Personalized Shaker Bookmark

WCA 26 | Personalized Shaker Bookmark


We’re doing a book study, and so I thought it would be fun to make some personalized shaker bookmarks for my coworkers! In this fun crafting project episode, I will share with you my experience in making fun custom bookmarks using acetate, card stock, and glitter. I also found my favorite paper crafting glue adhesive! Once I learned how and where to layer the card stock, this project was fun and fast; a great weekend crafting adventure! Tune in and start your own personalized shaker bookmark too!

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Personalized Shaker Bookmark


WCA 26 | Personalized Shaker Bookmark


I have finished making some shaker bookmarks that are personalized with some of my coworkers’ names on them. The inspiration behind this project is that I am doing a book study with about 4 or 5 of my coworkers. It’s almost like a child development book about how to teach children the way that they learn and focused on that preschool age. I thought it would be fun to create some personalized shaker bookmarks for my coworkers and teammates that are doing this book study with me.


WCA 26 | Personalized Shaker Bookmark


It’s a pretty simple inspiration but something I was excited about. We’re going to be meeting going over what we’re learning as we read this book. I thought it’d be fun to make everybody some personalized shaker bookmarks. When I was looking into this crafting project, I was excited about the thought of putting a little shaker window into the bookmark.

In my research for this crafting project, I kept coming across the different tutorials for making greeting cards and all these other cards into shaker cards but I had a hard time finding some specific tutorials about the shaker bookmark that did not use something called a fuse tool. I do not have a fuse tool and so wanted to create these bookmarks with cardstock and then acetate sheets, which is what the window is into the shaker and my Cricut machine.

That was a little more challenging I found, to find some tutorials that did not use whatever the fuse tool is. I’m going to have to investigate that but I did find one resource that was on YouTube and it is called My3DPaper. That was a specific tutorial for making a shaker bookmark with the Cricut machine so I watched that. It was one of the tutorials where there’s no real talking about what they’re doing. It was more music in the background with a video of how to use your Cricut design space and your machine to cut out the different pieces and then how to put them all together. It was only about a 12 to 15-minute tutorial but it gave me all the information I needed to get started.


WCA 26 | Personalized Shaker Bookmark


Important Project Materials

Let me highlight a couple of the important materials that I used that are a little bit different and that I had to purchase for this project. I needed the acetate sheets. Those are clear, thin plastic layers. That creates the window for where you’re going to be able to see whatever it is that you put in that little pocket that’s going to be shaking.

For the acetate sheets I needed, I bought some thicker glitter card stock. I did about 4 or 5 different colors and themes for the bookmarks. I want to within that personalization of the bookmark to have some different colors. I got the glitter and I’ll call it chunky glitter. It’s not the real thin tiny glitter that I’ve typically seen or used in crafting. These are a little bit bigger and chunky.

Sometimes they have little shapes. One of the chunky glitters that I got had llamas, cacti and things like that. I found a great deal at Michaels. They had some of these tiny little containers but enough glitter that it would be able to use for this project and lots of other projects on clearance for $2. I was excited because normally they’re between $3 and $5, depending on the color, size and shape.

I found mine on clearance for $2 and that was super exciting. Aside from that, I used a lot of my leftover cardstock from my shadow box project and my rolled paper wreath project. I had a nice variety still of colors that I thought I wanted to use some of those again in this project. Let me talk a little bit about the experience and what I did and learned in this project.


WCA 26 | Personalized Shaker Bookmark


It’s a pretty straightforward project. What I did was I created some bookmarks that are about 2×8 inches so more of a larger size bookmark. One of the reasons I chose the larger size was so that I could create and have that shaker window be part of the bookmark. I knew that was going to be a little trickier than trying to get that shaker window on a greeting card because the size of the bookmark is so much more narrow than a greeting card is.

After I knew that I wanted to make it one of the larger bookmarks based on the fact that I wanted to include that shaker window into the design, I also decided that I wanted to personalize these bookmarks with my teammates’ names. I thought that would be a fun way to customize them and make them a little bit different. I first tried with my Cricut to have the pen write their name on the backside of the bookmark. I didn’t love the way that looked.

Four Bookmark Designs

I went with my second plan of that, which was to do a cut of cardstock and an offset shape around the name to give it that 3D look on the back of the bookmark. That was one way that I was excited to personalize these bookmarks. The other way that I made these bookmarks was to pick out about 4 or 5 different designs. I’ve completed about 4 of the designs but I haven’t done the 5th yet. I’m pretty sure I’m adding one more in there but it’s not going to be done yet. I’m going to talk about the four that I did make.

Of the designs I decided on, one would be Read Your Heart Out. Instead of the word heart, I wanted to create that shaker window in the shape of a heart. That was one of the designs I chose. The next one I used in my bullet journal is one of the pages in the back of my bullet journal and it’s one of my favorite sayings. It is, “The world was hers for the reading.” That was a lot of words but I found that if I found the right size font and the right kind of font, I would have my Cricut Maker write those words onto the front of the bookmark.

The shape for the shaker that I chose for that design was a sun. I thought about a sunrise and bright orange, pink and red colors. I thought that I could find some cute, fun sequins and chunky glitter to go in that sun. That was the second design. The third design that I chose was You Fell Asleep Here because it’s a bookmark. I thought that would be cute. I am incorporating a moon and star shaker window on that bookmark.

