactly the size that I wanted to create the exact look that I wanted for my project. That 12×24 cutting mat is a keeper.

My satisCRAFTion rating for this project is going to be 4.5. There is so much about this project that I love. I love the summer feel. I love the farmhouse door hanger look with the beautiful Welcome design, the sunflower bow, and the greenery. There’s so much that I love about this project. The one thing that I did not love that surprised me was the challenge of getting my heat transfer vinyl to stick and attach to my painted wood round.

It was because of that frustration and it not going well or not going the way I wanted it to, or I think that it could if I would’ve used permanent vinyl, that I had to knock it down to a 4.5. I would recommend doing permanent vinyl if you are going to be trying this crafting project. With the size of the design, and maybe it could have been the paint I was using, I’d go with the permanent vinyl on this one. That is my crafting project. I hope that this project inspires you to get your Cricut off the shelf and get crafty. Until our next adventure, take care.


SatisCRAFTion: 4.5


Crafting Keepers:

  1. CreativeFabrica.com
  2. 12 X 24 Inch cutting mat for large cutting projects




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