Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery Pattern With Cricut: A Great Make And Take Crafting Project On The Go!

WCA 44 | Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery


I can’t wait to share this fun and unique way to use the Cricut Maker! I could not get enough of learning about embroidery from my last crafting adventure, so I took it to the next level in this project. I had my Cricut draw and embroidery design on Stick ‘N Stitch and created a custom mandala monogram for a jute and canvas summer tote. I had so much fun learning about embroidery stitches that I used to create a beautiful summer accessory! I love finding more ways to ensure that I can be creative even when I am not in my crafting corner! This is a great make-and-take crafting project!

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Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery Pattern With Cricut: A Great Make And Take Crafting Project On The Go!


WCA 44 | Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery


In this episode, I have a fun and different way that I have used my Cricut Maker in a crafting project that I’m excited to share with you. I decided to go with a different project using my Cricut. I thought about the project I did last time with the felt cutting the felt and then I jumped into a little bit of embroidery and applique using some embroidery floss, putting together the felt pieces that I cut with my Cricut for my custom hats.

I enjoyed the process of hand embroidery. It got me thinking about what else could I do with my Cricut. I’ve got all this embroidery floss. I loved the process of embroidering and learning that new craft. It was a great project when I was on the go in Chicago. I’m always looking for different projects that I can take with me. I love using my Cricut but I also love getting out of the house and traveling. When I can bring projects with me and continue to be creative away from home, it’s a bonus.

WCA 44 | Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery


That is the inspiration behind this crafting project where I am using my Cricut Maker to print a printed design onto something called Stick ‘N Stitch. This Stick ‘N Stitch is a sheet. What I’m doing is I’m having my Cricut print out an embroidery pattern onto the Stick ‘N Stitch paper. I’m putting it onto a cute jute tote bag that has a front pocket made of canvas. I’m embroidering a monogram of the letter K onto the front of this little tote bag using the Stick ‘N Stitch. That’s going to catch me a lot.

Using the Stick ‘N Stitch material, that Cricut is going to create and draw my design on with my Cricut pens. I’m going to take that design, stick it on the front of the canvas pocket and embroider it to create a fun summer little cute tote bag that I am envisioning taking out on summer nights, wearing my fun little wood boho earrings and enjoying a night out. It is a fun one but I do want to highlight a couple of materials that I needed above and beyond what is usually in my crafting corner. Those materials are going to be the Stick ‘N Stitch, which is from Sulky.

WCA 44 | Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery


That material I did buy online. I was intrigued by this material because what I read about it was I can have my Cricut and print my design onto this Stick ‘N Stitch material that’s like a sheet. It looks like an 8 1/2” x 11” sheet but it’s got a fabric-sticky material on the top. What you do is you put that on. I’m going to save that for the experience of it but let me highlight a couple of more materials. I needed an embroidery hoop that I was going to use for this project. I didn’t use one when I was using the felt and the embroidery thread so I didn’t need an embroidery hoop. I’m reusing all of the embroidery thread that I bought from my last project as well as the embroidery needles.



Those were important. Whatever base material you want to use, I chose a cute little tote bag and a jute tote bag with a canvas front. It’s perfect for summertime. I love the look of the natural jute with the canvas and I thought it’d be fun to put a monogram, my letter K on the front of that as a fun little extra tote for this summer. Those are the highlights of the materials.

A couple of resources I want to shout out. I did a lot of looking at YouTube and watching tutorials on different kinds of embroidery stitches and I learned a lot. YouTube was a huge tool for me in this project, not only for learning and watching how to make these different embroidery stitches but also because there is a video tutorial from Makers Gonna Learn on using Stick ‘N Stitch and the Cricut Maker. This was perfect for this project. The name of that video is again from Makers Gonna Learn and it is Embroidery Cricut Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed. Those were my major resources. I do want to get into the experience of this crafting project.

This project is a little bit of Cricut and a lot of embroidery. That’s fine with me because I’m always looking for projects that I can take on the go with me, take with me when I’m traveling and all of that. This is one of those projects. The first thing I needed to do was decide what I wanted to put on the canvas pocket on the front of the tote.

WCA 44 | Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery


I decided to go with a Mandala Monogram letter K from Cricut Design Space. It caught my eye. I love the look of it. It has different aspects of it that are different leaves and shapes. For me, wanting to learn different embroidery stitches throughout this project, I thought it would give me a lot of opportunities to try out some different stitches. That is the design that I chose. They’re beautiful.

Once I decided on that design, I needed to change it from a cut file to a drawn design. I did that by going up to the top left under the function and changing the function to draw. Where I ended up spending a bit of time in preparation for having Cricut draw my design onto the Stick ‘N Stitch was changing different parts of the design to different colors.

