Knitted Wire Wall Décor Part 2

WCA 38 | Knitted Wire Wall Décor


In part two of making wire word knitted wall décor to put over my desk in my preschool classroom, I share my experience finding the best kind of yarn to use with the Tulip i-cord Knitter Machine to cover the wire words and shapes that I made last week, the process of making the i-cord and putting it all together. I also learned that bending the wire before adding the knitted i-cord does not always work out well!

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Knitted Wire Wall Décor: Part 2


WCA 38 | Knitted Wire Wall Décor


This is part two of my knitted i-cord wall décor project. I’m going to go back and talk a little bit about the inspiration behind this project. The inspiration is dressing up my preschool classroom. We’ve got some team member changes happening and a whole new little area for my team and me, where we’re working when we don’t have kids in the classroom. I thought it would be fun to bring into the classroom a little bit of knitted wall décor inspired by Isla Sierra into our workspace. I wanted to bring the neurodiversity infinity symbol with some keywords and a couple of shapes.  

The only shape besides the infinity symbol that I decided to go with was a heart, and then I wanted a couple of words that represent the idea of the neurodiversity autism spectrum in our classroom. Those words are love, embrace, acceptance, and celebrate. That is the inspiration behind this project. In part one, I talked about bending the metal and learning how to create the words using Isla Sierra’s letter templates, and also making some quick templates with card stock in my Cricut machine to use for the infinity symbol and the heart.

In part two, today, I am sharing with you my experience using the Tulip i-cord Knitter Machine to create some yarn i-cord that I’m going to put over those metal shapes and words to create the art in our classroom. Let me shout out a couple of key materials that I needed for this part of the project. The biggest material that I had to purchase was this Tulip i-cord Knitting Machine. I did purchase mine on Amazon.

The other important material for this part of the project is the yarn. I’m going to share my yarn experience in just a few minutes. Those were the two most important materials for this part of the project. I did want to shout out one resource that I used on YouTube to learn how to use the Tulip i-cord Knitting Machine. That resource is Ahsel Anne, and she has a great YouTube tutorial that shows you exactly how to get started and how to use this Tulip i-cord Knitter.

I want to get right into the experience of making these i-cords with this Tulip i-cord Knitting Machine. Let me tell you a little bit about this machine. First of all, it comes with a little crochet hook. It crochets the i-cord for me. I have knitted in the past. I have not crocheted, so I didn’t have a lot of experience with making i-cord, which was one of the reasons I went with this machine. The machine comes with a little weight. Within your package, you get the i-cord knitter, the crochet hook, and the weight that you use when you’re creating the i-cord.

One of the things that I learned very quickly was that in order to save time and make sure I didn’t damage the cute little crochet knitting machine and I didn’t waste a lot of time with trial and error, I jumped right onto YouTube and started searching for information on the Tulip machine. There are a ton of resources and videos on YouTube as to how to use the i-cord knitting machine. That was helpful because there are a few tips and tricks that I wouldn’t have caught onto if I hadn’t done a little bit of research upfront before I tried it. I did watch the YouTube tutorial that I found, and then I got started with making the i-cord.



I was super excited. I picked out based on what I had heard and learned about from Isla Sierra on Instagram about the different kinds of yarn. I was super excited because I picked three different kinds out that I was planning to use. One was a sprinkly colored soft yarn that was going to be primarily for the infinity sign, but also possibly for one of the words and definitely for the heart. I then chose a deep teal blue or teal green color that I was going to use, and also a deep red or burgundy.

I did find Weight 4 based on Isla Sierra saying that’s what she uses. She loves using it because she states that it’s a little bit thicker and it covers the wire. That was my goal. That’s what I had wanted. Unfortunately, I am learning how to do this, and I was not able in the timeframe that I had set for myself for this project, to make the soft velvety weight for Soft Bee Yarn. I couldn’t make it work. It got a little bit tangled in my i-cord machine. It was too thick to come down the middle.

Let me explain that a little bit more. When you’re making the i-cord, you have your yarn run up on top of the little machine and down through a hole. You then have four different cute little crochet hooks that as you turn a crank of this knitting machine, it is manual. You turn the crank or the handle and the little crochet needles go around and around, and they have latches that open and close. That’s how they create this i-cord. It goes in a circular motion, and then the i-cord comes down the hole in the middle, you attach the weight so it continues to pull it straight down, and you build your i-cord as long as you need it for your project.

Back to what was happening with my Soft Bee, velvety-feel, weight 4 yarn, I could not figure out how to make it come through the middle. I tried all three colors just to see if I was doing something wrong. It took a little more practice. I ended up going with a different plan because I didn’t want to spend too much time and I failed over and over again. I was concerned I was going to break the Tulip machine. I wanted to finish this project and I want to use it in the future. I went back to the crafting stores looking for a different type of yarn.

I tried a lot of different yarns with this machine and in this project. I finally ended up finding two kinds of yarn that worked beautifully that I used for my project. The first one that I used was Caron Simply Soft. I changed my mind. Instead of burgundy or dark teal, I went with the black yarn. The more I talked to my teammates and the more I thought about it, it will look nice on our wall to have the words in black. Just crisp against the white walls with the black words, embrace, accept, and celebrate. That’s why I went with the black color instead of one of the other ones. This yarn was the Yarn Inspiration, Caron Simply Soft Medium 4. It worked beautifully. That worked well.

The second yarn that I fell in love with is called Facets Yarn Lane Electric. This yarn is gorgeous. I was so excited to find it because I wanted to go with a variegated rainbow color for the neurodiversity symbol, which is how it is displayed in most places. I was having a hard time finding a rainbow-colored yarn that I loved, that was the right weight, and that when I made the cord, didn’t have the colors close enough together.

