My Top 10 Must-Have Cricut Crafting Accessories And How To Keep Your Crafting Corner Neat, Organized, And Complete

WCA 20 | Cricut Crafting Accessories


Are you new to Cricut crafting? Are you ready to take your Cricut out of the box? Are you looking for some new accessory ideas for your crafting Corner? In this episode I am going to share my top 10 list of must-have accessories that I always keep in my crafting corner. From organization to rulers and cutters, tune in now to hear about my list of crafting corner accessories that I can’t craft without. Let’s create a list of must-have crafting corner accessories together! Share yours with me at hello@wcapodcast.com.

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My Top 10 Must-Have Cricut Crafting Accessories And How To Keep Your Crafting Corner Neat, Organized, And Complete


WCA 20 | Cricut Crafting Accessories


In this episode, I am going to share with you a top ten list. These are the top ten accessories that I can’t live without having in my crafting corner. Ever since I started these weekend crafting adventures and learning everything I can about my Cricut maker one project at a time, I have compiled a long list of things that increase my satisCRAFTion and make my crafting fun, easy, and ready to go when I am ready to craft.

WCA 20 | Cricut Crafting Accessories


I am going to share my top ten of those things with you. The inspiration behind this episode is it’s a new year. Happy New Year. I thought that since I’ve been doing these crafts and projects and learning everything that I can about my Cricut maker, there have been things that I picked up along the way that I maybe didn’t know at the start when I first got my Cricut, but that I’ve learned doing these projects that I want to share with you.

They are not about the Cricut maker. They’re more about back to basics. I want to share with you, if you are new to Cricut crafting, thinking about taking it out of the box and getting crafty, or already are a Cricut crafter and maybe you’re looking for some different ideas or things that people do a little different than you do to add to your crafting corner, this is what that episode is all about. I’m going to go from 10 to 1.

Organization And Storage

The tenth thing on my list is organization and storage. I do not have a crafting room or a huge space that I can dedicate in my house to my crafting, so I have a crafting corner. What I have learned is that being organized and keeping my materials in certain bins and certain areas of my crafting corner comes in handy. I have a little spot for everything. That way, not only do I know where everything is, but each thing has its place and it goes back into it. That way, most of the time, not all of the time, my crafting corner stays in the corner.

I am not going to lie, there are times when my crafting corner goes out into the rest of the room, but my goal is to keep my little crafting area organized and ready to go. Because it’s in the middle of our home in a loft area where everybody’s walking by, I like to keep it at least a little bit neat and organized so it doesn’t start to take over the house.

I have found some things that have helped me out with that. I’m on a budget. I do not have a big space, and I have tried to utilize some storage shelves and bins that I found on Amazon that were pretty easy to put together that fit nicely in my crafting corner to help me organize my vinyl and the blanks that I have that I’m going to use for projects, my tools, cutting mats and vinyl. If you don’t find a way that works for you to store vinyl and keep track of it, it can end up everywhere. Organization storagecabinets, and bins, those things I feel have helped me build my little crafting corner and keep everything organized so I know exactly where it is.

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A Simple Lint Roller

Number 9 on the list of my top 10 accessories is going to be a simple little tool, a lint roller. Maybe that may sound crazy, but it’s the amount of times that I use the simple limp roller where you have that sticky adhesive that you can peel off. I use that for every crafting project, whether it’s fabric, vinyl, cork, or I’m trying to clean some things off of my cutting mats. Having that little lint roller right available to me for every project is something that I could not craft without.

I couldn’t live without it in my crafting corner. It’s great for getting little bits of fuzz and excess material off of t-shirts and hats. I even use it to clean up my crafting table area when I’ve been cutting vinyl or weeding. There are always these teeny tiny little pieces of vinyl or things that end up all over the crafting table. All I do is take out that lint roller and roll away all of the little fuzz and extra vinyl.



Heat Press

Number eight on my list is going to be a heat press, some kind of heat press in my crafting corner. Whether I am making a t-shirt or I am creating a design to put on a hat or something small, I do a lot of Cricut projects that need a heat press to complete the project. I do have three. I have the Mini Heat Press and the Easy Heat Press which is rectangular in shape. It’s a 12 by 12 for t-shirts. I have my Hat Press, which I love. I am not saying that’s the right choice for everybody, but for me in the projects that I do and the things that I get inspired to make, I need a heat press in my crafting corner.


WCA 20 | Cricut Crafting Accessories


Reusable Teflon Sheets

Number seven goes right along with that heat press that I have found to be invaluable in my Cricut crafting. These are the reusable Teflon sheets. When I am creating projects and attaching heat transfer vinyl to the project that I am working on the blanks, t-shirts, hats, and wood, I use reusable Teflon Sheets all the time. That is to not only protect my heat press but also the project and design that I am working on.



