Infusible Ink Smart Watch Band And Beaded Bracelets Project

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


Do you want to add more personality and fun to your usual smart watch bands and bracelets? In this weekend crafting adventure, Kim Wojtalewicz gets crafty with a sublimation smart watch band to create a simple but fun spring and summer design with infusible ink transfer sheets. Kim loves the look of a simple crisp design on a watch band, so she decided to do a black and white daisy design with a little pop of color in the center of the daisies. The sublimation watch band blank was the perfect background for black and teal infusible ink. This project is definitely easy to complete in a couple of hours. Kim even had time to make some colorful bead bracelets to wear with her new smart watch band!

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Infusible Ink Smart Watch Band And Beaded Bracelets Project


WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


In this crafting project, I have taken some Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, created a fun little spring-summer design, and put it onto a blank smartwatch band. Let me tell you about the inspiration behind this crafting project. I have only ever used the silicone watch bands that came with my smartwatch. I bought a bunch of different colors, so I could do different colors when I’m wearing my smartwatch, but I decided that I wanted to go with a different style watch band than the silicone watch band.

As I was looking around for different options and different ideas, I thought to myself, “I should make myself my fun little design, put it on a watch band, and make my own.” That’s what I did. The other part of this project is because this was such a fast and pretty easy project to do with the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, I had some extra time to create some beaded bracelets that are accents to my new smartwatch band that I created with the Infusible Ink. That was fun too.

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


Craft Project Materials

I seem to be picking up all of these different beads. Every time I’m in a craft store and I see them on sale, I’m getting the clearance beads and sail beads. I have started to gather quite a collection of beads. I thought, “What a fun little way to accent my new watch band to create a couple of different beaded bracelets to wear with the watch band.” This is a two-craft project in one episode.

Let me tell you a little bit about the materials that I needed to create this watch band above and beyond the typical things that I have in my crafting corner. The first thing would be the sublimation blank smartwatch band. I got mine on Amazon. It was about $10 but reasonable. I did get the size large. That’s my personal preference. The other thing I needed would be the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets.

I wanted to do a simple black-and-white daisy design with a little pop of color in the center of the daisies. I wanted to keep it simple but crisp and fun for spring and summer. I did have to get the black Infusible Ink sheets, but I did have some of the turquoise leftovers from the Infusible Ink hat that I created. I decided that would be a perfect color to add to the center of those daisies.

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


In terms of the bracelets, I do use Stretch Magic® Jewelry Cord to make my beaded bracelets. That is something that I use to make the bracelets, and then the beads that I keep collecting as I’m going through all of the craft stores and seeing them on clearance or sale. That would be it in terms of specific materials above and beyond those crafting corner materials that I have laying around.

Shoutout To The Tutorials

I’m going to go back to the first crafting project that I did, which is the Infusible Ink design onto the smartwatch band. I do want to shout out two resources that I used to do this project. The first one is Jamela Payne. She has a fast and informative YouTube tutorial on using Cricut Transfer Sheets on a sublimation blank smartphone watch. That was helpful for me.

The other one was a quick one by CrystalAnn. She also has a YouTube tutorial that I used to gather information when I was deciding what I wanted to do and how to do this project. The thing that I found with these two tutorials and even some of the other ones that I came across as I was doing research for this project was that most of the designs and the Cricut Infusible Ink smartwatch band projects used the design that was on the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets.

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


For example, if it was a floral design on that Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet, the project was done without using the Cricut cutting machine or your cutting machine. It was used by putting that Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet onto that blank sublimation watch band and adding heat with the heat press, which is cool. That means you can do this project without a cutting machine and get a great watch band at the end of it.

That’s fun, but what I wanted to do was a little bit different. I used those resources, but then I went in a little bit of a different direction and decided to create my design where I was going to have my cutting machine cut out the daisy flower outline to put onto my watch band with the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. The way that I chose to do this project took a little more time than the tutorials that I mentioned and I watched because I wanted to do mine a little bit differently.

