Foil Iron On Vinyl Personalized Baseball Mom Visor

WCA 33 | Foil Iron On Vinyl


Want to make your project shimmer and shine? Foil iron on vinyl does just that in my latest crafting adventure. It is baseball season in our house, so I am spending a lot of time outside in the Colorado sunshine watching my son play baseball. In this project, I am using foil iron on vinyl for the first time to add a shiny blue personalized baseball design with my son’s jersey number to a visor. This is a very quick and easy project that I completed in under one hour! The foil material was easy to work with, and my heat press worked great with the visor.

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Foil Iron On Vinyl Personalized Baseball Mom Visor


WCA 33 | Foil Iron On Vinyl


It is baseball season in this house. My son Matthew plays baseball for his high school so I thought that it would be really fun to create a cute visor to celebrate and cheer on my son while he’s playing in his baseball games. Instead of doing a T-shirt, since I’m such a hat girl, I decided that I would create a personalized visor that has his number on it and the cute saying that says, “I’ll always be your biggest fan.”

It has a little heart at the bottom and his number on his jersey, which is 13. This is such a quick and fun project and I’m super excited to wear it at his baseball games. It’s not as big as a big T-shirt. I don’t think it’ll embarrass him too much, but I’m not sure.  I’ll have to wait and see what he says when I wear it to the game. This was fun.

WCA 33 | Foil Iron On Vinyl


This is a quick short little crafting project. One of the things that I wanted to share was that I did decide to use iron-on foil for the first time. I’ve seen it as I’ve been shopping for different kinds of vinyl and different things. I’ve never used the iron-on foil so I decided a little shimmer on my visor would be fun with the sun shining down. That is what I chose to use in this project.

A couple of the standouts are my hat form platform, my hat sheet press, and the foil iron-on. I chose a bright blue because the visor that I am using is white. I thought it would be a fun basic blue that would be shimmering on that white visor. The other thing that I needed is my fine point blade to cut the iron-on foil and I did use the Cricut Heat App that automatically connects with my hat press through Bluetooth.

WCA 33 | Foil Iron On Vinyl


Let me get into the experience. While this was a pretty quick of a project because I searched through Cricut Design Space and found a cute design that had a little baseball. It has the saying that I wanted and a number. I did upload the design from Cricut Design Space. The one thing that I changed was the number in the heart because I wanted my design to match my son’s jersey number.

All I did was highlight that little area of the design and switch it to number 13 from the number that was in the original design. I love that because it takes a design that’s ready to go that lots of people can use, but makes it personal because it’s my son’s jersey number. I love that about this project. After that, I made sure I sized down my design to about 1.8 inches tall and about 2.5 inches wide.



Cricut Design Space takes a design that's ready to go that lots of people can use, but also makes it personal. Share on X

The visor area where I can put my design is a lot smaller than my typical hat design for my trucker hats. I did have to measure out that area for the visor and make sure that my design was going to fit in there. After that, I loaded up my foil onto my cutting mat. My foil does need to be mirrored and the shiny side goes down on the mat. I have done this before and then I had Cricut cut out the design.

I was interested to learn about what the weaning process was going to be with the foil and I was surprised at how easy it was to weed the iron-on foil. I don’t know if I was expecting it to be more like permanent vinyl and that is not my favorite material to weed. For some reason, permanent vinyl and I have a tough time when it comes to the weeding process. This iron-on foil was easy to weed. That process took me only about 5 to 8 minutes to weed out this cute little design. The tiny little pieces came right out with no problem. That was enjoyable.

The next piece of this project was getting my visor to go onto my hat form and getting my Cricut Hat Press heated up to the correct temperature for the iron-on foil. That again was a pretty easy process and went fast. I love my Cricut hat form. It worked great with my visor. I adjusted it all around so that my visor was ready to go.



I attached my design with some heat transfer tape to keep it in place, used my Cricut Heat App to Bluetooth wireless heat up my hat press, and then attached my design. This was a pretty quick and easy project. I would say less than an hour from start to finish, which is fun and not a lot of frustration at all. It was a fun project to do.

Let me share my Crafting Keepers for this crafting project. My first Crafting Keeper is going to be the foil iron-on. This product is awesome. I love it. I love how it looks on the finished product and visor. I love how easy it was to weed. I love how easily it attached to the visor using my Hat Press. I cannot say anything bad about this foil iron-on. I’m excited to use it in different projects down the road.

My second Crafting Keeper for this project is going to be the Cricut Heat app. It made putting the foil iron-on to my visor with the hat press simple. It connects wirelessly to my Hat Press from my phone. Once you get into the app, you open a new project. You put in the material that you’re using, which would be my foil iron-on material, and what your base material is. In this case, mine was a poly-cotton visor.

Once you put in those materials and you let them attach to your Heat Press, it automatically walks you through the entire process from preheating your material to then attaching the foil iron-on to whatever the base material is that you’re using. It makes it so easy. There’s no guessing and the Heat Press gets exactly how hot it needs to be. It lets you know exactly how long you need to press it. That Cricut Heat guide app is definitely a keeper.



My satisCRAFTion rating for this project is a five. There are not many projects that I can do in less than an hour that I would be excited to wear outside of my house. This is definitely one of them and I’m excited with how my visor came out. I am loving that it has my son’s jersey number right on it and I am looking forward to wearing it for his baseball games coming up this spring. I hope that this project maybe inspires you not only to try the Cricut iron-on material, that foil iron-on, but also to get your Cricut off the shelf and get crafty. Until our next adventure. Take care.


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 5


Crafting Keepers:

  1. Iron-On Foil vinyl
  2. Cricut Heat App


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