Making Cards For The First Time Using The Cricut Maker

WCA 2 | Making Cards Using Cricut


Are you curious about the many things you can do using the Cricut Maker? Today, Kim Wojtalewicz shares her experience making cards using the Cricut Maker for the first time! She also talks about the inspiration behind doing it and explains how she did it in detail. Tune in for creative ideas on making cards for yourself or someone you love.


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Making Cards For The First Time Using The Cricut Maker

I am super excited to talk to you about my first attempt at making cards on my Cricut Maker machine. Card making is something that is its own craft world. I have never made a card before, but when I got the inspiration to make my first card on Cricut, I started looking into the different posts on Pinterest and YouTube about making cards, and I was overwhelmed.

I was overwhelmed at the craft of card making. I started out this project feeling a bit intimidated, but I am going to tell you, I created three cards within a weekend and it was so much fun. It was satisfying. It wasn’t that hard. I will tell you, my cards that I started with are not complicated. They probably are very simple compared to the expert card makers out there, but that’s okay. This is where I started. I jumped in and I had the inspiration behind it to get me started.

Talking about the inspiration. I decided to make a Thank You card for my first ever card than I made on my Cricut machine. I’m going to tell you a little bit about the story behind it because it did spark my inspiration and my excitement in giving this a try. I teach preschoolers with autism. I run a program in my school district for preschoolers between the ages of 3 to 5. Not all of them have autism but a lot of them have challenges in the areas of communication, behavior, play, social interactions, and so that is my love and my specialty. I am lucky enough that in preschool, we get our kids for two years.

Usually, we get them from when they turn 3 to 4, then we get them again for another year, from 4 to 5. I have been working with a little student and this is my second year working with him. Our school year is rolling along, coming down to the end. I was out at recess and this little guy’s mom came to pick up her child. She asked me if I had a minute and I said, “Of course, I’ve got time for you.” They got their little guy buckled into the car, then she opened the passenger side of the car and pulled out a bag.

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She looked at me and pulled out the most beautiful crocheted hoodie with pockets that I have ever seen. It is a black background with these vibrant colored flowers all over this incredible hoodie. I couldn’t believe it. She looked at me and said, “Thank you for the last two years,” that she never worried about her little guy when he was with me in class. That she appreciated so much what my team and what I had done not only for him but the other kids in our program.

Making Cards Using Cricut: The Inspiration behind this craft project: The handmade hoodie from my student’s mom


WCA 2 | Making Cards Using Cricut
Making Cards Using Cricut: The Inspiration behind this craft project: The handmade hoodie from my student’s mom

By now, I’m bursting into tears. I’m a hugger. I gave a hug. Not everybody is a hugger, so I’m not sure how well that was received. I could not believe that this amazing mom, with everything going on over the last few years and just supporting her own child, took the time to create something so thoughtful and beautiful for me. I had good inspiration for starting to figure out how to use my Cricut maker to make a Thank You card.

This was a Friday when she gave me my amazing hoodie, which I will have pictures up on my website and other areas of my social media to show you this gorgeous hoodie that she made me. One more thing before I talk about making the cards, is that the thing that she said to me that cracked me up is that she knew she had to give me pockets and a hood because I’m a woman on the move. That tickled me because that’s true. I work with preschoolers. I work with preschoolers with special needs. I am a woman on the move, so it caught me. It was thoughtful.

My inspiration behind this project was this amazing crocheted hoodie. I wanted to find a very unique and special way to thank this mama for thinking of me and creating something beautiful for me. A card is a simple gesture. What I loved about figuring out how to make a card on the Cricut maker, and this is a theme for me for making things with my Cricut, is that I can personalize it and make it anything I wanted to.

I knew that I had to find a way to thank her. I decided to start with looking for a font that represented the sayings and words. I wasn’t sure yet what I wanted but that had flowers. I wanted to replicate the flowers that she crocheted on the hoodie into my Thank You card. Let me talk about the materials that I used and the tools that I used in jumping into this huge arena of card making but in a very simple way. I chose to use a medium-weight card stock. I was looking at a couple of different colors.

My light grip Cricut mat to put the card stock on, I needed my Cricut ultimate fine point pens. I was going to have Cricut right on the card. I felt like starting with a folding card that had some simple flowers, then had a message written with the pens. It was about as complicated as I wanted to get for my first card.

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The tools that I used for making this card, my Cricut design space, is a huge tool that I use that’s helping me find the fonts that I want. It’s helping me know what size of font, and to help me find the cutout flowers that I want to put on there. My Cricut design space is huge. I used a mini spatula. When I was cutting my flowers out, I did a bunch of different sizes and some of the little tiny ones. I needed to spatula it off, and I didn’t want to bend them. I have big clunky hands, so I didn’t want to risk bending those little flowers that I’m having cut out of card stock. I used that mini spatula and a ruler.

One of the things I kept reading about and seeing in any of the tutorials about making cards was something called a Scoring Wheel. I do not have a Scoring Wheel, so I did find a tip trick hack that I saw on one of the tutorials I was looking at where you take a ruler and you use the edge of the ruler to help do what the Scoring tool does, which makes that line for where you’re going to fold the card. I needed a ruler because I don’t have a Scoring Wheel.