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


Smart Watch Band: Crafting Process And Experience

Let me talk to you about this experience. I knew that my sublimation blank was a bright white. I wanted to keep it simple. I decided to go into Cricut Design Space and find a simple daisy design. I used that daisy design, put it right there on Cricut Design Space, and duplicated it at the exact size that I wanted for my watch band. I did try a couple of different sizes, but I ended up going with the daisy design simply down the middle of the watch band. I did alternate the direction that those daisies were going so they flip-flopped back and forth. They looked a little different as you’re looking at the watch band.

I knew I wanted to do the outline of the daisies in black. That way, the white leaves pedals would automatically be part of the design from my sublimation watch band blank. I wanted to add a little pop of color to the inside of the daisies. This is where my project got a little bit complicated, but I did make a hat before using the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. I did have a little bit of experience using two different colors, but this was a lot smaller design.

I did take the turquoise color of the Infusible Ink to be that little pop of color on the inside of the daisies. Designing this was easy. I did make two rectangular shapes that represented both sides of my watch band. I measured out the watch band, created those rectangles, and then placed my daisy design onto those rectangles for Cricut to cut out the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. The cutting is easy.

My design was small, but it wasn’t too small that I had too much of a challenge removing the pieces of the designs that I didn’t want. The weeding worked well when I was using that method where you crack it with your fingers and do most of the weeding with your fingers. That worked great for the daisies, but I did want that little center of the daisy to be that turquoise color.

I ended up having to cut out another set of the daisies to then take those little round inside circles that were going to go into the black outline design. I had to figure out a way to get them into the black daisy design before I put it onto the blank wristbands. There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to do that. First of all, what I experienced when I’ve used Infusible Ink before is that heating it one time at a consistent heat with the right amount of pressure gives you the best outcome for the colors. I did not want to have to heat up my design twice. I wanted it to be one heating and done.

Heating the infusible ink one time at a consistent heat with the right amount of pressure really gives you the best outcome for the colors. Share on X

That’s one of the reasons. The other reason is something called ghosting, which is a term that I have heard used with the Infusible Ink when either you have an uneven temperature, you heat the material or the ink twice, or you use an uneven amount of either the transfer tape or the heat transfer tape that you use to keep on your design. To avoid all of those situations, I did take the time to very carefully use some tweezers and take those little round turquoise dots to put onto the design that I had already weeded out, which is the black outline of the daisy.

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


That took me the longest out of anything in this entire project. Once I got the two sides for each part of my watch band ready to go, the rest of the project was easy. I did look up the heat instructions for this watch band sublimation blank because when I looked at the Cricut Heat app and instructions, there was no specific heat temperature listed for a watch sublimation blank that is faux leather, which I believe is what this sublimation blank is.

I did end up going back onto Amazon where I purchased the watch band and going to look up that specific product. In the description of the product, I found the exact heat and pressing time for this blank. Thankfully, it did work out great with the Infusible Ink. The temperature was 360. I pressed it for 55 seconds, lined up both sides of my watch band together, put on top of it the butcher paper that comes with the Infusible Ink sheets, put my Cricut EasyPress™ on top with the correct temperature and time, and let it go.

I was nervous taking off the transfer tape when I was done heating it because I was so hopeful that all of the little details of the daisy and the little pop of color were going to come through, and they did. It’s a very simple design, but I love that. There’s something about having that black-and-white design with a little bit of pop of color in there that makes me happy. It came out great.

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


After I completed my watch band, I had to put together the pieces to attach them to my smartwatch. You get this fun little package. You get the two sides of the watch band in the package completely blank with no hardware or anything on it, but you do have to put it together at the end, and it doesn’t come with instructions. I went back onto Amazon again where I bought it. Luckily, I found multiple pictures where that have the description of what you’re buying. One of those pictures had little step-by-step instructions on it on how to put together the watch band to get it to fit onto your smartwatch.

The hardware is a little bit wider than my Apple smartwatch, enough that it bothers me because I’m a little bit of a perfectionist about that stuff but not enough that I won’t be wearing the watch. That took me probably about five minutes to put together my watch hardware so that I was able to attach the band to the smartwatch and wear it. That’s cool. I love how my band came out. I love that it is a different material than silicon for a little bit of a different style and a different feel.

