Clear Acrylic Bag Project Using UV Color-Changing Vinyl

WCA 34 | Clear Acrylic Bag Project

  The custom clear acrylic bags are trending right now. And with spring sports here and summer travel around the corner, what better project to have than a Clear Acrylic Bag Project? Kim Wojtalewicz decided to customize a few clear zipper pouch bags with her Cricut. For her bag, she used Teckwrap UV color-changing vinyl […]

Cricut Team Building Project: Teacher Aprons

WCA 30 | Teacher Apron

  As a preschool special education teacher I am always carrying around a variety of fidget toys and reinforcers to use with my students.  Earlier in the school year I packed up my Cricut Maker and my mini heat press and brought it to work to create some custom aprons as a team building activity. […]

3D Layered Paper Shadow Box Crafting Project With Cricut

WCA 21 | Paper Shadow Box

  In this weekend crafting adventure, I am making two 3D layered cardstock paper projects. In this Cricut crafting project, I am not only exploring a few new adhesive options for paper crafts but also finding a way to bring some nature scapes into my workspace in my classroom. I thought this was going to […]

Welcome To Weekend Crafting Adventures: An Introduction To Crafty Fun

Welcome to the first episode of Weekend Crafting Adventures! In this introductory episode, host Kim Wojtalewicz shares the inspiration that got her into the hobby and her expectations for the upcoming episodes. Tune in to learn about her creative experiences and some crafting projects you can create during your free time. — Watch the episode […]