Natural Wood Veneer Layered Boho Earrings

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


In this crafting project I am cutting natural wood veneers into layered boho style earrings with my Cricut Maker and the Deep-point Blade. After my experience with cutting basswood for my seasonal HOME sign I have waited a long time to try cutting wood again with my Cricut. I found two beautiful boho style earring designs on Creative Fabrica that I am using for this crafting adventure. I chose to layer light colored maple on top of the darker walnut veneer to create a beautiful natural layered look to my earrings. Find out if my experience cutting the wood veneer was more enjoyable than cutting the basswood in this weekend crafting adventure.

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Natural Wood Veneer Layered Boho Earrings


WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


In this crafting project, I have finished cutting some natural wood veneers into layered boho earrings with my Cricut Maker and the deep point blade. Let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind this project. I am slowly working my way through all of the materials that my Cricut Maker can cut. It has been a long time since I have tried cutting wood with my Cricut Maker. The last time I tried cutting wood was when I cut basswood to create the seasonal home sign. That experience of cutting the basswood with my Cricut Maker was not ideal.

The Resources

I have taken some time before I’ve gotten back the inspiration to want to try cutting more wood with my Cricut Maker, but I decided it was time. I am taking on cutting the natural wood veneer, which is maple and walnut, to create and continue to build my collection of earrings that I’m working on. This project was fun. Let me highlight the resources that I did use in this project. I am in the middle of my all-access subscription free trial to Creative Fabrica which I am enjoying. The two earring cut files that I used in this project are from Creative Fabrica.

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


I did use two different designers and two different cut files that I downloaded. I’ll tell you a little bit more about those in a few minutes. That was the only resource that I used outside of learning a little bit and getting a background on what these natural wood veneers are. They’re slices of really thin wood. What I chose to do was use the Cricut wood veneer because my experience in cutting wood has not been great with my Cricut Maker. I wanted to make sure if I was going to try this again, I was going to be using a material specifically made to be cut by my Cricut Maker.

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


As a highlight on materials, I am going to tell you I did use both the Cricut wood veneer in maple and in walnut. I chose to do two because I wanted to create this natural wood-layered look in the earrings that I am making. I wanted to have a balance between light wood and dark wood. That is one of the important materials that I had to purchase for this project. I also needed to use my deep-point blade, which I already had. That is how you cut the wood veneers. It is because of both the deep point blade and wood veneers that this project can only be done if you have a Cricut Maker or a Cricut in the Explore series so that you can access both those materials.

Use wood veneer in maple and in walnut when creating your earrings in Cricut to get a balance between light and dark wood. Share on X

Another highlight for the materials would be the 12×24 cutting mat. I chose to use my strong grip 12×24, and I’ll explain why in my experience in a couple of minutes. It made my project that much more successful and easy because I could put both of the veneers, one on each end, because the wood veneer is 12×12. I put my maple on one end and I put my walnut on the other. I’ll tell you how that worked out in a couple of minutes.

The other materials that were important for this would be painter’s tape for sure to tape down that wood and some tweezers when you’re weeding. One of my favorite tools in my crafting corner is my lint roller. It came in handy in this project because one of the designs I chose to make had some pretty intricate cuts. I ended up with a bunch of tiny little pieces of wood all over my crafting table, and the easiest, best way for me to clean that up quickly is to use my lint roller. I always have that handy in my crafting corner, but I did want to highlight it because I truly use my lint roller in every single project that I do with my Cricut Maker in my crafting corner.



The Experience

Let me tell you a bit about the experience of doing this crafting project. Before I tell you about the experience, I did want to highlight one more important material, and that is the jewelry-making kit. I purchased it on Amazon when I was doing my polymer clay earrings project. I still have a ton of earring hardware and my earring pliers, and all of that. If you are interested in creating wood veneer earrings, then you will need some way to put those onto some sort of earring hardware. That would be important.

Let’s talk about the experience. The first thing I needed to do was to find the designs that I wanted to use for these earrings. Since I was cutting wood and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, I chose two different cut files. I found both of my cut files on Creative Fabrica. I am loving my all-access subscription free trial. I’ve already taken a class, which I’m going to be using for my next project, and have downloaded 5 out of my 10 downloads. I’m having a lot of fun with it.

