Weekend Crafting Adventure Wrap Up: Learning To Use My Cricut Maker

WCA 46 | Cricut Maker

  After 46 weeks of sharing my crafting projects on Weekend Crafting Adventures with you, I am stepping back and taking a break from this weekly podcast. In this episode, I wrap up my experience learning to use my Cricut machine one crafting project at a time and I share what is next for me. […]

Cutting Felt With Cricut For Custom Hats

WCA 43 | Cutting Felt With Cricut

  I have been looking forward to cutting felt with my Cricut, but I have been waiting for just the right project! I am a hat girl, and I love creating one-of-a-kind hats, so I decided to combine my love of hats with a fun felt applique project! I found some great designs that my […]

Welcome To Weekend Crafting Adventures: An Introduction To Crafty Fun

Welcome to the first episode of Weekend Crafting Adventures! In this introductory episode, host Kim Wojtalewicz shares the inspiration that got her into the hobby and her expectations for the upcoming episodes. Tune in to learn about her creative experiences and some crafting projects you can create during your free time. — Watch the episode […]