Infusible Ink Smart Watch Band And Beaded Bracelets Project

WCA 35 | Infusible Ink Smart Watch

  Do you want to add more personality and fun to your usual smart watch bands and bracelets? In this weekend crafting adventure, Kim Wojtalewicz gets crafty with a sublimation smart watch band to create a simple but fun spring and summer design with infusible ink transfer sheets. Kim loves the look of a simple […]

Cricut Hat Press Project: Comparing Infusible Ink Versus Heat Transfer Vinyl

WCA 11 | Cricut Hat Press

  No matter the season, hats will always be in! And there probably is nothing more exciting than being able to do your own hat project with the Cricut Hat Press. In this episode, Kim Wojtalewicz shares her experiences using both infusible ink and heat transfer vinyl to make hats. She takes us across the […]