The Beanie Project: Adding Heat Transfer Vinyl To Cold-Weather Beanie Hats

WCA 19 | Beanie Hats


It is cold in Colorado, so I decided to use my Cricut Maker to add heat transfer vinyl to some cold-weather beanie hats. In this quick and easy Cricut project, I explore putting some fun designs on 100% acrylic winter hats. I am always excited to share a great Cricut crafting tip with you, and I found another one while researching how to do this project. If you are a beginner to Cricut crafting or just looking for a fun new thing to do, this is a must-try!

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The Beanie Project: Adding Heat Transfer Vinyl To Cold-Weather Beanie Hats

WCA 19 | Beanie Hats

In this episode, I am making some cold-weather beanies with heat transfer vinyl. This is a fun, quick, beginner project. If you are looking for a place to start, and maybe you have gotten a Cricut, and you are looking for something quick, easy, and fun to try, this project is that. I am taking some of my heat transfer vinyl scraps that have piled up over time and I’m going to be making them into fun little designs to put on the front of some cold weather beanies.

WCA 19 | Beanie Hats

In Colorado now, it is cold, and we went through a crazy cold snap with wind chills and feels of negative 30 and 40 degrees. That was a little bit crazy, but this project is all about using my Cricut maker to cut out some heat transfer vinyl that I am then going to add to a 100% acrylic beanie, a little hat that you would wear in the winter when it’s cold out. The inspiration behind this project is that I am going to be skiing and playing up in the cold weather in the mountains this winter. I thought it would be fun to create some of my own cold-weather beanies. That is the inspiration behind this Cricut crafting project.

I want to highlight a couple of important materials that I used, like the beanies and the hats. I got a 4-pack of 100% acrylic hats on Amazon. Four hats cost me about $13, and I got a variety pack of colors. I got two packs because I wanted to make a couple of hats that say, “Gifts.” I got black, white, gray, and pink. Those were the colors that I decided I wanted to use in this project for the hat. A couple of other things that were important in this project were scraps of heat transfer vinyl. The reason I’m saying scraps is because you can use whatever heat transfer vinyl you have.


This project is only going to take about a 2X2-inch piece of heat transfer vinyl to put onto that little front that’s folded up on these cute hats. If you have some vinyl lying around, this is a great project to use it in. I also used my Teflon for pressing onto the acrylic hats with my heat press. I used a heat press and my Cricut maker machine to help cut out some cute, fun designs to put on the front of those beanie hats.

I chose two different designs that I had my Cricut Design Space create, and the first one was a simple heart. I love the idea of having this cold-weather beanie and a fun little heart right on the front of that beanie. That is the design I chose for one of them. With that design, I thought it would be fun to use some plaid heat transfer vinyl. That is one of the things I did, and then the other design I chose was a Bigfoot design. For making those cold weather hats for my husband and stepdad, I decided I wanted to have a Bigfoot in the mountains, a fun little cold weather design and a little bit representative of the mountains of Colorado.

WCA 19 | Beanie Hats

Those are the two simple designs that I chose, and this was easy. I used the heart shape in Cricut Design Space, and I made that shape a little under 2X2 inches. For the Bigfoot, that design, I did two different ways. One was a bit of a circle design, keeping it real small within that 2X2-inch dimension. The other one was more rectangular in shape. That one I could make it a little bit longer. That one was about 1.5 inches tall by about 3 inches long.


That’s because just the way that design looks and was in my Cricut Design Space, it felt like it would look good across the front of that cold weather beanie.

In doing this project, I wanted to find out a little bit more about putting vinyl on 100% acrylic hats. Usually, when I am putting heat transfer vinyl on my projects, they are either cotton or cotton-poly. Some of the hats I put vinyl on maybe have some acrylic in them, but this material was different, and it was 100% acrylic.

To the internet, I went to explore anybody out there that had already done this so I could get some good information. I came across a YouTube tutorial that I will share with you. This cool tip for this project that I found by watching a YouTube video tutorial by Shirt Mile. It’s so cool. To put your heat transfer vinyl on this cold weather beanie, you reach into the hat, turn the hat inside out, line up the edge of that hat, and then apply the heat transfer vinyl upside down. When you do that, when you flip the hat back around, it is perfect.


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I needed to measure to make sure that my design would fit on that little folded-up part of the cold weather beanie and that it was centered. Those things were pretty important in this project. Using that tip of turning the hat inside out and then placing the heat transfer vinyl on the hat was awesome and worked well.


Getting the heat transfer vinyl onto the hats, I was wondering if the hat would be getting too hot or if there would be any issues using my mini-press with this project, and no, there were not. As I said at the beginning of this episode, this was a super-fast and fun Cricut project you can do with your scrap vinyl. I made 3 or 4 hats within 45 minutes, and I love how they turned out. They are super cute and fun.


I’m looking forward to giving them to friends and family, but also wearing them up in the mountains when I’m skiing. Here are my crafting keepers for this episode. The first crafting keeper is going to be that awesome tip of turning the acrylic cold weather hat inside out to add the heat transfer vinyl. After making these fun little functional cold-weather hats, I will be making a lot more. Knowing that tip of turning the hat inside out, that will be staying in my crafting corner.

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The other crafting keeper for this episode is going to be my Teflon sheet that I use. I put that over my vinyl design while I am attaching that heat transfer vinyl with my Mini EasyPress onto the hat. The Teflon sheet has been something that I use in tons of projects. Having that available and using it with all of my projects that I am doing, attaching heat transfer vinyl to things, it comes in handy, and you can use it over and over again. It’s reusable, and it works awesome.

That brings me to my SatisCRAFTion rating for this project. I’m going to give this one a 4.5. This project is not complicated at all. It is quick and fun. It creates a fun and functional item to have or to give as a gift. You can put lots of different designs on the front of the hats, whether it’s a saying, a word, or a fun little design. Because of those reasons, I’m going to give it that 4.5.


I hope that whether you’ve gotten a Cricut machine and are looking for a fun first project or you are looking to do something different and try putting some vinyl on this cold-weather beanie, I hope this inspires you to give it a try. It was fun and fast, and I couldn’t wait to wear the beanies and gift them. Until our next adventure, take care.

WCA 19 | Beanie Hats


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 4.5


Important Links:

Shirt Mile – YouTube


Crafting Keepers:

  1. Flipping the beanie hat inside out to apply the heat transfer vinyl
  2. Teflon cover sheet for applying vinyl to projects

Materials List:


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