I was making my i-cord with some of these rainbow-colored yarns that did great. I didn’t like the outcome of the look, and then I came across my electric yarn. That’s a Weight 4. It’s all acrylic. It’s a little more delicate and light. It’s not as bulky or chunky, so I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t cover the wire but it did. It’s gorgeous. It’s not completely rainbowy, which I actually love. The colors are close enough together that when making the i-cord long enough for the infinity symbol and the heart, you get a great feel of all of the colors and it looks beautiful.

I found my yarns and I got making the i-cord. This experience, once I had found the correct weight and the correct kind of yarn that would work in the Tulip Icord Machine, making the i-cord is simple. Literally, you get the yarn, once it’s on the four different little hooks in the machine, it is a matter of turning the handle. You have to make sure based on your design and what you’re making, that you make your i-cord long enough.

I made I chord this week at two different baseball games. Also, in the family room watching Jack Ryan with my husband. You can take this craft anywhere and make the i-cord. I do want to warn you if you take this cute little machine out in public, I guarantee people are going to ask you about it. Every time I had it and I was working on an i-cord during the baseball games, I had at least 2 to 3 people come up and say, “What are you making with that fun little contraption?” That was pretty fun explaining what it was for. That experience was great. I definitely am going to say that in order to make the i-cord an easy experience, finding the correct kind of yarn and weight of yarn is super important.

Finding the correct kind and weight of yarn is super important to make the I-cord an easy experience. Share on X

I want to share it with you. Some of my words were pretty long. I had to use the black yarn to create long enough i-cords to cover acceptance, embrace, and celebrate. Those are not short words. The average length of the i-cord that I was creating for my words was 104 inches long in order to make sure I was going to have enough coverage for the entire wire word of acceptance, embrace, and celebrate.



I decided to go with the electric yarn for the infinity symbol, the heart, and the word love. I made three i-cords using that electric yarn that I love. I did the words, embrace, acceptance, and celebrate with the black i-cord that I created. I want to share with you my experience with putting the i-cord onto the metal wire that I have already bent to create the final look that I wanted for this project.

This did not go as easily as I thought it was going to. The infinity symbol worked great. It’s a very simple pattern or design. I was able to take my i-cord. When you detach the i-cord from the machine, you have to carefully make sure that your i-cord doesn’t come apart. I did thread through the loops of the end of the i-cord a little bit of yarn to hold the place so that it wouldn’t unravel as I was putting it on top of the wire. The infinity symbol went well. No problems. It was great. For the word love, I was using the electric yarn. That went well.



Where I started to run into some problems was the more complicated and longer words. I struggled to get the black i-cord onto the longer words without completely messing up my metal-bent word. I thought about it. I kept trying, but it was not working for me for the longer words. What I ended up doing is putting the i-cord on a completely straight unused piece of craft wire, and then recreating those longer words with the knitted i-cord on top of the metal. That is what worked for me. I know there are lots of different ways that people do this.



Most of the ways that I saw were people doing the metal bending first, and then adding the i-cord, which is why I went in that direction, to begin with. I think the words that I chose were a little bit complicated and they were pretty long. In order to work that i-cord around each letter, it wasn’t working. My entire design was pretty much undone as I was adding the i-cord. I kept thinking, “This is not what I thought was going to happen and not what I want to happen.” My simple easy fix was to put that i-cord onto the wire itself, and then go back to my templates of the letters and make those words again. That worked beautifully. I am happy with my results.



When I get them up in my classroom, I am going to take some pictures. I will be posting those on my blog post for this episode, so you can get the whole picture of what it looks like. I’m still toying with the idea of maybe doing a couple of the infinity symbols. By everybody’s work desk area, there’s a little bit of knitted i-cord wall décor going on. I’ll have to see what my team thinks, but I’m happy with the results. Overall, this was a fun experience.

I do want to get into my Crafting Keepers for this episode. My first Crafting Keeper is this awesome electric yarn by Facets. It is awesome. I love it. I’m going to be making more word art with this and maybe I’ll learn how to crochet, but I’m definitely not going to let this yarn go to waste. It’s gorgeous. The texture is beautiful. The colors are beautiful.

My second Crafting Keeper for this episode is going to be the words. How the words look with the i-cord on top of them is unique. It’s something different. I don’t see it in a lot of places and I love that. I love unique things that not everybody has and creating things that are a little bit different outside of the box. These knitted i-cord words with the metal underneath are cool. I love the look. I’ve got to find more places to be creating words to put on the wall.

My satisCRAFTtion rating for this part of the project is going to get a 3. The reason I’m giving it a 3 is that it took me some time to dial in my skills and the kind of yarn to use with the Tulip i-cord Machine. I probably wasted more money than I wanted to on yarn that I cannot use in this machine. That’s disappointing to me. In the wire experience, I spent a lot of time and I did an entire episode about bending the wire first. When it came down to it, I think it would’ve saved me a lot of time if I had known or I had tried putting the i-cord on the flat straight wire and then creating the words. That is the way that it worked best for me.

Because of those two challenges, I am going to keep my satisfaction rating at a 3. Overall, I’m pleased with this new kind of craft that I tried. The i-cord is cool. I love how the design turned out. I’m super excited to bring it to my classroom and put it up to bring in the support of the autistic preschoolers and people that are in my life and our worlds. Until our next adventure, take care.

WCA 38 | Knitted Wire Wall Décor


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 3


Crafting Keepers

  1. Facets Electric Yarn
  2. The knitted wire i-cord words


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