Neon Custom Retro Keychains With Scrap Vinyl

WCA 40 | Vintage Motel Keychains


I am going back to the 90’s and customizing neon colored vintage motel keychains. In this quick and easy little scrap vinyl project, I am crafting some fun vintage motel keychains. I have talked about it before and I will say it again, our family loves music, and that includes my extended family as well. These little retro motel keychains are perfect for adding a short song lyric to. I have many Taylor Swift fans in my family and Taylor Swift has lots of songs that reference cars and driving so I put some of her car lyrics on a few keychains. These keychains are perfect for a stand alone house key, decoration for a backpack, or to add to your car key fob for some added personality or fun. Using scrap vinyl and reusing some transfer tape from my subway sign project I had a lot of fun with this crafting adventure!

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Neon Custom Retro Keychains With Scrap Vinyl

WCA 40 | Vintage Motel Keychains


In this crafting adventure, I am putting together some cute neon vintage motel keychains using some scrap vinyl that I have laying around in my crafting corner. Let me tell you a little bit about the inspiration behind this crafting project. I have boys. Whenever I get the chance to make something for the women, young ladies, or teens in my world, I get super excited. I decided to take these fun neon vintage motel keychains and put some fun little lyrics from some songs and a couple of other things with my nieces’ names on them for our little visit to Virginia that we’re taking. It’s a little bit of a quick project, but it’s super fun.

WCA 40 | Vintage Motel Keychains


If you have any scrap vinyl laying around, this is the perfect project to put it to use because these keychains are only about 1.5 inches long and probably only an inch across, and they look so fun with the retro font that I chose for this project. Let me tell you a little bit about a couple of materials that I needed. I’m using the scrap vinyl that I have. I chose to use a turquoise color because I wanted to go with that retro feel. All of the keychains that I’m doing are neon colors. I’ve got neon orange, yellow, and pink going in this project. I thought that the turquoise would be a fun pop of color on top of those keychains. These keychains, I found them at a local craft store, eight keychains for $3.50. This is a reasonable price in my opinion. This is a pretty fast and cheap crafting adventure.

The other material that I needed for this was transfer tape. Whenever you use permanent vinyl in a crafting project, you need to have something to transfer from the sheet that it was cut onto your project. The transfer tape is something that I needed for this project. The only resource that I used that was super handy in this project was, in Cricut Design Space, I searched in images for a vintage motel keychain image. The reason I did that is that there’s no shape that I could find in Cricut Design Space that was similar to the retro keychain shape. I wanted to make sure that my design fit in the area of the keychain.



When I went into Cricut Design Space images, I found a vintage motel keychain image. I brought it up onto my canvas and turned it into a guide. The way that I did that was by going up to the function on the top left at the top of your Cricut Design Space canvas area, and scrolling down until I found the guide function. Once I clicked that, I now had the perfect little template to use, to fit not only all of my niece’s names on these keychains but also for the lyrics and any designs that I want to add in the future. That was a great resource. If you do have Cricut Design Space or you’re interested in trying this project, you can see exactly the way I turned that image into the guide and the designs that I use to create these fun keychains.

Let me talk about the experience. I am using my scrap vinyl. It’s a turquoise color and is permanent vinyl. I am not the biggest fan of weeding and using permanent vinyl, but it is the best material for this project. I did go ahead and get all of my designs ready. Let me tell you a little bit about these designs. My nieces are Taylor Swift fans, most of them. I thought it would be fun for a couple of the keychains to put a Taylor Swift lyric on the back of the keychain with my nieces’ names on the front. I did two different lyrics. What’s cool about Taylor Swift’s lyrics is she has a ton of lyrics that have something to do with cars or car rides. It’s actually amazing how many songs she has with some reference in it to a car.

WCA 40 | Vintage Motel Keychains


I thought I found two pretty cute designs. The first one that I found that is fun is, “Nothing good starts in a getaway car.” That I thought was a perfect lyric to put onto the fun little retro keychain. The other one that I found that I thought was cute is, “What do you sing on your drive home?” I know when I’m in the car alone, I am belting out my favorite songs and enjoying the drive. I thought that would be a fun lyric to use on the other keychain.



