Custom Subway Sign With Removable Vinyl

WCA 28 | Custom Subway Sign

  Kim Wojtalewicz has found the perfect project for removable vinyl! In this episode, she talks about crafting a custom subway sign that has all the ski mountains that she and her husband have skied together over the last 25 years. Using leftover paint from an old coir doormat project, some 3M Scott ruler masking […]

Crafting A Cork Fabric Cardholder Wallet With Your Cricut Maker

WCA 17 | Cardholder Wallet

  Do you have a cardholder wallet? In this episode, Kim Wojtalewicz shares a unique Cricut Maker project, a cardholder wallet made from eco-friendly cork fabric, in her Weekend Crafting Adventure. She was intrigued with the rolls of cork fabric that she found at a quilting store and it called her attention to craft and […]

Cricut Hat Press Project: Comparing Infusible Ink Versus Heat Transfer Vinyl

WCA 11 | Cricut Hat Press

  No matter the season, hats will always be in! And there probably is nothing more exciting than being able to do your own hat project with the Cricut Hat Press. In this episode, Kim Wojtalewicz shares her experiences using both infusible ink and heat transfer vinyl to make hats. She takes us across the […]

Make Your Trip Memorable With Your Own Customized Disney World Pool Towel

WCA 8 | Disney World Pool Towel

  What better way to make a trip to Disney World memorable than having your own customized pool towel? In this craft project, Kim Wojtalewicz makes custom Disney-themed towels for 20 family members for their trip to Disney World in Florida. The inspiration comes from the towel gifts her stepmother, Licia Hazzard, made for her […]