For the final bookmark, I had to get an owl in there because my coworker Brittany’s a huge fan of owls so is my mom. I thought it’d be fun to try and incorporate one of the shaker windows in the shape of an owl. I chose a design that said, “Owl save your spot.” In the middle of that bookmark was going to be that owl shape window for the shaker.

Bookmark Making Process

The first bookmark that I wanted to make was the Read Your Heart Out. This was going to be the first time I was doing this shaker window. All of my research told me that I needed to use layers of cardstock to create that gap between the cardstock and the acetate window where you could put those chunky glitter sequences in. I had two fails at first because what I tried to do the first time was put those layers in between the front and the back of the bookmark. What kept ending up happening was that it became too thick.

Use layers of card stock to create that gap between the card stock and the acetate window where you could put those chunky glitter sequence in. Share on X

In other words, when I went to put the front and back of the bookmark together with my adhesive, it didn’t close well. It was hard and I didn’t like the way it looked. It looked a little bulky. It didn’t look as clean and crisp as I wanted it to look. I decided to go back and look at some more of those shaker card tutorials. There is when I learned. I didn’t have to put layers between the front and back of the bookmark.

I could create that little pocket for that chunky glitter on top of the front of the bookmark. With the first two, I ended up with a fail. It’s for my coworker. I wanted it to look nice and professional. I got rid of those two and decided to do it again for the third time. That third time was the charm because I did layer that card stock shape of the heart in 3 different layers so 3 little cutout hearts is what I layered on top of each other to create that pocket. It was a big enough pocket to get a good amount of chunky glitter in.

In the front and the back of the bookmark, I could adhere together and there was no space in the middle. On top of that, it was not too thick that it was not going to work in a book. It’s not going to be too thick of a bookmark that you won’t be able to close the book around it. I was happy with that strategy and that is what I did for all of my bookmarks.

Within this process, there were three main materials, the cardstock, which is easy to cut and is no problem, the chunky glitter, cardstock and then the acetate for those windows. Three different cut settings in this project. What I learned when I was doing one of my previous projects was to use a different cutting blade for each material. I did use a different cutting blade for the chunky cardstock, glitter cardstock, regular cardstock and acetate for the windows.

That did add some time into this project because when I’m switching out those blades and making sure that my machine’s ready to go, it took me a little longer than it would have if I kept the same blade in and cut all the different materials but the process was fun. Picking all of the different colors based on my coworkers and the theme of the bookmark was super enjoyable. Layering the different pieces to the bookmark, I enjoyed that process and I found my all-time favorite adhesive glue so far.

I had been reading a lot about it. It’s pricey so I was trying to see if there was another kind of adhesive that I could find glue-wise to use in my paper crafting but I finally decided everybody talks so highly about the Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue that I had to buy it and I am a total fan. I don’t think I will ever use any other kind of glue adhesive in my paper crafting because this is awesome. If you haven’t tried it, if you get the opportunity to, it is well worth the money to get this Bearely Art Precision Craft Glue. It’s awesome.

I can’t say enough good things about it, on top of the fact that it comes with these different application tips. Depending on the project you’re doing, you get the right amount of glue to come out of the bottle, which is important. One of the things I have learned over time is that I am a little heavy-handed when it comes to glue. I tend to add a little too much and glob it on, which is not a good thing in paper crafting. These application tips have helped me with that.

The final addition of little crafty fun that I added to these bookmarks is that while I was at Michaels, they had all of these bundles of different kinds of ribbons that were on sale. I got this bundle of ribbon and I thought it would be fun to put a cute little tassel or string at the end of the bookmark. All of my bookmarks will have that too. This was a fun project.

Crafting Keepers And Satiscraftion Rating

Let me talk about my Crafting Keepers. The first crafting keeper for this project is going to be the function on my Cricut Design Space that allows me to change the space between the letters in the names because I personalized the bookmarks with cut-out cardstock instead of using the Cricut Maker to write the names on the back. I wanted that 3D look.

For the letter spacing function in Cricut design space, I chose a font that was a little bit, not too scripty but a little bit more of a scripty swirly font. What I did is I changed the spacing between the letters and brought them closer together so that when Cricut was cutting those names out of the fun glitter cardstock that I got, they could be pretty much attached. Some of the letters weren’t because that’s how the font and the cutting worked but a lot of the names that I did, I was able to get out in 1 or 2 pieces. That is my first crafting keeper, that function of being able to change the spacing between the letters.

I’m sure you can guess my second crafting keeper for this project. That is going to be the Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue. I want to make sure I say it correctly so I keep looking at the bottle as I am talking about it because it is awesome. It is my first project with paper crafting. I am using glue, not Glue Dots or foam adhesive. I didn’t need any of that for this project. This is awesome. I will keep it in my crafting corner. It is going to be used many more times in the future.


WCA 26 | Personalized Shaker Bookmark


My satisCRAFTion rating for this project is a five. This is such a fun and fast crafting project. It’s personalized. I love that I’m going to be giving my teammates a bookmark that’s personalized with a fun saying and a cute shaker window with some bright colors and chunky glitter. It was a fun project. I enjoyed planning out the different colors for the different people and personalizing them with everybody’s name. It gets a five but I will be making a Cricut Design Space Project link. That’s it. I hope that this inspires you to take your Cricut out of the box, maybe create some fun, personalized bookmarks, read a new book or something like that. Until our next adventure. Take care.


SatisCRAFTion rating: 5


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