I also did one different keychain. I did a special one for my niece, Aubrey. She is a lover of animals. Instead of a Taylor Swift lyric for her, I went ahead and did her dog, Moose. Moose is a French bulldog, and he’s quite possibly one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen. I did put Aubrey’s name on the front, and then I put a little image of a French bulldog on the back of hers. I think she’s going to love it.



One other fun thing that I found in this project was a font that is like a retro font that worked great with the permanent vinyl. Like I said before, permanent vinyl is not my favorite material to work with in terms of weeding vinyl. I always tend to have a little bit of a challenge weeding it without one of my letters popping off and flying somewhere, and then I can’t find it, and then I’m recutting a design. Anyway, this font is great for small letters with permanent vinyl. The name of the font is Tango Regular. It is a Cricut font, but I just found that it worked well in this project with a small design. Like I said before, it has that retro feel. It went well with the vintage motel keychain.



Retro font works great with permanent vinyl. Share on X

Here is a little bit more on the experience of this crafting project. Cutting out the permanent vinyl, I did go ahead and put in a fresh fine point blade into my Cricut Maker because I wasn’t sure what the last thing I had cut with this blade was. Usually, I make a little sticky note and put it on, so I remember if it was vinyl or if it was card stock. One of the things that’s important is that you treat your blades like your scissors. If you’re cutting vinyl, you have one blade for vinyl. If you’re cutting card stock, you have one fine point blade for card stock. It makes sure that the cut comes out well and you don’t waste a lot of time having to recut things because of any issues with the blades. I did add a fresh fine point blade in. Weeding this was easy. No big deal.

WCA 40 | Vintage Motel Keychains


Here is another fun little thing that I did with this project. I did reuse all of my Cricut Transfer Tape. I use it and put it back onto the carrier sheet for my next project. I had a lot of perfect-sized Cricut transfer tape in my crafting corner from when I did my subway sign with all of the ski resorts that I did with that removable vinyl. I kept all of that transfer tape. Along with my scraps of vinyl, I’m reusing my Cricut transfer tape, and it worked great. It was sticky enough to pick up the vinyl and put it onto the keychains. That was a fun little reusing of an old material that I had.



After putting the designs onto the keychains, that’s it. I’m done with this project. I do think I am going to go and find some cute puff balls to add to the keychains. Whenever I get to make something for the girls, I like to make it girly because I live in a house of men. That’s fun for me. I’m probably going to add some puff balls. I also might add a layer of glossy decoupage onto the top of the designs to make sure that that vinyl stays on for the long haul. That’s it. That’s this quick and fun project that I just finished. I do want to share with you my Crafting Keepers for this episode.



My first Crafting Keeper is going to be reusing my transfer tape. I feel like this is a great little thing to have in my crafting corner. Transfer tape is not cheap. If I can reuse it multiple times for different projects and it works well, I’m going to do it. It worked well in this project. That’s my first Crafting Keeper. My second Crafting Keeper for this project is going to be that retro font that I found in Cricut Design Space. It’s called Tango Regular. I love the way it looks. I love how easy it weeded when the letters and the sayings that I was using in this project were pretty small. It did a good job. It didn’t get frustrating like sometimes weeding the tiny little letters can get when you’re doing those small projects. Those are my Crafting Keepers.

WCA 40 | Vintage Motel Keychains


My SatisCRAFTion rating for this project is a five. This was really fun. It was fast. There was not a lot of frustration. If any at all, it went smoothly. The keychains turned out so cute. I hope my nieces love them. I’m thinking they could either put a key on it, or they can use it as a little decoration hanging on their backpack, or anything like that. That is my vintage motel keychain with a scrap vinyl project. Until our next adventure, take care.


SatisCRAFTion: 5


Crafting Keepers:

  1. Reusing transfer tape
  2. Tango regular font




Taylor Swift Lyrics:

  • “Nothing good starts in a getaway car” – Getaway Car
  • “What do you sing on your drive home” – Mad Women


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