It is more of a classic watch band hardware as opposed to the ones that I have. The silicone bands have a little metal prong that comes through, and you slide it through. I’m loving it so far. I will be interested to see how the white holds up. When I do this project again, which I will be making more watch bands, I’m going to add a little more color and see if I can make a bit of a different kind of design that covers more of the area, but I’m still going to try and create that design with my cutting machine because I like the personalized custom look of that. Nobody else is going to have this watch band, and I love that.

Beaded Bracelets: Crafting Process And Experience

The second part of this crafting adventure is the beaded bracelets that I created to accent my watch. I made two different sets. I always make my bracelets in sets of three. I’m not sure why, but that’s my style and what works for me. I did one set that used different kinds of black and turquoise beads in different kinds of designs to go with the watch band, and then I made another set of three that have more of a pink and colorful look to them because I do love how turquoise, black, and pink play off each other. In terms of a color palette, it’s one of my favorite color palettes.

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


I will be mixing and matching all of my bracelets as I’m wearing my new watch band. If you’ve never made them before, these are so fun to do. One thing I love about them is that I tend to find myself up in my crafting corner quite a bit on the weekends. When I’m at home and I’ve got that extra downtime, my getaway is my crafting, but sometimes that probably goes on a little bit too much of my weekend.

I can put these beaded bracelets on a tray, bring downstairs into the family room, and create them while my family is hanging out in the evening and watching The Voice or a movie. I can be creative and crafty while still being part of the family. That’s another reason why I love making them. The process is simple. I do have a bracelet board or organizer that has different sizes.

I use that to plan out the colors that I want to put together. It helps me know how big to make the bracelets. Putting them on that stretchy cord and then tying the knots, I add a little dab of permanent glue on those knots, and I’m done. I was able to create some beautiful bracelets to go with my new very fun spring-summer-inspired watch band. It was awesome.

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch


Crafting Keepers

For my Crafting Keepers for this episode, I’m going to have to go with, number one, that method of weeding the Infusible Ink. I talked about it before when I made my hat but with all the different ways you can try and weed things, your hands are the best way to weed the Infusible Ink. It became apparent to me again as I was doing this crafting project. My design was a lot smaller, but I did rely on cracking and using my fingers and the tweezers when I needed to get those little details to come together or be removed. That’s my first Crafting Keeper.

Your hands are the best way to weed the infusible ink. Share on X

My second one is for the beaded bracelets. One thing that I cannot live without when I’m making these bead bracelets is the Stretch Magic® beaded bracelet and jewelry cord that I find at my local Michaels store. It makes the bracelets strong but flexible. I am moving around a lot. I am a teacher. I’m working with kids. Things sometimes get caught on things. I have had the best luck and ease of making my bracelets by using the Stretch Magic® cord. That’s my second Crafting Keeper.

My SatisCRAFTion rating for this project is 4.5. I love this project. I loved how fun it was to create a simple design in Cricut Design Space that was something that nobody else is going to have on their watch band. That was fun. I loved watching the Infusible Ink when I peeled off the transfer paper and saw my design come out. That was super fun. It was a pretty fast project. I’m into the beading of the bracelets. It was meeting a lot of my crafting fun needs and wants for the moment.

The reason I didn’t give it a five is because of the watch hardware not fitting perfectly to my watch. It bothers me. I’m wondering if there are different sizes out there. Check that out if you’re interested in making these watch bands or coming up with different ways to create these sublimation blank watch bands. I would keep an eye out for the hardware size if possible, but that’s the only reason that it didn’t get a five.

I will make my simple daisy design public in Cricut Design Space. You will be able to find that if you’re interested in making that design or even taking my design, doing something more creative, and adding to it. I would love to see what you’re making. I hope this inspires you to make your smartwatch band using Infusible Ink or even try crafting some beaded bracelets. It is super relaxing and fun. Until our next crafting adventure, take care.


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 4.5 


Crafting Keepers:

  1. Cracking and weeding with my hands for Infusible Ink

  2. Stretch Magic® Bead & Jewelry Cord


Materials List:


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