I found two different cut files for these earrings. One was very simple. It is an outline for one layer. The top layer’s going to be a cutout outline, and the bottom layer’s going to be pretty much a nice almost teardrop-like shape with a little bit of accent at the bottom. I chose one simple design because I wanted to see how my Cricut Maker with the deep point blade was going to do cutting the natural wood veneers. The one that I chose was called Bohemian Earrings, and that was from 21XSTUDIO on Creative Fabrica.

The second design that I chose or the second cut file for earrings was a little more complicated. I wanted to put the Cricut Maker to the test, so I chose a Mandela flower design for earrings. That one was called Mandela Earrings Flower, and that was from Lastwizard Shop. I love them, but they were way more complicated. I went with two different kinds of designs because I wanted to see if it could do the simple design and then also how far could I push my Cricut to make a smaller project with intricate designs. Those were the designs I chose. I had to download them from Creative Fabrica onto my desktop or on my laptop and then upload them into Cricut Design Space. That was a very easy process. It was simple.



The one thing that did happen though when I uploaded the cut files into my project canvas in Cricut Design Space is that they came out big. I had to resize my earring cut images on Cricut Design Space to a size that I was comfortable with. I decided to go with a width of about 1.1 inches, which created a length of about 1.8 inches. They are a little bit bigger than the typical earring that I wear, but I always want to push myself to try new things and different things. That was the size that I went with, and I’m happy with that size. The whole process of using those cut files and designs that are not from Cricut Design Space is easy. It worked out well getting them ready to cut.

The other thing that I did with the Mandela design earrings is that those were a single-layer cut file, and that would’ve been great. They’re a beautiful cut and design, but the look that I wanted for myself was a layered earring look. In order to get the layered look on my Mandela design earrings, what I decided to do, and this is a quick and easy way to create the layered look if it’s something that you want to do, is that I sized my earring in my Cricut Design Space to exactly the size I wanted. I went up into the upper right-hand side and there’s a little plus sign. That’s the duplicate button. I duplicated that exact earring, and then I went to the contour function.



In the contour function, I could get rid of all of the little cut lines and cuts for that earring. What that left me with was the teardrop shape which is exactly the same shape as the Mandela design earring but with no cuts. What that is going to create is that back layer of that dark wood that has no cuts in it. When I lay the maple with the cuts on it on top of the darker wood, the walnut, it’s going to give me that cool-looking layered wood look that I wanted.

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


Both of the designs of earrings are going to be layered. The really simple bohemian-style earring design came with two layers in the cut file. The second one, which is the Mandela flower design, is the one where I use the duplicate and the contour function to create that second layer. It was then time for me to get ready for the cut.

The Learnings

There are a couple of important things that I learned in this process. One, I chose to use the 12×24 cutting mat. The reason I did that is that my designs were small enough. I am only making four sets of earrings. I wanted to have the lighter maple wood. It’s a 12×12 wood veneer sheet on the top half of my 12×24 cutting mat, and then on the bottom half, I put the walnut. I taped those down well with blue painter’s tape. I also used my brayer to make sure that that thin wood veneer sheet was sticking to my strong grip mat.

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


The reason I decided to use the 12×24 was simply to cut down on time and to cut down on the amount of tape I was using. I figured if I would have the Cricut cut what it needed to from the maple first and then flip around my mat and the walnut would be cut second, I made sure I had both of those wood veneers 12×12 sheets taped down completely on that one cutting mat. It is less mess, less tape, and less time. That was a fun little hack that I did for this project.



The other thing that I had to pay close attention to was where my design was located. Once I pushed the Make It button and my prepare screen came up, that’s when you can adjust where your design is cut on your cutting mat. I had to make sure that I moved those earring designs so that they were not going to be cut over the painter’s tape. That was a really important part of getting the best cut out of my Cricut and my deep-point blade.

After I had everything ready to go, I did choose my material, which was the natural wood veneer. It automatically pops up for you, the deep point blade, but I changed my pressure to more. The reason I did this was that the first time that I tried cutting out, I did the default pressure and I did one Cricut cut. This is a little bit complicated because when you push the go button for the wood veneer sheets, Cricut is automatically going to do four cut passes. It’s what the default setting is.

