Knitted Wire Wall Decor: Part 1 Bending The Wire

WCA 37 | Knitted Wire Wall Decor


We are spring cleaning and creating a new look in my preschool classroom. I teach autistic preschoolers and my team and I have been talking about the infinity symbol for neurodiversity and bringing that into our classroom decor. I saw a reel on Instagram from Isla Sierra doing knitted wire art and I thought that I could make the infinity symbol, a couple of words, and a few shapes crafting the knitted wire wall decor.  I used my Cricut for creating two templates for the infinity symbol and the heart shape. In part one of this crafting adventure I am learning to bend crafting wire into shapes and words.

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Knitted Wire Wall Decor: Part 1 Bending The Wire


WCA 37 | Knitted Wire Wall Decor


In this crafting project, I am going to be making some knitted wire wall decor. Let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind this crafting project. We are doing some spring cleaning and sprucing up in my classroom. We are adding three new team members. We are doing a lot of rearranging and a lot of spring cleaning. We’re putting together a beautiful little classroom work area for not only my team but also the children that come to my classroom.

One of the things that my team and I have been talking about is the infinity symbol that represents neurodiversity and autism and making that shift away from the puzzle pieces to the infinity symbol that represents a wider range of people that are neurodiverse. Within that infinity symbol, there are a couple of keywords that are used. One is acceptance. One is embracing. One is love. One is to celebrate.



It got me thinking about some different ways that I want to decorate and have some different kinds of wall decor in my classroom, specifically more around my desk area and my teammates’ desk area. I was looking through Instagram and social media, and I came across this reel by Isla Sierra. She does this knitted wire wall decor, and it is awesome. She is amazing at it. Once again, she makes something that is not easy to look easy but it got me thinking about different ways that I could be decorating, having inspiration at work, and celebrating the autistic preschoolers that I teach.

With the idea of the knitted wall decor and the infinity symbol for neurodiversity, I decided that is what I was going to be crafting and putting together for some of the areas around my desk and the wall space in the classroom. I’m so excited about this project. I am going to be doing this project in two parts. The first part that I’m going to be sharing with you is going to be about the wire art, bending that wire, and creating the words and the shapes that I’m going to have on the classroom wall.

WCA 37 | Knitted Wire Wall Decor


The second part, which I will finish and share with you on my next episode will be crafting and knitting the i-Cord with the Tulip i-Cord Knitter Machine to cover that wire wall decor that’s going to go into my classroom. For part one of this crafting project, I did use my Cricut machine for a small part in this entire crafting project. I did use my Cricut Maker to create some simple templates with cardstock paper that I’m going to be using to help me shape and bend the craft wire that I’m going to be using for my words and my shapes. They’re little cardstock templates.

I didn’t use my Cricut a lot for this crafting project but it did come in handy in terms of creating those shapes with the cardstock paper. I did want to highlight a couple of other materials that I used that I did not have in my crafting corner for bending and creating the wire words and shapes. I did need to purchase some craft wire that was 3 millimeters. The one that I bought came in a big roll. It was about 52 feet, and because I’m going to be making four words, the infinity symbol, and at least 1 or 2 hearts, I did think that size and that roll would be enough for my project.

I did need to buy that craft wire. The other thing that I did need to buy, which brings up the resource that I relied on the most for the entire project from start to finish, and I’m not done yet, was Isla Sierra. She is on Instagram. I believe she’s on TikTok. She has an Etsy store. After watching the reels that inspired me to create this wall decor for my classroom, I started digging a little deeper into her resources. She has an incredible resource for letter templates, specifically for wire art.

I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to purchase the templates, and I did. They are $12 on Etsy. It’s a little more than I typically would buy for templates but these are amazing. If you are going to be trying wire bending and wire art using letters and making words, I highly recommend Isla Sierra’s Letter Templates. They’re amazing. This was my first time getting into this craft, and I want it to look nice for my classroom. I didn’t want to wing it with the letters.

I wanted to make sure. I knew it was going to be hard in the first place to get the wire to be bent into the letters. I wanted to give myself a little bit of an advantage, hopefully, something that would make me a bit more successful the first or second time that I was trying this craft. That was one of the materials that I relied on so much for the words that I was making.

That is one of the other materials that I did purchase that I did not have in my crafting corner. I am only going to be sharing part one about the wire in this episode for this crafting project and then the knitting part in part two. Those were the extra materials along with the cardstock that I used for the templates. I did use some pliers and wire cutters that I had for the bending of the wire.

Let me talk about the experience of doing this crafting project and bending this wire. I was surprised at how easy it was to bend the craft wire but that also led me into a couple of situations where my wire got some bumps or little waves in it where I didn’t want it to. Let me start with the templates that I made with my Cricut because I did decide to start with shapes. I figured doing the infinity symbol and the heart shapes first would get me warmed up to move into the letters and words that I was creating.



