Wood Burning Coasters With Torch Paste And Cricut Easy Press Mini

WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


I am wood-burning some rustic wood coasters with Torch Paste and my Cricut Easy Mini Press in this crafting adventure! Using the highest heat setting on my Cricut mini press and an amazing wood-burning paste, I am making some rustic wood coasters with highland cow designs burned into them. I created four different stencils using designs from Cricut Design Space. I cut the stencils out of Oracal 813 adhesive film with my Cricut Maker. Using the wood-burning paste was the highlight of this crafting project! I love how the wood looks, and the highland cow designs are perfect for the rustic coasters. Using the Torch Paste was easy, and the results are beautiful! I can’t wait to share this crafty project with you!

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Wood Burning Coasters With Torch Paste And Cricut Easy Press Mini

WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


I cannot wait to talk to you about Torch Paste. Torch Paste is a wood-burning paste. I finished making some rustic wood coasters. I used a vinyl that I cut with my Cricut Maker and used the stencil on the wood coasters with the Torch Paste and my Cricut mini heat press to burn wood. This was so much fun. Let me tell you about the inspiration behind this crafting project. First of all, I came across this Torch Paste as I was scrolling through social media at one time. I saw that 1) It was a paste that burns wood and 2) I could use my Easy Mini Heat Press to get the wood burned with the Torch Paste.

I don’t have a heat gun or any of that. I was super intrigued and excited to give this Torch Paste a try. The other inspiration behind this project is that when I was doing my layered paper shadow box project, I came across these images of these highland cows with their beautiful and long layered hair. I fell in love with the designs of what they looked like. I thought maybe what I could do was incorporate that highland cow design onto some wood blank rustic coasters to create some fun and rustic wood-burned coasters for our family room. These highland cows make me smile.


WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


Torch Paste

I thought this would be a perfect combination to try out this Torch Paste. I want to highlight a couple of important materials, but I’m not going to mention everything I used. This Torch Paste comes in a little cylinder. I got it for about $21 on Amazon. I was thinking that was pricey for the amount that we got in this little jar, but after using it, you only use a tiny bit, at least for the project I was doing. I feel like I’m going to be able to use it on tons of projects. It’s a great deal. That Torch Paste was super important in this project because that is what is burning the wood.


WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


Cricut Easy Press Mini

The other thing that I used was some blank wood rustic rounds. I bought a four-pack because I wanted to make a set of four coasters. That was something that I needed. I’ve used this stencil vinyl in a couple of projects. It has not worked out for me very well. I went into this hoping this would be the project where I found what I was going to be doing with my Oracal stencil vinyl. I’ll tell you a little bit more about that when I get into the experience. The other important thing that I used in this project was my Cricut EasyPress Mini. My tiny little press was what I was going to use for this project in place of a heat gun or what you might normally use with the Torch Paste to apply it to wood.


WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


I want to talk about the experience of not only using the Torch Paste but going through this crafting project. The first thing I needed to do was find some highland cow designs. I was excited because I found some beautiful highland cow designs right in Cricut Design Space. I will have a project link to the Cricut Design Space project that I used with the highland cow stencils. If you do have Cricut Design Space and you’re interested in trying the stencils, this will be available to you.

Cricut Design Project Space

They’re beautiful highland cow designs. I chose 4 different designs, 2 with the cows with beautiful and long layered hair across their faces and then 2 where there are some fun flowers in the highland cows’ hair up at the top. I liked how they looked. I thought that they would look great with the wood burn effect on the rustic coasters. I went into Cricut Design Space and uploaded from those two different designers these great files for my project. The thing that I ran into is that they’re cut files but they’re not stencil files. I did spend some time trying to figure out how to make my SVG cut file into a stencil file.

The best way that I can explain that is that when I wanted to have Cricut cut it out, I wanted it to be a circle that was about 3.5 to 4 inches to cover the entire wood coaster. The pieces of the design would be those spaces that I would weed out. This caused me a little bit of frustration because I wasn’t exactly sure at first how to make that SVG file into a stencil file that would allow me not to just cut out the cow design but have that background of the circle to cover all of the wood except those spaces, which was where I was going to put the Torch Paste.



I did figure it out. I used the shape of a circle, put the SVG file on top of that, and used the Slice tool in Cricut Design Space. It worked beautifully. If you do go and have Cricut Design Space and check out the project, those stencils that I made with the highland cow will be already made for you. You can resize them or use them as is if you choose to make some coasters too.

Stencil Vinyl

I did that. It did take me a little bit longer than I was hoping. I got to the cutting of the stencil. I’m using my Oracal 813 Oramask Stencil Vinyl. It is an adhesive stencil. I’ve tried it a couple of times. I tried it with my coir doormat. I realized it was not the right material for that. I’ve tried it in a couple of my other projects. I have not had a lot of success with it yet, but Cricut did a beautiful job cutting out my stencil vinyl. I had no problems with the cuts at all. Once I did figure out how to make it a stencil and not an SVG file, I got into the weeding. This is where I got bummed out because I was super hopeful and excited that this stencil vinyl would be the absolute right material to use for this project. I’m not sure that it is.



That’s for a couple of reasons. One, the highland cow design I chose is a bit intricate. There are lots of little lines that are going to differentiate the layers of the cows’ hair, the flowers, and all of that. In terms of difficulty, I chose some designs that were probably more in the intermediate range of difficulty for weeding, especially when it came to the stencil vinyl because for me to keep the design intact the way I wanted it to come out with the wood burn Torch Paste, I had a lot of little pieces that I was dealing with. I did have the adhesive stencil peel up in different places. It didn’t stay in place on the transfer tape.

