Weekend Crafting Adventure Wrap Up: Learning To Use My Cricut Maker

WCA 46 | Cricut Maker

  After 46 weeks of sharing my crafting projects on Weekend Crafting Adventures with you, I am stepping back and taking a break from this weekly podcast. In this episode, I wrap up my experience learning to use my Cricut machine one crafting project at a time and I share what is next for me. […]

DIY Wood Round With Creative Fabrica Welcome SVG

WCA 41 | Welcome Door Hanger

  Summer is here and I am excited to create a farmhouse-style “Welcome” door hanger to freshen up our front door! This is one of my favorite projects that I have done in a long time. I did need to make a choice between using heat transfer vinyl and permanent vinyl…find out which one I […]

Knitted Wire Wall Decor: Part 1 Bending The Wire

WCA 37 | Knitted Wire Wall Decor

  We are spring cleaning and creating a new look in my preschool classroom. I teach autistic preschoolers and my team and I have been talking about the infinity symbol for neurodiversity and bringing that into our classroom decor. I saw a reel on Instagram from Isla Sierra doing knitted wire art and I thought […]

Cutting 10 Different Fabrics With Cricut To Make Tassels

WCA 36 | Cricut Tassels

  I had my Cricut Maker cut 10 different kinds of fabric! In this crafting adventure, I am putting my rotary blade to work cutting everything from sequin fabric to waxed canvas to create custom tassel keychain bracelet gifts for friends and family. The fabric cutting results vary from amazing to total failure!! Find out […]

Cricut Tooled Leather Patch For Hat

WCA 32 | Leather Patch

  Tooling and cutting leather with my Cricut Maker is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I found the perfect project for my first try! I am a Colorado hat girl and I love making my own hats with the Cricut. I found an amazing YouTube tutorial by CleverSomeday’s Kay Hall […]

Decoupage, Mod Podge And Infused Vodka Project

WCA 29 | Cricut Maker

  In this crafting adventure I am tackling decoupage with tissue paper, Mod Podge, and glass canisters. I use my Cricut Maker and rotary blade to cut the tissue paper on my fabric cutting mat. I am dressing up a few glass canisters to hold infused vodka for my husband’s birthday. Infusing the vodka was […]

Anything But Average: Making Affirmation Cards Gift With A Cricut Maker

WCA 13 | Affirmation Cards Gift

  Weekend Crafting Adventure has a holiday treat project you can craft for your loved ones! In this episode, Kim Wojtalewicz puts a special twist on affirmation card gifts! She creates different gift sets of cards targeting different age groups and spreading smiles and motivation to everyone. Are you looking to craft something for this […]

Custom Canvas Shoe Projects: Cricut Maker And Tie-Dye

WCA 6 | Custom Canvas Shoe

Summer is here! And what better way to show off the fun, bright season than rocking your own pair of custom canvas shoes? Time to trade those plain whites for a colorful look. And in today’s show, Kim Wojtalewicz has not one but two shoe projects just for you! In the first part, Kim shares […]