The reason I spent time doing that is that I wanted to have a guide for my embroidery colors and the color palette that I wanted to use for this project. It was something that I felt was going to be helpful for me. I don’t think it’s necessary to do this but I did spend time changing different shapes and sections of the letter K and the design inside of it to different colors that I was going to have Cricut use different pens for. I knew when it printed out and I stick it onto my canvas pocket. It’s going to help me remember my color palette and the different colors that I was thinking about using in this project.



Once I had all of the colors the way that I thought that I wanted them for this design, it was time for me to have Cricut, create and draw my embroidery design onto the Stick ‘N Stitch. This was such an easy process. I found that this is the best use of my Cricut fabric mat that I have had yet. I’ve used it quite a few times in different projects. I haven’t been the biggest fan of the fabric mat until this project. I finally can say that this fabric mat was perfect to hold the Stick ‘N Stitch. It did a nice job. I laid the 8 1/2” x 11” sheet of Stick ‘N Stitch onto my fabric mat, braided it down with my brayer and it was ready to go.

After I got my Stick ‘N Stitch onto my Cricut fabric mat loaded it into my Cricut and pressed go, the only thing I needed to do was follow along as Cricut told me what color marker to put into the clamp at the correct time. I did use my Cricut fine point pens for this and they worked great. That was an easy process. Cricut did a beautiful job drawing on the Stick ‘N Stitch. I then unloaded it and trim around my letter K. I ended up going with about a 5.5 inches letter K design. That did fit beautifully onto the canvas pouch and within the embroidery hoop that I was going to be using for this project.

WCA 44 | Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery


It was the pocket on the outside of the little tote so I did have to mess a little bit with it. There was a Velcro closure at the top of that pocket but the embroidery hoop did fit around my design. You peel away the design from the carrier sheet of the Stick ‘N Stitch. It’s easy to do. I got that on my canvas and then had my embroidery hoop there. One thing I did learn as I was doing research on embroidery and learning a little bit about this craft was to make sure your embroidery hoop is tight.

You can use a screwdriver to tighten the embroidery hoop and secure your fabric or canvas like a drum. Share on X

You want to do more than just tighten it with your hands. I didn’t know this. This may be common knowledge for many people on the little tightener part of the embroidery hoop. You can use a screwdriver to tighten that down and that secures your fabric or in my case, my canvas being tight like a drum. That helped when I was doing the embroidery.



That’s a little tip that I picked up along the way along with so many other cool embroidery stitches. It was amazing. There are so many different stitches for different pieces of embroidery and I am dipping my toes into the embroidery craft. It was so fun and relaxing. I get why people love this craft. The creativity you can have in terms of color and what you are embroidering is enjoyable. I loved it. I can travel with it. I also have another project where I can hang out with the family in the evening or sit outside, work on my embroidery and still be part of the family.



The embroidery process did take me a bit of time. I’m new at it but I do want to say that this Stick ‘N Stitch is pretty awesome because after I finished the whole process of embroidering, I still have that Stick ‘N Stitch material that I stuck onto the canvas that was my guide for my embroidery design. It’s still on there. It’s still stuck to the canvas.

WCA 44 | Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery


The coolest thing about this is that all you do is rinse it in cool water and it melts right off of there. This product is pretty amazing in terms of being able to design whatever you want for embroidery or punch needle or any stitching that you are going to be doing. This Stick ‘N Stitch is amazing.



Let me share with you my Crafting Keepers for this crafting project.

My first Crafting Keeper, which I’m so excited to share is the fabric mat. I have finally found an awesome use for my fabric mat and that is the Stick ‘N Stitch, which is my second Crafting Keeper from this project. I’m so glad that I came across the Makers Gonna Learn tutorial about embroidery and Stick ‘N Stitch and the Cricut because this has opened up a whole new crafting world.

WCA 44 | Stick ‘N Stitch Embroidery


Being able to create a design and have my Cricut draw that and then be able to put that onto like I did a canvas tote, blue jeans. The possibilities are endless. I have a taste for the embroidery, the hand stitching. I’ve loved sewing for a long time but I haven’t yet gotten into hand sewing and hand embroidery until this project and I loved it.



My satisCRAFTion rating for this project is a five. There are so many things that I loved about this project. I loved the ease of creating and having Cricut put a design onto the Stick ‘N Stitch that I then got to put onto the canvas and create with the embroidery. I love the Stick ‘N Stitch. I love how it works in terms of sticking onto the fabric, rinsing off with water at the end and having this cute little tote with a monogram with the letter K. I’m excited for summer nights. I can picture using it to go out and pairing it with some cute jeans and my fun little wood earrings that I made. All around this was a fun project. I hope this inspires you to try some needle crafting by creating some designs with your Cricut. Until our next adventure. Take care.


SatisCRAFTion: 5


Crafting Keepers

  • Stick ‘N Stich embroidered into fabric mat


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