Weekend Crafting Adventure Wrap Up: Learning To Use My Cricut Maker

WCA 46 | Cricut Maker


After 46 weeks of sharing my crafting projects on Weekend Crafting Adventures with you, I am stepping back and taking a break from this weekly podcast. In this episode, I wrap up my experience learning to use my Cricut machine one crafting project at a time and I share what is next for me.

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Weekend Crafting Adventure Wrap Up: Learning To Use My Cricut Maker


WCA 46 | Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker: If you’re just starting to use your Cricut Maker or looking for some inspiration on getting it off the shelf, you can check out some projects on my website with the resources linked in all of the posts.


It has been 46 weeks of crafting episodes since I started this crafting adventure. I have created 42 crafting projects that I did in that time of 46 episodes. It has been amazing. I can confidently say that I’m pretty comfortable. I understand how to use my Cricut Maker in crafting beautiful, fun things and gifts for people, things that make me happy, and that I love sharing with other people in my world. I have shared my experiences with you cutting all kinds of vinyl, paper, clay, leather, and all kinds of things that I’ve learned how to cut with my Cricut Maker. I’ve made doormats, earrings, and signs that bring fun into my family’s world. Aso, home decor, t-shirts galore, and many other things I can’t even remember. It has been awesome.

Who would’ve known that the lint roller would become one of my absolute must-have crafting tools in my crafting corner? I just love that freezer paper is a go-to for me in my crafting projects when I am creating stencils or cutting fabric. This process has allowed me to learn so many things by trying to cut different materials and learning how to do different crafting projects week after week. With that being said, I am letting you know that it is time for me to step back from the podcasting world. I’ve always felt like while I could in this process of learning, I want to value your time. I know that you have lots of stuff going on. If I’m not feeling the creative flow anymore, and I’m feeling like it’s time to go in a different direction, I need to value your time, and I need to value my time.

I am going to step back from the podcast. I am going to spend a little more time with my family in the Colorado Mountains. I’m going to get out of my crafting corner a little bit more. I’m going to rejuvenate my creativity and focus it in a little bit of a different direction. What I want to share with you and what I’m going to be doing next, I’m so excited about. I’ve always felt like when you find something that you come across that makes you happy, you’re passionate about, fills your creativity, and drives it, you should go with it.

When you come across something that makes you happy, that you're passionate about, or that fills your creativity and drives it, you should go with it. Share on X

That’s what I’m doing. Through this process that I jumped into 46 episodes ago, I found one project that I am going to be focusing on. I am so excited about it. I’ll probably be sharing it on social media in the not-too-distant future. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to focus on one project or one product that I am going to be getting crafty and creative with, and sharing with the world in the future. This process allowed me to do lots of different things and share lots of different successes, failures, and frustrations in this process with you. Now I’m ready to focus on one, build that up, and share it with the world.

I want to say thank you. Thank you for being part of this crafting community with me. Whether you read one episode or followed all of my adventures through these 42 different projects, thank you. I appreciate you and your time. I also want to shout out a huge thank you to my support in social media. Instagram, you have been so supportive of this process and my projects, whether it’s the comments that you are providing and the feedback for the different ideas or the questions and engagement.

I’ve so enjoyed getting to know that community on social media in a crafty way. It is an amazing community of makers and so supportive. Thank you. My website will stay up with the 42 different projects. If you’re just starting to use your Cricut Maker or you’re looking for some inspiration on getting that Cricut Maker off the shelf, those projects will be on my website with the resources linked in all of the posts.

If you have read one of my podcasts, found my YouTube channel, or checked out some of my short videos or my social media posts, I would love it if you could take the time to send me an email at Hello@WCAPodcast.com. Give me some feedback. Let me know how you found my channel or my podcast, what you liked about it, and what you didn’t like about it. If it gave you the inspiration to try a different crafting project or something with your Cricut, I would love to hear the feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly. With some of my processes in learning how to use my Cricut Maker and the projects that I completed, I hope that it’s brought you a little bit of fun and a little bit of inspiration to get creative and crafty in your own way. With that being said, get that Cricut off the shelf. Get crafty. Take care.


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