It took me a long time to weed out these designs. I am not giving up on this stencil vinyl because I know I’m going to find a project where it is best to fit. When I do more wood burning with Torch Paste, which I will be doing, I will be trying it with permanent vinyl as the stencil, not stencil vinyl. Once I had all of my stencils weeded out, which was the longest part of this project, it took me probably over an hour to weed out four separate designs of the highland cows that were going to go on each coaster.

When doing wood burning with torch paste, try it with permanent vinyl as the stencil, not the stencil vinyl. Share on X

That’s a pretty long time in terms of my crafting projects to be doing the weeding. That was the longest part of this project but once I got all four designs weeded out, I used some transfer tape to then take those stencils from the carrier paper that they come on so that I could transfer them onto the wood rounds.



That went well. It was a simple process. I made sure that I had that stencil covering. There were a few times I had to adjust a couple of little pieces of the stencil that were in the flowers or the layers of the cows’ hair and stuff like that, but let’s get to the fun part.


WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


This Torch Paste is so cool. I cannot tell you how much fun I had with this part of the project. The Torch Paste goes on easily. I did use gloves. I’m not sure if I needed to, but I figured if it was going to be burning the wood, I probably wanted to protect my hands. I did open my window in my crafting corner loft area because I’m not in a separate place from my family. It did say to use it in a well-ventilated area.

WCA 23 Video 6

I did do those two things. You take a tiny bit of this Torch Paste and spread it all across the top of the stencil. Wait for about 2 to 3 minutes is what I did. That’s what it recommended, but what I ended up doing was I would spread it onto the stencil on the wood coaster, cover all those pieces on top of the wood, and put that aside. I went ahead, did the other three, and added the Torch Paste with a little scraper a very thin film of Torch Paste over that stencil.



The Wood Coasters

By the time I was done with the fourth stencil, the first one was dry. Once it’s dried, I did take the stencil off. That took a little bit of time to peel up that stencil vinyl from the wood coasters. It leaves you with the plain wood coaster, but what you will see is the Torch Paste has a little bit of an orange tint to it. When you take away the stencil, you see your design of the highland cow on the coaster with this little orange design. You can see exactly what it’s going to look like.


WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


I got to the heating. I did use butcher paper in between my design on the coaster with the Torch Paste and my mini heat press. I wasn’t sure if it would damage my heat press or how that would go, but I put in the butcher paper to start. The magic happens as you apply the firm pressure of the mini heat press all the way to the highest temperature. On my mini press, there are three little lines. I put it at the highest heat temperature. I use some pretty firm pressure. I held it down. Within two minutes, I would start to see that the Torch Paste was burning the wood and the design was coming onto the coaster.



This was so cool. This was the other part of the project that took some time, but each coaster probably took five minutes of firm pressure, checking how the design was coming and making sure that I was getting all of the areas of the design with the mini heat press to get burned into the wood. I love the results. The Torch Paste is magical. It is amazing how it burns the wood.



The torch paste is magical. It is amazing how it burns the wood. Share on X

I used my mini heat press. I didn’t use a heat gun or anything. I did not find that there was a bad smell to it or anything. Even though I did have the window open for ventilation, I wasn’t overwhelmed with fumes or anything like that while I was making them, but it did take some time to get an even burn of all of the designs. I was moving that mini press to where I would look and see, “This part is pretty much burned in all the way to the dark black color. This part is a little brown. I need to angle that mini heat press over that.” That took a little time. I’m so excited about the results of the Torch Paste on the wood.



Here are my Crafting Keepers for this episode. I may have mentioned this in one of my other craft projects, but it has been a long time since I made a small stencil where I’ve taken the SVG file from Cricut Design Space and had to create a stencil myself. I did make a stencil for the coir mat project, but that was big and it was already a stencil. This was creating my own. My Crafting Keeper is the Slice function in Cricut Design Space when creating a stencil to use. This was awesome. I was putting that SVG image onto a round shape from Cricut Design Space and clicking Slice. Right there is my stencil ready to size and go for my project. Using that Slice function is awesome.

My next Crafting Keeper for this particular craft project is going to be my little weeding tweezers. The reason these came in so handy and were so important in this crafting project was because of the design that I chose. I mentioned it before, but these highland cows have flowing hair and beautiful flowers. There are some pretty small intricate designs that I chose, which made it a little more challenging but I love the ultimate outcome. I could not have weeded out these designs and had the stencil vinyl placed where it needed to be if I did not have my handy tiny tweezers. That is my second Crafting Keeper for this project.


WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


My SatisCRAFTion Rating is a 3.5. It is fully based on my experience with the stencil vinyl and weeding it. It took me way too long for a weeding process. I love the Torch Paste. That is amazing. That gets a five, but the process of this craft project and the weeding of the vinyl stencils brought it down. I probably added on more than an hour of weeding to make sure that I had all the tiny pieces in place. In the future, my experience with permanent vinyl tells me even with an intricate design like this, it would have been a faster weeding experience and more enjoyable weeding experience.


WCA 23 | Wood Burning Coasters


Based on that, I’m giving a 3.5, but I cannot wait to use this Torch Paste with other materials than wood and also to do some more wood projects. These coasters came out looking rustic. I can’t wait to have them in our family room. They would make a cute gift. They are fun to make. The highland cow design makes me smile. That’s it for this crafting adventure. Until next time, take care.


SatisCRAFTion Rating: 3.5


Important Links


Crafting Keepers

1.) Slice function: Stencil making

2.) Tiny weeding tweezers


Materials List

  • Torch Paste
  • Cricut EasyPress Mini
  • Rustic wood rounds
  • Oracal 813 Oramask Stencil Vinyl
  • Fine-point blade
  • Weeding tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Spatula
  • Rubber gloves
  • Butcher paper
  • Lint roller
  • Rotary cutter


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