Cricut Transfer Paper

Number six on my list is going to be Cricut Transfer Paper. I have learned a neat way to use it, but for all of my permanent vinyl projects, things where I am putting the vinyl on that it is not heat transfer vinyl, I need Cricut transfer tape. I buy bundles of it. It’s a nice big roll, and that way I have it for lots of projects, but in order to transfer that permanent vinyl to the project, I need that Cricut transfer tape. That is a huge thing.

The other reason why it is on my top ten list is one of my most recent projects I did where I was making a cork card holder wallet out of cork fabric. I learned this incredible tip about putting the Cricut transfer tape sticky side up onto the cutting mat to adhere the cork fabric onto the cutting mat before Cricut cut it, and it worked like a dream. That even makes it even more important for me because I love sewing. I love using my Cricut to cut fabric. This now has even bumped up that transfer tape to be more important for me to have in my crafting corner.

Variety Of Crutting Mats

Number 5 on my top 10 list for accessories to keep in my crafting corner all the time is going to be a variety of cutting mats. These are the mats that you adhere to your vinyl, fabric, or material that is going to be cut in your Cricut maker on while Cricut’s cutting it. I like having at least three varieties, strong, standard, and light grips. I always keep those three because I have used all three of those different grips for lots of different projects, even when projects are described or I’m reading the directions and they say, “Use the light grip, fabric mat, or the standard grip.”

I have found through my crafting that those recommendations do not always work for me when I’m crafting. To have three different options right there in my crafting corner allows me to get the project done and make it work without having to stop and go purchase a different mat or figure out a different alternative.

Rulers Of All Sizes

Number four on my list is going to be rulers of all sizes. I have a large ruler, a medium size and a small one. I like to call them the t-shirt rulers, but they’re more like guides for when you’re making t-shirts and you’re putting your designs onto the shirt or whatever you’re making. Rulers are something that I use all the time. I use them when I’m cutting my vinyl or centering my designs on my different projects. Whether it’s a hat, a tumbler, Starbucks cold cup, or something like that, I have a ruler for every single kind of craft that I’m doing.



Having different sizes and specific ruler guides for t-shirts and applying your designs to t-shirts is huge. It keeps your projects looking super professional. I get a little bit obsessed with making sure that I have my designs in my hats in the middle and the right spot. I could not do any of those little adjustments without making sure that I had the correct ruler for the correct project.

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Weeding Tools

Number three on my list is going to be weeding tools, finding yourself the weeding tools that work best for you when you are doing projects. It took me a little while to figure out exactly what tools I use the most and what works best for me, but you are not going to be able to complete vinyl projects without having the weeding tools. I like the hook and tweezers. I have a scraper. Those weeding tools are super important. Without those in my corner, I would not be completing any of the projects that I have been doing on my weekend crafting adventures.


WCA 20 | Cricut Crafting Accessories


Large Cutting Mat

Number two on my list is a large cutting mat. I started using these large cutting mats for my sewing when I was cutting the fabric of all different sizes for my tote bags and zipper pouches. I went ahead and put that same large cutting mat onto my crafting table. I use it to cut out my vinyl and all of the things that I’m using in my Cricut crafting. I have found keeping it right on my craft table right by my laptop computer that has my Cricut design space and by my Cricut machine, which is something that I can’t live without. I am able to look at the project in the Cricut design space, see how many inches the design is and how much vinyl I need to cut using my ruler.


WCA 20 | Cricut Crafting Accessories


Rotary Cutter

My number one on the list makes a huge difference. It’s super convenient. I’m not going back and forth between one area of my crafting corner to another. I have my mat right there on my table and my vinyl. The number 1 on my top 10 list is a rotary cutter. A simple rotary cutter is something that I use for every single Cricut crafting project that I am doing.

For me, it is my personal preference. I love having that over scissors. I do have scissors. They didn’t make it onto my top ten list, but the rotary cutter keeps the project going fast. It’s a simple, quick way using my mat, my ruler, and the rotary cutter. I have everything I need right there in front of me to cut the vinyl, the fabric, or whatever material it is that I am using during my Cricut crafting project. That for me is number one.



These are my top ten list of accessories that I have learned I cannot live without in my crafting corner. I’m interested to start a little list and having you add it to the list and share what are your must-haves for your Cricut crafting room, corner, or whatever you are using as your space for your crafting. I would love to know it because it would be super fun to compile a list of all of these things that make the crafting more satisfying and easy as you’re doing the projects, not only for beginners but also for people that have been doing it for a long time.

I hope that you email me or share over social media some of the must-haves that you keep in your crafting corner all the time. Happy New Year. I look forward to more weekend crafting adventures in 2023. I am looking forward to sharing them with you, building onto this list, and maybe inspiring you to take your Cricut out of the box and get crafty or try a different project that you have never done before. I will be getting back to my crafting adventures in the next episode. I look forward to sharing it with you. For now, take care.

WCA 20 | Cricut Crafting Accessories



My Top 10 Must Haves For My Crafting Corner:

Storage and Organization:


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