Making my templates with my Cricut Maker with the cardstock was super easy. This is nothing new in terms of the Cricut machine, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about it. I will, however, say that having the templates for the shapes made my first attempt at creating the heart and the infinity symbol a lot smoother than it would have gone if I tried to freehand it.

Those templates are key in terms of doing the metal wire bending and creating different things with the wire. I did use my pliers to close off the ends of the wire. With that being said, I did leave some of the edges of the wire raw because I am going to be covering my wire with the knitted i-Cords that I’m going to be creating for the second part of this project. The heart and the infinity symbol were pretty straightforward. I took my wire and traced along the outside of my templates to create the shapes.

That gave me a little bit of experience with the wire. I jumped into creating the words and decided to use the letter templates one letter at a time. The instructions with the templates do give a suggestion of tracing your entire word onto a big piece of paper and then bending your wire but I chose to use each letter. Each letter template is one 8.5×11 sheet of standard printing piece of paper.

I printed all of those out to have in front of me as I was creating my words. For the word love, this is what I started with. It’s a short word. I wanted to get a little practice. I took the L, the O, the V, and the E. I started with the uppercase. The way that she has her letter templates is beautiful. They’re cursive letters but they’re very easy to read. I wanted that to be the look in the classroom.



I started with the uppercase L. Her templates are amazing. They tell you exactly what direction to bring your wire, when you need to bend it forward or backward, and what kind of bend you want to put onto it. It always leads to the next letter. I tried the word love, and it went pretty well. This is not easy but it is not extremely challenging. The more I do it, I’m going to get better at it but the biggest obstacles that I ran into with the actual wire bending are two things. One, I talked about it briefly before. It is not hard to get little bumps or waves in the wire where you don’t want them.

I found that because I’m new at this, I’m trying to figure out the best way to bend the wire. There were times when I bend it a little too far, or I didn’t round it in exactly the way that it looked on the template. When I went to try and fix those bends, I got a little bit of wobble or wave in the wire that was pretty challenging to straighten out. That was one thing that I came across.

Here’s the other thing that was a little bit challenging with my longer words, for instance, acceptance. That’s a pretty long word. I needed to make sure as I was working through each letter that I kept it going straight across. Isla Sierra uses a Cricut cutting mat to lay her wire on as she’s creating the letters. She doesn’t use her templates. She’s good at it but she does use it to make sure that her letters are the same size and that they’re going straight across. That’s a great idea.

Isla Sierra suggests using a Cricut cutting mat to lay the wire on when creating the letters. Share on X

I was using the template. I kept lining my letters up and checking that they were pretty straight. Overall, the words came out great. They’re not perfect. There are some bumps and waves in the wire, and that’s to be expected because it’s the first time I’ve tried it but I figure when I add on the knitted i-Cord, that’s going to give me a little bit of coverage over those areas.



Overall, the wire piece went well. I’m super excited to add the colorful yarn that I’m going to be making into i-Cord for the project. I’m going to do some bright rainbow variegated colored yarn for the infinity symbol and then toy with a couple of different colors for the words. I’m thinking of a deep teal or deep red. I’m not sure. For the heart, I’m going to do some red around that but that could change between now and when I’m putting the entire thing together.

Let me tell you my Crafting Keepers for the first part of the project. They are the letter templates that I bought from Isla Sierra Co on Etsy. I would have been super frustrated and I never would have been able to get my words done in the weekend if I did not have those letter templates. I will be using them again as I continue to work on this craft and learn more about it. Those letter templates are a Crafting Keeper.

My second Crafting Keeper for this episode is going to be that simple way of making a template with cardstock with my Cricut Maker. I knew I didn’t want to freehand the shapes, so I went into Cricut Design Space. They had the infinity symbol in Cricut Design Space. I brought that right up onto my canvas. They have tons of shapes that are hearts. I had my Cricut cut those out of cardstock, and those gave me a great guide for bending the wire for my shapes. My SatisCRAFTion Rating for part one of the knitted wire wall decor project is going to be a four. It was fun to work with wire. I’m going to be honest. It was nice to do something a little different than an entire project that use the Cricut a ton. This was fun.

I am not giving it a five because of the little challenges that I came across as I’m learning how to bend the wire, which way to go, and how to correct any of those mistakes that I make when I go along. I’m still learning. My wire is not perfect. I’m going to keep it at a four but I am looking forward to knitting the i-Cords with my little Tulip i-Cord Machine and creating some fun, bright, and beautiful colors to put on top of the wire and bring it into my classroom. Until our next adventure, take care.

WCA 37 | Knitted Wire Wall Decor


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 4



Isla Sierra – knitted wire art, Instagram, Etsy, etc


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2.) Making simple templates with Cricut and cardstock paper


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