What I learned through my first try was that with the default pressure and one cut of Cricut, so 4 cut passes and 1 time pushing the cut button, it didn’t get all of the design cut out well. I learned through this experience that the best cut was going to be using more pressure when you’re getting your wood veneer cut. The first pass or the first cut is going to do four cut passes. Do not take out your cutting mat. Leave it on there and push the go button again. This will bring your design right back into your Cricut Maker and cut exactly in the same place four more cut passes. That worked beautifully.

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


This was a good experience. I was super excited because my first basswood-cutting experience was awful. This was a positive, fun experience. The cuts came out really well. I was impressed by it. The more simple the design, the better the cut with the deep point blade and the wood veneer. My Mandela earrings did come out beautiful. I love them, but the intricate cuts are not as crisp as the simple cut and simple shape of the other teardrop earrings. Depending on your project, keep in mind the complexity of the cut and the size of your project. If it’s a smaller size like the earring around one inch or maybe a little bit more than that, keep in mind that those more intricate cuts may not be as clean and crisp as a simple design with a shape or an outline in it.



There are a couple of more things about this project and this experience. Once you have gone through the two cuts and you’re ready to remove the wood veneer, your earrings, your project, or whatever it is you’ve made out of this material from the strong grip mat, this wood is delicate. It’s super thin, so be careful getting your project off of the cutting mat.

What worked well for me is I would carefully bend the cutting mat. I would bend it on each side. What that did is it helped the wood veneer earring separate and release from the cutting mat. I then took my little weeding tools, whether I used my tweezers or my little hook weeding tool, and a little bit of the spatula to remove the excess. It is pretty fragile, so take your time in getting those pieces off of the cutting mat.



The process of putting the jewelry on the wood veneer earrings was easy. I love how these earrings turned out. I love the unique wood look that layering the light and the dark wood on top of each other creates. It’s fun that you can see the grain of the wood. Also, they’re so light. I do not like wearing heavy earrings. It gives me a headache. It bothers me. These earrings are like paper light. They are so amazing. You don’t even feel that they’re on your ears. For me, that’s a total win. I love it. Overall, this was a fast project. Within a day, I had everything done. It was an enjoyable crafting experience. I have four new pair of earrings to wear this summer to add to my earring collection.



Crafting Keepers

Let me tell you about my Crafting Keepers for this crafting project. Both of these Crafting Keepers specifically have to do with cutting the wood veneer sheets. The first Crafting Keeper is going to be doing the extra cut pass. It made the cut crisp and clean. It pretty much popped right off of my cutting mat. That extra-cut pass is a keeper.

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


The second one is going to be bending that Cricut cutting mat when removing the wood veneer project from the mat. I was taking my time. Instead of trying to peel off the earring, I paid more attention and worked harder at bending back the cutting mat. That made the process of removing the delicate wood veneer design off of the cutting mat.

That brings me to my satisCRAFTion rating for this project. I’m going to give this project a four. The reason I’m going to give it a four is that I love the earrings. The cut files were great to use. They are light on my ears. I love the unique look of the grain and the wood layered on top of each other, but if you are only wanting to do small, intricate, complicated designs, this probably isn’t the best material for that. It did okay with mine. These two designs came out great, but the lines are not as crisp and perfect as I would like.

WCA 42 | Boho Earrings


The other thing is that the wood veneer sheets are expensive. I’m talking about for two sheets, it is $18. That’s a lot of money. If you are going to be doing a large project or trying things that maybe you’re not sure how they’re going to come out and there might be some waste, know that this material is expensive. There may be other options out there that are not Cricut brands, but I have not tried those, so I can’t speak to them.



Overall, it was a good experience. I’m glad I tried cutting wood again with my Cricut Maker because I needed a good bounce back after that basswood experience. This was a good experience overall. I hope this inspires you to maybe try making something with the wood veneer sheets. Get your Cricut off the shelf and get crafty. Until our next adventure. Take care.


SatisCRAFTion: 4


Crafting Keepers

Specifically for cutting Wood Veneer

  1. Extra cut pass
  2. Bend the cutting mat when taking off the wood veneer from cutting mat


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