Clear Acrylic Bag Project Using UV Color-Changing Vinyl

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project

  The custom clear acrylic bags are trending right now. And with spring sports here and summer travel around the corner, what better project to have than a Clear Acrylic Bag Project? Kim Wojtalewicz decided to customize a few clear zipper pouch bags with her Cricut. For her bag, she used Teckwrap UV color-changing vinyl […]

Foil Iron On Vinyl Personalized Baseball Mom Visor

WCA 33 | Foil Iron On Vinyl

  Want to make your project shimmer and shine? Foil iron on vinyl does just that in my latest crafting adventure. It is baseball season in our house, so I am spending a lot of time outside in the Colorado sunshine watching my son play baseball. In this project, I am using foil iron on […]

Cricut Engraving Tool: Metal Cuff Bracelet Project

WCA 24 | Metal Cuff Bracelet

  Inspired by my current love of word bead bracelets and thinking about Random Acts of Kindness day coming up on February 17th, I decided that I would try to engrave some metal cuff bracelets with some positive sayings. Using the Cricut quick swap housing with the engraving tip tool, I tried etching some short […]

Cricut Project: DIY Freezer Paper Stencil Cricut Doormat

WCA 18 | Cricut Doormat

  A welcoming home has a welcoming doormat just outside the house! For today’s Weekend Crafting Adventure, our host, Kim Wojtalewicz, demonstrates how you can make a fantastic and fun doormat on your own! Kim shares her experience in crafting a DIY freezer paper stencil Cricut doormat. The help of two resources from Angela Marie […]

Crafting A Cork Fabric Cardholder Wallet With Your Cricut Maker

WCA 17 | Cardholder Wallet

  Do you have a cardholder wallet? In this episode, Kim Wojtalewicz shares a unique Cricut Maker project, a cardholder wallet made from eco-friendly cork fabric, in her Weekend Crafting Adventure. She was intrigued with the rolls of cork fabric that she found at a quilting store and it called her attention to craft and […]

Starbucks Reusable Cups: A Cricut Make-And-Take Crafting Project For Everyone

WCA 15 | Starbucks Reusable Cups

  For today’s Weekend Crafting Adventures, Kim Wojtalewicz has a perfect Cricut make-and-take crafting project you could do with your loved ones! Kim shares how she spends time with her nieces making their Starbucks reusable cups. She also integrated the idea of one of her previous projects on putting the QR Code. With the help […]

Get Crafty This Holiday With A Cricut Gingerbread Cookie Project

WCA 14 | Gingerbread Cookie Project

  The holiday is just around the corner, and everything is set! The Christmas tree is lit up, and the socks are all in place. But what is Christmas without gingerbread cookies? In this episode, Kim Wojtalewicz shares her experience crafting this Cricut gingerbread cookie project. The gingerbread cookie is not only a simple circle […]

Creating A Seasonal HOME Sign Using Basswood

WCA 10 | Seasonal HOME Sign

  Creating a seasonal HOME sign where you can switch out the letters every time the season change is an exciting Cricut maker project. In this episode, I tried making one for my family wood mantle with the help of an incredible video tutorial from everydayjenny.com. I decided to cut basswood… and the experience was […]

Glow In The Dark Concert Shirts Idea For Your Family

WCA 7 | Concert Shirts

  Going to concerts with your family is a great moment you can capture and a great time to spend, especially with some creative concert shirts. In this episode, Kim shares how she made the glow-in-the-dark T-shirts for concerts. She also shares the inspiration behind her craft. Tune in to this and other episodes for […]