The experience of making this card again, there was an awesome inspiration behind it. I had a couple of whoopsies for sure. The first one was that I picked out a cut file of flowers that were probably three different sizes. I wanted them to be three different sizes because I wanted to put on my Thank You card a variety of colors and sizes. I felt like that was a good representation of the flowers that I had given to me on the hoodie. Some of my flowers came out small. Again, using that spatula to pop them up but then I kept thinking to myself, “How am I going to get these attached onto the card? I’m going to be using glue. I’m going to be using adhesive. These are pretty small parts. I’m not sure how this is all going to work.”


I had to start thinking about what I wanted this card to look like. I decided that I wanted it to be a 5×7 card. I felt like the gift that she gave me was such a gift from the heart that somewhere on the card, I wanted a heart. I also wanted it to be simple but to convey my appreciation. I used my Cricut design space to cut out a 10×7 rectangle, and the first card stock I chose was light. It was a bright beautiful orange color. I knew I wanted to put a pink heart on the outside that said “Thank you” across it.

I had Cricut cut out my rectangle, then I had Cricut cut out the pink heart that I was going to put on the outside of the card. I next had Cricut cut out the flowers, and I did a bunch of different colors but again, I tried to represent the flower that’s on the hoodie. That was fun. In making this card, everything was going smoothly. I decided on the inside of the card, I wanted it to say, “For your generosity and kindness,” because on the outside on the heart it said, “Thank you.” That way that would leave me a little room to write a personal message to her and sign my name, which I wanted to do in my own handwriting. Everything else I wanted Cricut to do because Cricut has much nicer handwriting than I do, but I did want it to be personalized with my own signature.


The next whoopsie that I ran into after the first one I talked about earlier was that I thought I’m going to take my Elmer’s glue and squeeze it on the heart, and plop that heart on the front of the 5×7 card stock that I had used my ruler. Remember, I was going to use my ruler as the Scoring Wheel, so I have a nice 5×7 card.

As soon as I put that glue on the heart and put it on top of the card stock that I had chosen the beautiful orange card stock, I was like, “Oh no.” What ended up happening is I used way too much Elmer’s. I used a lot of glue. I ended up with a bubbly mess on the orange card stock bubbled, my heart bubbled, so that was a fail. That was a good learning experience for me, but the bummer was I had no more of my beautiful orange card stock on hand. I want to make sure this card is ready for Monday when I go back to work.

Plan B, was to use an off-white card stock with the pink heart that said “Thank you” on it, which Cricut wrote with my fine point pens, then on the inside to have, “For your generosity and kindness.” After learning that lesson with the Elmer’s, I decided I should probably try the Elmer’s craft adhesive. It is a shaking can, more of an aerosol glue. It does have a very strong smell. You need to be well ventilated if you’re in a small space because I used a tiny amount and still you could smell the chemicals pretty strong.


The good news is that worked well and I had no bubbling. It attached the base of the flowers down, then I layered different color flowers. For that, I did go back to using the good old white Elmer’s glue. I learned to use a tiny bit, a little bit, a dot, not a ton like I did the first time I tried. That was a definite learning curve for me.

Big crafting keeper. I saw this again on a tutorial. After you use your Cricut machine to cut out the card stock, and probably you could use this for other materials too, I don’t know. You turn over your Cricut mat with the whole cardstock still attached, and you peel the mat away from the card stock. What ends up happening is your Cricut mat ends up bending into like a little roll and it leaves your cardstock flat.

Making Cards Using Cricut: Glue Fail

The reason that is a huge crafting keeper is because, especially with cardstock, once it gets bent or rolled, for me, I have not had a lot of luck with flattening it back out. If the Cricut mat is what is being curved and peeled away from the cardstock, you end up with that card stock being flat. Whatever tiny little pieces were left, I would use my spatula to scrape it off. That spatula is another crafting keeper when you’re working with things that might get bent, or the tiny little pieces that are getting stuck on the mat, and you don’t want them to bend but you want to use them for your design. Get that spatula out. It’s an awesome little tool.

I’m going to say, using the ruler as a Scoring tool. Obviously, this being my first very simple card, I realized there is probably a very good time in place to be using a Scoring Wheel, but for my purpose, the ruler worked fine. That’s a keeper for me until I get a little more complicated with the things that I’m making card-wise. I also learned no blobbing glue during card making. Your materials need either a different adhesive, which could be my problem. It could be something to investigate. What do the real card makers crafters when they’re making cards use for adhesive on tiny little pieces? That’s something I need to investigate but no blobbing of the white Elmer’s glue. That is a crafting keeper.

That is going to cover it for my crafting keepers. I did want to share that making this simple card gave me a satiscraftion rating of four. It was such a feel-good project with so much inspiration behind it that it sent me into making two more cards, a Mother’s Day card, which came out beautiful. It’s a little more complicated with an owl and a retirement card for my boss that has been working with me for the last several years. Look for those pictures on my social media and in the website. I look forward to my next crafting adventure with you. Bye.


Material List: 

  • Card Stock various colors
  • Cricut Light Grip Mat
  • Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pens
  • Elmers Glue
  • Elmers craft adhesive
  • Cricut Fine Point blade
  • Mini Spatula tool (crafting keeper)
  • Ruler
  • Cutting matt
  • Scissors
  • weeding tools

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